Forecast for Wednesday, July 1st
Scorpio Gibbous Moon; Part 2

The word ‘duende’ only recently found me, and I’ll admit—nostalgically captivated me, as words will…

Through my research, duende is Spanish for ‘elf; goblin; demon; or spirit’, which leads to an alternative expression, describing ‘charm; magnetism’.

So, I’m understanding this word to describe a creepy gnome-like creature of sorts which clips the toenails of unkempt children—and known to take off the entire toe!—and then I stumble onto the idea that its origins “conceptualized as a mischievous spirit inhabiting a house”, not so much as in haunted, but more like ‘possessed’… clearly there is a language barrier I might be trespassing unintentionally—either way, I’m fascinated.

But also, in an extremely alternative direction, this word manages to describe a sensation…

❝Tell me what you pay attention to and I will tell you who you are.❞
——José Ortega y Gasset

Folklore is fascinating. Folklore expresses and shares life lessons through the descriptions of shadowy, creepy, and bizarre archetypal story plots… folklore illuminates the shadows.

To my lingual shortcomings, the differences may be between ‘tener duende’ meaning ‘to have duende’, or—to experience a heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity, and ‘duen de casa’, meaning ‘master of the house’… el duende, then, “is the spirit of evocation; it comes from inside as a physical or emotional response to art; it is what gives you chills, makes you smile or cry as a bodily reaction to an artistic performance that is particularly expressive…”

Please, if you’re lingual-savvy and can assist me here—let me know!

Either way, duende evokes you to feel.

Allow me to share with you what Wikipedia offered, as this is the squishy vulnerable stuff a Scorpio moon inherently understands, down deep within the bones and nerve endings… and can never avoid, despite it all…

¶According to Christopher Maurer, editor of “In Search of Duende”, at least four elements can be isolated in Lorca’s vision of duende: irrationality, earthiness, a heightened awareness of death, and a dash of the diabolical… the duende is an earth spirit who helps the artist see the limitations of intelligence, reminding them that “ants could eat him or that a great arsenic lobster could fall suddenly on his head”; who brings the artist face-to-face with death, and who helps them create and communicate memorable, spine-chilling art… the duende is seen, in Lorca’s lecture, as an alternative to style, to mere virtuosity, to God-given grace and charm, and to the classical, artistic norms dictated by the muse. Not that the artist simply surrenders to the duende; they have to battle it skillfully, “on the rim of the well”, in “hand-to-hand combat”… to a higher degree than the muse or the angel, the duende seizes not only the performer but also the audience, creating conditions where art can be understood spontaneously with little, if any, conscious effort—it is, in Lorca’s words, “a sort of corkscrew that can get art into the sensibility of an audience… the very dearest thing that life can offer the intellectual.” The critic Brook Zern has written, of a performance of someone with duende, “it dilates the mind’s eye, so that the intensity becomes almost unendurable… there is a quality of first-timeness, of reality so heightened and exaggerated that it becomes unreal…”

❝The duende, then, is a power, not a work. It is a struggle, not a thought. I have heard an old maestro of the guitar say, ‘the duende is not in the throat; the duende climbs up inside you, from the soles of the feet.’ Meaning this: it is not a question of ability, but of true, living style, of blood, of the most ancient culture, of spontaneous creation… ❞
——Federico Garcia Lorca

¶Lorca, in his lecture, quotes Manuel Torre: “everything that has black sounds in it, has duende.” i.e. emotional ‘darkness’… this ‘mysterious power which everyone senses and no philosopher explains’ is, in sum, the spirit of the earth, the same duende that scorched the heart of Nietzsche, who searched in vain for its external forms on the Rialto Bridge and in the music of Bizet, without knowing that the duende he was pursuing had leaped straight from the Greek mysteries to the dancers of Cadiz or the beheaded, Dionysian scream of Silverio’s siguiriya… the duende’s arrival always means a radical change in forms—it brings to old planes unknown feelings of freshness, with the quality of something newly created, like a miracle, and it produces an almost religious enthusiasm… all arts are capable of duende, but where it finds greatest range, naturally, is in music, dance, and spoken poetry, for these arts require a living body to interpret them, being forms that are born, die, and open their contours against an exact present.

Wow. I’m quite familiar with this until-now nameless feeling after all… I would hope we all are.

And, always, how timely that this word emerges from the depths to find me… “climbing up inside me from the soles of my feet…”

❝The duende… Where is the duende? Through the empty archway a wind of the spirit enters, blowing insistently over the heads of the dead, in search of new landscapes and unknown accents: a wind with the odour of a child’s saliva, crushed grass, and medusa’s veil, announcing the endless baptism of freshly created things.❞
——Federico Garcia Lorca

The month of July begins with the moon still in Scorpio and Saturn moving back into the harsh earthiness of Capricorn—in fact, exactly as Saturn shifts back into the twenty-ninth degree, the moon moves into the same degree of Scorpio, thereby, simultaneously, creating a yod with the North Node, also at the twenty-ninth degree of Gemini.

A yod is aspect pattern known by astrologers as the ‘finger of God’ and this aspectual connection represents something of a fated challenge of sorts—when found in a nativity, it can represent something of a quest the native will find themselves traveling time and time again, as if possessed by a pattern of sorts; when transiting in forecast, it can suggest an opportunity disguised, a missed opportunity, or a fated conundrum… or, now informed, an experience one might learn to more intimately understand as tener deunde.

❝My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals itself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.❞
——Albert Einstein

Because this yod involves a Scorpio moon, Saturn back in Capricorn, and the North Node, this opportunity/conundrum looks like a brutally honest illumination toward the cobwebs, toenails, or shadows of what you originally, and most recently, set out to accomplish back in April, or as far back as December of 2017… and through illuminating whatever new or up-for-review acknowledgements are needing to be made now—these should push you forward, back on track, or, maybe more momentously, back in alignment with the cosmic energy that fuels you and your ideals.

“…It dilates the mind’s eye, so that the intensity becomes almost unendurable… there is a quality of first-timeness, of reality so heightened and exaggerated that it becomes unreal…”

❝Do not allow yourself to be blinded by fear and anger. Everything is only as it is.❞
——Yuki Urishibara

As Saturn remains retrograde, though is now back within the “scorched heart” of Capricorn until December 6th and cannot be overemphasized enough—this strongly suggests a demand for patience and perserverance and presence toward that which you are working toward, though some added practicality and additional realisticality (that’s a word now—through December) in overall expectations should be (re)considered—please understand, not in a way that is punishing, necessarily, but in a way that will motivate you to work that much harder, to really prove to yourself and anyone watching how badly you want to actualize your ideals in reality, despite all odds… in a way that evokes an “arrival of radical change in forms, bringing to old planes unknown feelings of freshness, with the quality of something newly created, like a miracle, producing an almost religious enthusiasm…”

Where there’s a will—there will always be a way.

In the last several days, as the moon has been moving through Scorpio, you may have been reaching down into the darkness of your own depths for some deeper meaning—for tener deunde—and today may very well reward you with validation as to how and why embracing that process was necessary.

When we are honest with ourselves we overcome ourselves in empowering ways, in ways that possess el duende… and this works unlike anything else, really—and perhaps most profoundly, unlike anything that can be rewarded through a direct exchange with an/Other.

❝We must become so alone, so utterly alone, that we withdraw into our innermost self. It is a way of bitter suffering. But then our solitude is overcome, we are no longer alone, for we find that our innermost self is the spirit, that it is God, the indivisible. And suddenly we find ourselves in the midst of the world, yet undisturbed by its multiplicity, for our innermost soul we know ourselves to be one with all being.❞
——Hermann Hesse

This deep connective spark we possess with All That Is is private, and sacred, and incontrovertibly divine—and mustn’t ever be forsaken, overlooked, resisted, or doubted… sometimes the darkness within ourselves lies simply within a vague disconnect or distrust, of this sacred naturalness, and this invisible, unnameable affliction has the haunting ability to take over and consume all better judgement, possessing in other ways, leaving you cold.

❝Rise above the deceptions and temptations of the mind. This is your duty. You are born for this only; all other duties are self-created and self-imposed owing to ignorance.❞

Realigning with All That Is, with Source, with Spirit, with God—this process mustn’t feel shameful, but invigorating… this “mysterious power which everyone senses and no philosopher explains…”

Further, today is also charged by Mars, especially after connecting to Mars by trine by a truth-seeking Sagittarius moon, which would imply this spark of realignment could really be seized, from deep within your bones and up through the nails on your toes, depending upon where your planetary influences point… regardless, today is a day for seeing the light through the lingering shadows of folklore and fancy alike—and walking forth—despite the odds, despite the unknowns and unknowables, and, just maybe, despite the very creepy potential for losing a toe *wink*

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Forecast for Tuesday, June 30th
Scorpio Gibbous Moon

Today’s overall defining synopsis—a day to be deeply experienced, either way, for better or worse; a day which is, perhaps, uncomfortable, and possibly somewhat disorienting; a day that is demanding an almost desperate open-mindedness; a day, quite possibly, to be remembered…

What is something that we all experience more deeply, uncomfortably, which demands we be more open-minded about it, something that we remember, likely because of its disorienting upheaval?—change.

Change can be a real drag if we’re not wanting it.

Something else that isn’t reviewed happily, especially by alarm, but necessary nevertheless—waking up.

❝That’s the way it always starts off. Every story, gospel, history, chronicle, myth, legend, folktale, or old wives’ tale blues riff begins with “Woke up this mornin’.…❞
——Steven Tyler

Upon waking to today’s energies, upon a connection to the sun/MercuryRx inferior conjunction, there may be a resoundingly powerful confronting force regarding a reality that “you may be unable to grasp the [full] meaning or the true promise… your position is relatively innocent and your perceptions may be limited, however lessons will eventually be learned about what is and what isn’t possible.”¹

❝The cat would eat fish, but would not wet her feet.❞

Memories, truths, and “stories from [your] past can be brought up now, as well as sharing present time realities… it seems there is a lot you have to do, but first you will probably have to provide help to others… through empathy and sympathy, we often learn about aspects of ourselves…”¹ through empathy and sympathy regarding the world at large, these days, should serve to regard many lessons about ourselves and others—the more honest and clarifying we can be with ourselves the more honesty and truth-finding is possible reflectively…

❝Hope is nature’s way of hiding truth’s nakedness.❞
——Alfred Nobel

This space we’re navigating now, since Solstice through July 4th—the third and final eclipse of the season, is a space to collect ourselves to prepare for cuttingly cruel and comfortless clarity… and with the eclipses, three in a row, ending chapters and beginning new ones, the second of three Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions, and now, the sun, from here on forward, is moving beyond the aspectual bowl alignment we’ve been living through since February… things are changing quickly and many are waking up aggressively, and times—they are disturbing.

New realities and new truths are quickening, being birthed, and emerging.

And we’re not here to simply survive… we’re here to experience being alive… we’re here to actively participate.

Now is the time to embrace a “curiosity and open-mindedness about life’s mysteries; to try to get a handle on a problem by experimenting with various approaches; to have a tentative grasp of life’s elusive paradoxes; to fish for the truth and find a piece of it; and to willfully practice through playful experimentation…”²

Both toward the collective, but then also, and perhaps more imperatively, toward yourself—toward the darknesses within yourself.

❝Every life has a measure of sorrow, and sometimes this is what awakens us.❞
——Steven Tyler

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera explains this moon as a moon “of patience and courage… one needs to face every broken shard of pain, over and over again, until it is worn down and no longer hurts, until he can move beyond the pain entirely—he needs to rebuild himself from scratch as a whole person, going all the way back to the original… and soothing those long-ago scars…” on this moon “we go down into our own depths and deal with our monsters—this is not the time to compare your own monsters with others people’s—just go down and face your own.”³

Only when we illuminate the darkness can we actually see it to work through it… and as Carl Jung taught us, it is through “knowing your own darkness [which] is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.”

Today is a wonderful day to continue delving gently into your soul shadow work, and asking yourself those really complex questions, the questions that offer no easy answer—the question that you know in your bones—for the answer which will force you to change in some fundamental capacity…

❝If you need to visualize the soul, think of it as a cross between a wolf howl, a photon, and a dribble of dark molasses. But what it really is, as near as I can tell, is a packet of information. It’s a program, a piece of hyperspatial software designed explicitly to interface with the Mystery. Not a mystery, mind you, the Mystery. The one that can never be solved. By waxing soulful you will have granted yourself the possibility of ecstatic participation in what the ancients considered a divinely animated universe.❞
——Tom Robbins

Today’s sun/Mercury inferior conjunction at 9° Cancer squares Chiron in Aries at 9° inexactly, strongly suggesting that “in your situation the whole picture is probably right before you, but you may need help in interpreting its meaning… with a little concentrated effort, you will be able to see things more clearly—find or retrieve information and clues by really looking at the structure of things… what are you doing and how are you focusing toward what you really want?”¹

What is your psyche trying to communicate to you?

❝Tell me what you pay attention to and I will tell you who you are.❞
——José Ortega y Gasset

As Rudhyar puts it, “the first naïve quest for knowledge and for an ever-elusive understanding of life… symbolizing the innocent and spontaneous mind, as yet unclothed in cultural patterns and unrestrained by trying to satisfy its curiosity about what seems mysterious and fleeting… we are confronted with the nascent curiosity about knowledge, a curiosity which makes the little mind reach out in spontaneity, rather than merely imitate the elders—whenever a person is confronted with this symbol he or she should realize that there is much value indeed in simply reaching out with a pure and unconditioned mind to the most elementary experiences which natural life offers to us—the key here is purity in understanding.”⁴

❝You will never be able to experience everything. So, please, do poetical justice to your soul and simply experience yourself.❞
——Albert Camus

Ultimately, we’re waking up to an opportunity for change—and may Buddha bless you if you’re resisting… we are “looking for inner illuminations or guidance; getting a glimpse of higher truths in the cloudy realm of psychic intuition; testing our hypotheses; detaching from control of the imagination; working out problems in advance through inner visualizations; following the inner light wherever it leads; creating a stir; clarifying our inner model of the world; and opening ourselves to revelation…”²

The superior conjunction between the sun and Mercury will occur at 25°10′ Leo on August 17th, reminding you that beginning today you’ve undertaken quite the arduous journey of self-exploration, should you be willing—that self-control, self-sufficiency, and self-trust will be indispensable to you… that no one could or should take this journey on for you—only you.

❝The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.❞
——Henry David Thoreau

These current and confronting energies will likely influence you, either for better or worse—and this is entirely up to you… though these energies are introducing to you only the beginning—waking up in a spiritually connective sense requires much more than a shower and a shot of caffeine.

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♋︎☉i☌☿ • 9°45′ □⚷♈︎• 9°23′ at 7:56pm PDT; 8:56pm MDT; 9:56pm CDT; 10:56pm EDT
♃☌♇♑︎ exact today

¹Hill, L. “360 Degrees of Wisdom.” A Plume Book; ©2004.
²Goldsmith, M. “The Zodiac by Degrees.” Weiser Books; ©2004.
³Kaldera, R. “Moon Phase Astrology.” Destiny Books; ©2011.
⁴Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.


Forecast for Monday, June 29th
Libra/Scorpio Gibbous Moon


Fear is an interesting experience, isn’t it?

Fear can paralyze you, stunt you, and spoil everything… or it can motivate you, drive you forward, and empower you in ways you’d never imagined it could—or, perhaps more significantly, never imagined it would.

Fear is used like sex—as in fear appeal—through fear-based agendas and advertising tactics, scaring you into buying something you “need” to protect yourself from fictional and factual fears alike… Fear sells.

Fear is now *virtually* everywhere, even where we know not where to look for it or how to directly identify it or face it…

Since roughly the turn of the century, fear tactics have been used specifically as political agendas, and since the beginning of time, likely—I’m guessing, institutional religion has used the fear of God to control the masses!—what!?

This opens a very distinct concern—who and what *can* be trusted?

❝Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.❞
——Marianne Williamson

The brain recognizes stress through similar synapses as it registers fear—and we’ve managed to condition these chemically fueled exaggerations of stress as accomplishment in modern society; additionally, we’re never really taught to properly navigate fear, much more—appropriately process fear—despite its predisposed genetics within our very existence… you’d think, after all these centuries, we’d have a thorough understanding of a healthy relationship between self and fears, both factual and fictional—if anything, societal standards still regard individual fear as a weakness.

Archetypal motivations, role models, and societal norms of behavior typically advocate, however indirectly, fear-based story lines, especially toward women (supposedly for our protection), while promoting anger and toughness, and even violence, as exceptional and natural masculine traits… all the while, creating a very heavy imbalance against universal law—natural masculinity is not, contrary to popular conditioning, blood, sweat, and gunpowder—no wonder we’re all struggling with stress and anxiety, with identity, with sexuality… with anger and fear.

We’ve been taught absolute nonsensical rubbish from the beginning.

It’s somewhat silly, though, contrarily, to aim for *absolute* fearlessness, as advertising and countless memes are wont to do, as we’re genetically predisposed to possess some sense of fear to ensure survival… however, again, though it may not be widely advertised, as it’s not in the interest of making any money—we are born with only two innate factual fears—the fear of falling and the fear of loud sounds. That’s it.

❝There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life.❞
——John Lennon

All other factual fears are created, conditioned, or learned, and then largely perpetuated and mendaciously merchandised and monetized, or are actually fictional and merely serve to psychologically and psychically haunt us or, again, swindle us of our hard earned dollars… the mind is a powerfully tricky thing, and words are beguiling-ly powerful.

Survival, though, it is arguable, is our primary motivation—our baseline foundational duty at the bottom of the triangle of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs—surviving the day.

We’re all just trying to be okay, each day, and those of us who can ‘roll with the punches’ and ‘go with the flow’ and allow a flexibility of adaptation, as Darwin understood, have a better chance of surviving the day—and in these times of modernity, surviving months and years in stretches with assurance.

But sometimes… sometimes simply surviving the day isn’t enough—we’re here to experience more than survival; we’re here to feel alive.

I dredge all of these frightening insights up for you because the morning’s balance begins void of course after a very early morning potential catharsis of sorts, until much later in the afternoon—or early evening on the east coast—when the shifting of the scales shifts so dramatically that this seemingly balanced facade plunges straight into the depths of the darkest recesses of your psyche… into the depths of fears, issues of trust, actual raw and unapologetic honesty with self and others, and the instinctually penetrative ponderings of human motivations.

You know, your typical day *wink* or is that just me?

There may also be a sense of waiting in the air, a need for patience—though the shifting intensities may argue otherwise. Essentially, the day endures a governing shift through Venus to Mars, suggesting that impatience and determination may outweigh more appropriate alternatives of waiting, holding space, or being mindful in the moment.

❝I had tended to view waiting as mere passivity. When I looked it up in my dictionary, however, I found that the words ‘passive’ and ‘passion’ come from the same Latin root, *pati*, which means ‘to endure.’ Waiting is thus both passive and passionate. It’s a vibrant, contemplative work… it involves listening to disinherited voices within, facing the wounded holes in the soul, the denied and undiscovered, the places one lives falsely.❞
——Sue Monk Kidd

Scorpionic energies are deeply, darkly, and captivatingly penetrative, so holding space shouldn’t be the issue exactly—Mars is now in Aries, and these energies may be all it takes to push through, or forward… also, there could be much energy consumed through more deeply probing probable perceptions toward your own—or an/Others—motivations; though, if you’re understanding the «actual» essence of the what which exists behind an action—the how and the why will be easier to clarify.

With this, too, naturally, comes a whole lot of trust… and with trust—issues of vulnerability—and Scorpionic energies typically avoid opportunities for vulnerability, much like an actual scorpion in Nature.

Ahh, but evolution would thereby insist upon taking a fear-forward stance toward trusting, wouldn’t it!?

(Yes. Yes it would…)

❝It’s the questions we can’t answer that teach us the most. They teach us how to think. If you give a man an answer, all he gains is a little fact. But give him a question and he’ll look for his own answers.❞
——Patrick Rothfuss

Trust issues could very likely be dramatically illuminated today, and all the corresponding fears that associate with these… though issues of trust could be concerning an/Other, it is also possible now, and probably more likely, that it might be directed more within, or beyond, toward All That Is.

With this, too, perceptions and perspectives are key—exploring the motivations behind many of your thought processes should open up entirely new wavelengths in understanding, thereby making available to you new definitions of trust. Further, these clarifications and enlightened understandings, somewhat alchemically, could work to numb your fears, including feelings of guilt or shame, enough to metaphorically poison them through willfully processing them from a place of illuminated trust, rather than through the darknesses of fear.

❝Don’t give in to your fears. If you do, you won’t be able to talk to your heart.❞
——Paulo Coelho

When we’re all just trying to be okay, and live through the day—the underlying motivation, then, both naturally and universally, should be love and unconditional supports… not fear.

Today is a day to gently psychoanalyze yourself, to slowly embrace some much needed shadow work, and to more clearly understand—and possibly rewrite and update—the script you’ve been living from.

Or, possibly more honestly—the script you’ve been unable to fully live beyond.

❝Do not be afraid; our fate cannot be taken from us; it is a gift.❞
——Dante Alighieri

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♏︎☽□♄♒︎• 0°08′ at 4pm PDT; 5pm MDT; 6pm CDT; 7pm EDT

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Jupiter ☌ Pluto in Capricorn; Part 2—June 30th

When Jupiter and Pluto come together, there is a ruthless restlessness that surfaces, quite obviously, and one is unable to ignore its powers, but also its retributions and repercussions…

This inward faith, and may it be faith and not fear, being felt is surging, and erupting, and forcing its potency into something—an intention, a motivation… into actual action, and this faith will move mountains—if it is believed… truly believed.

What is underneath all of this?

To see the world, things dangerous to come to; to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.
——The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

What tools of understanding can be collected through the destruction of our mistakes and misjudgments and misguidance—particularly since April, but even as far back as January—to renew and revive what remains?

This is an integral part of why it is so essential to be vulnerable, and to embrace your authenticity—it is typically through what we have protectively buried or repressed so deeply within that offers us the most substantial rewards, after they’ve been so painfully brought to the light.

When Jupiter and Pluto come together—through the strivings of strategy in Capricorn—it is imperative to have a plan, a strategy, and an alternative, because again, the magnitude through which both Jupiter and Pluto, individually demand—it is exponentially more so when they collide in conjunction… to be prepared for ‘come what may’ is both obvious, and an understatement. Should you be embracing your authenticity—and now, through recent events and unfoldings, practicing open-mindedness and open-heartedness—you have a cosmically blessed ability to rise above it all, despite it all… and directly connect to your own power, by yourself, and for yourself… but toward the benefit of all.

I feel in this time… it is a necessity to have a plan, a manifesto, an alternative. It’s a question of life and death for our species… after tragedies one has to invent a new world, knit it or embroider, make it up. It’s not gonna be given to you because you deserve it, it doesn’t work that way. You have to imagine something that doesn’t exist and dig a cave into the future and demand space. It’s a territorial hope affair… in the future it will become your reality.❞

Wanting to expand, or broaden, or grow, or embrace an open-mindedness—even needing to, and desiring to do so—is a good thing, a natural thing, and a courageous thing, indeed… but still, the No Longer is so recent, and still so very raw—and the recent Now is overwhelming, uncertain and unknowable… at its best, this heavy conjunction will provide further guidance toward new ways of living, and new avenues of ideal, and at its worst it will “deceive and beguile and maneuver so smoothly that nobody will know… where all this comes from after all.”¹

Much of this time, as it’s the second conjunction of three, should be focused upon the tending of your seed-ideas initiated in April—though conjured as far back as last November, and reassessing these initial moves toward that which you wished to see flourish in abundance at that time… now these ideals are beginning to sprout, metaphorically, and then in November, God-willing, may they bloom.

Competition is natural to the ignorant; cooperation is natural to the wise.❞
——Manly P Hall

Right now, however, here in the Now—your full-focused concentration is needed.

Your original ideals, as you’ve noticed, have changed—they’ve been altered, transformed, and molded into somewhat new ideals yet again. This process is by no means close to complete, either, and your determined patience will only be an asset to the overall potential you’re working toward underneath it all… this process is unraveling and unfolding more strongly than ever now—truths, Truths, and factual fictions all emerging in dramatic ways—especially if you are honoring both the process and your overall goals with your trust—your goals and ideals, like you, are striving to not only survive, but to thrive in reality through a life force beyond your own… space must be made for this process.

The moment one definitely commits oneself, providence moves too. All sorts of things then begin to occur that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance which no one could have dreamed would come this way. Whatever you can do or dream, you can begin. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.❞
——Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The degree through which this second conjunction occurs in Capricorn associates itself—and thereby, toward this stage of realizing the process—with the “total commitment to a transcendent goal… through an openness to the influx of spiritual energies… until the focalization of complex inner potentialities in both harmonic and concrete relationships are becoming integrated in living interdependently… to develop, for inner strengthening, new modes of response to basic life situations… for future fulfillment and connection to/with the revivifying Life Force.”¹

Another perspective is “the individualist carving out unique karmic arrangements to bear across a difficult passage; a journey undertaken under peril, a secret assignment, withheld even from your conscious self—the thoroughly veiled soul, the enigma of destiny, the secret instructions writ upon your innermost being and you know them implicitly—silent, circumspect, withheld, superdisciplined, guarded and private, sworn to secrecy…”²

There are endless underlying truths within this process that you’ll discover as they continue to unravel and unfold, if you allow, which are closely protected—many already known—embedded deeply within your innermost psyche…

The man who has begun to live more seriously within begins to live more simply without.❞
——Ernest Hemingway

Furthermore, through this degree, “truth seekers” are illuminated, as well as “making sense of one’s worldly experiences from a higher, more mature perspective; the seeking of spiritually rich, uncomplicated relationships and intrigues; finding answers to life’s big questions; putting one’s finger on arcane truths; challenging false pictures of reality; finding one’s true calling; calmly and diligently carrying out one’s life work; working out the ramifications of one’s beliefs; and serving mankind by cultivating a garden of inner truths.”³

The new, and newer still, ‘normal’ will never be the same again.

Here are some questions⁴ to ask yourself as you navigate through these current and upcoming transitions…

What are you seeking?

How might you explore new experiences?

How might you remain in touch with your gut experience?

How might you expand beyond old boundaries without overextending yourself?

What will help you to give yourself the space you need to experience more freedom of action?

How might you become more truly aware of what is essential to you now?

How might you better enjoy your responsibilities?

How might you cope with the destruction of the old, if such destruction is necessary?—while facilitating the creation of the new.

How might you increase your positive energy and enthusiasm? 

What could you do “in a big way”?

How might you grow and expand your own resources?

How might you plunge beneath the surface and deepen your experiences?

How might you increase your understanding here and assimilate your experiences?

How might you use your perceptiveness for your own and others benefit?

What do you seek to learn in this realm of your life? 

How might you better live by and apply your understanding?

How might you constructively release the poisons that may be accumulating within yourself in regard to these transitions?

How might you make your experiences through these transitions more meaningful?

How might you regenerate yourself through these transitions?—renewing our remaking yourself in accordance with these transitions…

How might you express and fulfill your life purpose through this realm of your life?

How might you experience your personal power now, rather than welding power over others or feeling powerless?

How might you use your own power to transform, heal, or regenerate yourself and others?

How might you contribute to society through these transitions?

Who do I wish to become through these transitions?

On September 18th Jupiter will station direct at 17° Capricorn, while Pluto continues to move retrograde until October 4th. You’ll likely know by then what actions you need to take, and what perspective you would need to be embracing, from whatever redirection or adjustment opportunities you’ve been considering since the beginning of the year, and now, through recent eclipse activity.

In November, Jupiter catches back up to Pluto, both moving directly, again at the twenty-second degree of Capricorn, exact for the third and final time at 22°52′ on November 12th—this conjunction will most assuredly reverberate January’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction, which occurred through this degree… this duo squares Venus several days later from 23° Capricorn; this, too, should stand out to you in terms of something to keep in mind, to notice through the year how this twenty-second degree of Capricorn manifests for you personally, and how it influences you and your energies, and your structures of reality as you perceive them.

The new, and newer still, ‘normal’ will never be the same again.

A world emerging, daily, out of nothing, a world that we trust to resemble what we’ve seen previously. We should know better.
——Gregory Maguire

December 5-9th ends the retrograde shadow period at 27° Capricorn, and through mid-month, Jupiter catches up to Saturn in conjunction loosely through the twenty-ninth degree, and moves into Aquarius on the 19th, but connects exactly to Saturn in conjunction at 0°29′ Aquarius on December 21st, Solstice—these movements should likely challenge, disrupt, confront, and defy established foundations and institutions of security and tradition, both personally and collectively, and thereby offer limitless personal authority upon one’s own story and unique journey.

The goings-on here, and aftermath thereof, will offer new foundations with which to work with Self, and Other, with All That Is, and with energy itself… but that’s another chapter, and there’s work to be done.

Ultimately, this dual retrograde phase between Jupiter and Pluto, much less this retrogradation occurring in loose unison, could dramatically demand you to deeply and inwardly re-examine what you’re working for, and toward, and why, and to, instead, begin associating gains and potentials toward your Soul’s purpose, and to your own personal joy… in very big, and vulnerable, and deeply personal ways.

♃☌♇ 24°53’♑︎—April 5th; Part 1
★♃Rx☌♇Rx 24°06’♑︎—June 30th; Part 2
♃☌♇ 22°52’♑︎—November 12th; Part 3

¹Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.
²Lonsdale, E. “Inside Degrees: Developing Your Soul Biography Using the Chandra Symbols.” North Atlantic Books, Inc; ©1997.
³Goldsmith, M. “The Zodiac by Degrees.” Weiser Books; ©2004.
⁴Marks, T. “The Astrology of Self-Discovery.” CRCS Publications; ©1985.

Image credit— @mitz_patil on Instagram


Forecast for Sunday, June 28th
Libra 1st Quarter Moon

Bitterness and resentment may begin to set in these days, which is just as destructive as when the torment of rainfall causes the tenderness of cherries to rot… there is an underlying “need to face the antagonism of “powers of darkness” as one attempts to feed the mind…”¹

As sweet and delicious as Libran energies can be—people pleasing and endlessly balancing out others’ inconsistencies and defaults—these dualistically defining energies can be equally harsh, somewhat aloof, and even intentionally gauche <oh my!> when under duress… which is never ideal, and is a sure sign of something being ‘wrong’… something needing balanced.

However. It can be really beneficial to learn both sides of an issue. Not to be swayed… but to be informed, to understand.

❝It’s well known there’s always two sides, if no more.❞
——George Eliot

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera says of this moon, that “we argue and debate… if it isn’t something that you want to get into, read intelligent opposing views on an issue about which you are undecided, and let your own internal scales have the debate…”²

As this is a first quarter moon, it is likely you’re struggling within over something, likely between you, yourself, and your ego—or an/Others ego energies… and possibly, if you’re beginning to understand something from the perspective of an/Other—it may be forcing you to recognize something similar within yourself… something ugly, less than, or worse—something gauche.

❝Wisdom is the thin conduit between two opposing viewpoints.❞
——Val Uchendu

You are seeking emotionally detached centeredness and discernment—if not seeking, then possibly needing to—and cosmic realignment through the illuminating strength of the Libra moon, though the Cancerian energies being highlighted from the sun could be continuing to seek emotional validation through personal attachments… and this creates a dismantling imbalance, much to the disapproval of a Libra moon.

And this is all before the day’s morning coffee here in the states…*

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar would say of this degree connecting today’s first quartered aspect, that “the most basic law of our universe is that every release of new potentialities brings about a polarization of effects—that is, the new potentiality will be used both for construction and destruction. It will arouse individuals (or groups and nations) to take a series of steps which will lead some to greater success, others to deeper failure—whoever makes possible this new release has to accept the karma of both the success and the failure…” and this is truly most inherently dismantling.

In other words—personal accountability of actions means business today.

Continued, we will see “the contrast between the ideal situation envisioned clearly by the creative consciousness and what it will be in actual operation; thus the forever-present struggle involved in making it possible for the future-oriented actualizers of an ideal to survive the attacks of tradition-worshiping minds that can only follow the lines of automatic response.”

Automatic responses, as in ‘autopilot’, typically involve reflexive reactions, though, with a Libra moon—reflexivity involves needing to center, realign, and balance… this can be an awkward autopilot setting to achieve when emotions are driving and guiding one’s motivations.

❝Get in the driving seat of your thoughts. You control them and they absolutely control your life.❞
——Sam Owen

Libran energies demand equality—politely, of course.

Actual equality, down to the very mundanely freeing definition of the word, in action… not the romance of it, not the ideal—the «action» of being equal, balanced, centered, and in alignment.

❝Equality is not a concept. It’s not something we should be striving for. It’s a necessity. Equality is like gravity. We need it to stand on this earth as men and women, and the misogyny that is in every culture is not a true part of the human condition. It is life out of balance, and that imbalance is sucking something out of the soul of every man and woman who’s confronted with it. We need equality. Kinda now.❞
——Joss Whedon

And not only equality—reciprocation is demanded, it only makes sense. Libran energies need reciprocation through love, through presence, through patience, and—through both listening and being heard. Further, beyond actually ‹feeling› heard and then <gasp> «being» heard <oh my!> these energies inspire something of an automatic response involving a naturally resulting effort of understanding, and further still—acceptance. As Jim Morrison once said, what real love amounts to is letting a person be what they really are… we need more of that, whatever it is.

Any personal matters or disrupted circumstances you’re experiencing now could be demanding as much, as well as both psychic and emotional healing, as the centering moon opposes the wounds of Chiron—a centering within your focus, a realigning within your reality, a balance between one and the other—between your perspective of focus and your actuality in reality, or, simply something needing more of an equal stance of emphasis, or quantity, or presence. As you continue to ‘free your mind’ to allow for more, you’ll be able to better pinpoint the how from the what, through an honest exploration of the why… because the when is Now.

Further, these misunderstandings and misdirected imbalances may be feeling and feeding something much larger entirely… “there are possibly dangers that no one else seems to be taking seriously… a need for recognition the fine line between protection and overprotection [needs to be acknowledged]—there is always more to responsibility than meets the eye… or, it can indicate keeping people in the dark and not letting them know what’s really going on—‘for their own good’… taking responsibility for things that are not normally yours” could be a result in balance.

Ultimately, next month’s first quarter moon at 4°56′ Scorpio on July 27th will finalize whatever decision you make—whichever automatic response you choose to use to balance all imbalances—further balancing out whatever remaining or continuing matters need centered or realigned… and this will stick quite rigidly, so do be mindful of what you wish for.

❝Starting is not most people’s problem—staying, continuing, and finishing is.❞
——Darren Hardy

In other words—whatever opposing issues, matters, circumstances, or truths you are struggling to understand—from now through late July you will be given opportunities to remain with these oppositional imbalances, to be present and open-minded, and to further explore both your rational and irrational understanding of it before ultimately shutting down, closing off, or disregarding whatever it is, rendering it ‘wrong’ or ‘right’… remaining centered, here—or neutral—is the essence of its issue.

❝The less he understands something, the more firmly he believes in it.❞
——Wilhelm Reich

Venus, which governs today’s first quarter phase, is now moving directly at 5° Gemini, sharing an informative message of sorts, but also influencing, according to Rudhyar, the “explosive tendency of repressed feelings and root emotions…” and through both open-mindedness and open-heartedness, “the avidity for that knowledge… which ensures wealth and power” can be more freely available.

Wisdoms will be shared, and understood, and relevant emotional terrain can be more appropriately navigated—if open-mindedness and open-heartedness can be embraced, actually practiced, and honored for the energetic connectivity it associates itself with.

This fifth degree of Gemini associates itself to “the insatiable drive of modern man for power and wealth, his readiness to accept the risk of failure—but it has a deeper meaning… to penetrate to the deep layers of the collective Unconscious and to reawaken the powers of the archaic psyche which once flourished—for instance in the true ceremonial magic of the tribal world, perhaps among the adepts of the fabled Atlantis, or even among the shamans and witch doctors of more recent times… the zodiacal sign Gemini has basically the meaning of insatiable curiosity and avidity for knowledge; one of the Twins tends to seek power and knowledge from the ancient past, the other to discover a living source of strength and wisdom which is forever being replenished by the celestial downpour of Spiritual Consciousness and love… and ambition.”¹

So we have a dual presence of duality necessitating itself here between Libran and Geminian energies… aye aye aye, indeed.

❝We, all who live, have a life that is lived and another life that is thought, and the only life we have—it’s the one that is divided in right or wrong.❞
——Fernando Pessoa

And this, most certainly, will be the essence of this dichotomy, this inherent imbalance, this battle between the balance… Venus emerging and now moving directly, quite slowly and presently, through Geminian energies as the moon illuminates the cardinality of inner struggle toward the Cancer sun through the energies of Libra—factual truths, and Truths, and inconspicuous fictions will all likely bully and befuddle and beguile you until you willfully acquiesce to an/Others version of these in an honest effort to simply understand a perspective other than your own, and to honor the similarities within the differences.

That is all.

You need not be swayed… simply informed from a place of open-mindedness—even if your questions come to the qualm of an/Other <oh my>

The more rigid you are in these efforts, the harsher this lesson in wisdom will be for you… and, likewise, any honest effort to embrace the understanding of a new perspective, or a perspective you do not share, will be rewarded in time… possibly by late July, if you’ve remained neutral upon this issue, matter, or circumstance.

❝By being rigid, you become temporary; by being flexible, you become permanent!❞
——Mehmet Murat

¹Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.
²Kaldera, R. “Moon Phase Astrology.” Destiny Books; ©2011.

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Forecast for Saturday, June 27th
Virgo Crescent Moon; Part 3

Cherries become unexpectedly vulnerable near the end of their ripening process here in the Pacific Northwest, so much so that should rain come they are prone to becoming too tender—or worse, splitting—thereby ruining their market value… and worse yet, they could begin to rot, eliminating all value expectancies.

Cherry farmers actually hire helicopter pilots to hover over their orchards after rainfall, for as long as necessary, to dry the moisture and preserve the value, and, of course, to protect the eventual market price.

It seems somewhat extreme… yet the act itself—extremely practical.

❝Right discipline consists, not in external compulsion, but in the habits of mind which lead spontaneously to desirable rather than undesirable activities.❞
——Bertrand Russell

Today’s continued motivations in practical protections may seem complicated, or extreme, or become complicated by way of attempting to delineate every little detail between here and your eventual ‘there’… simplicity will be discovered when you’re able to identify the one overlying source of underlying cause in regard to that which creates overwhelming chaos in the midst of your goals and their rewards.

Today’s lunar opposition to Mars moving through the twenty-ninth degree of Pisces, also squaring the Nodes, lends itself to inspiring motivations that are larger than yourself… something not unlike a cherry orchard, growing of itself, you tending to this active life force as needed, and when necessary, orchestrating whatever means within your knowledge and know-how to salvage and serve its values.

❝The works must be conceived with fire in the soul but executed with
clinical coolness.❞
——Joan Miró

By degree, current energies are working to inspire and inform the importance and urgency of a task needing tended to… distractions now could tarnish your motivations, like rainfall tenderizing cherries; “there is a need to pay complete attention to the job at hand as this is necessary now in order to get things done—pushing through with the work and avoiding temptations regardless of what’s going on around you will hasten the rewards of completion.”¹

As Virgoan energies appreciate lists—allow me to prompt yours²…

—keep long-term goals in mind
—recognize that worldly conditions are unstable and that it is best to find your own footing of inner purpose first
—have a game plan
—abide by your priorities
—learn to tune out irrelevant people and slights
—give things their proper weight
—be tolerant of other’s faults
—keep things under control
—retain your focus, even in the midst of chaos

Some inspirational wisdom from shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera, today’s moon has been assigned the Apprentice’s Moon, a moon which inspires “we learn new skills, polish old ones, work in groups, and in general educate ourselves… any class or workshop would do, so long as it teaches something that might actually be useful, as Virgo has little time for abstract theorizing—show me the work, says Virgo… it is a good time for developing discipline and good habits.”³

❝Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.❞
——Jim Rohn

Having a master goal or ideal is one thing, keeping a list another, though the true vitality of an ideal is in the doing…

This is where Mars comes in, and, conveniently, Mars moves into go-get’em Aries today—and could very likely require the extremes of a calming and mindfully disciplined hover pilot to fan any flaring tempers from now through January…

❝The formula for success is simple—practice and concentration then more practice and more concentration.❞
——Babe Didrikson Zaharias

¹Hill, L. “360 Degrees of Wisdom.” A Plume Book; ©2004.
²Goldsmith, M. “The Zodiac by Degrees.” Weiser Books; ©2004.
³Kaldera, R. “Moon Phase Astrology.” Destiny Books; ©2011.

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Image credit— @dona_c on Instagram


Mars in Aries; July of 2020 to January of 2021—Part 1

Mars will move through Aries from tomorrow, June 27th, until January 6th of 2021 as a retrograde occurring from September through mid-November will lengthen this warring time frame within these Aries-motivated energies of thriving, for both necessary action and unnecessary aggression.

Raven Kaldera* describes Mars in Aries in this way, asking “where is the line between action and aggression?—Aries doesn’t know and doesn’t care… is it true that every act of creation is an act of violence, forcing your will into a resisting world?—of course it is, says Mars in Aries—so what? Should you seek out struggles or wait for them to find you?—why sit around and wait for anything, says Aries—go for it.”

Just do it.
——Nike slogan

Continued, Kaldera explains further, that “the ability to «do» becomes a compulsion to «do something», anything, preferably something big and fast and energetic.” Where these energies become problematic, and even violently unnecessary—despite one’s best intentions—stems from the archetypal motivations; “Ares, a creature of emotion and strong passions, would jump in wherever he thought that one side might need help, like a sort of divine vigilante looking for fights to take part in… who he chose to help was generally a spur-of-the-moment, subjective decision, not based on any thoughtful consideration, and might just as easily be the wrong side… Ares was not a strategist; in fact, it seemed sometimes as if it didn’t matter much to him who the “right” side was—he just needed to be fighting someone, for something…”

Imagine a Mars-fueled bulldozing energy in the air in all directions, which will be completing this ongoing demolition between No Longer and Not Yet, renovating existing structures, and promptly paving new ground to eventually create new foundations, without apology, pushing over anything that comes in its way.

We are all fighting for a new reality, and there are bound to be some disagreements along the way toward what this reality looks like and stands for.

When a storm of harassment disturbs our thinking and brings us down to our knees, the umbrella of our imagination can shield us against destructive aggression. It is offering shelter and is teaching us how to conquer ourselves, train our resilience, and grit our teeth. We better learn to adopt the virtue of endurance, as life consists of both ‘passion’ and ‘patience.’
——Erik Pevernagi

It will be essential to keep the driver of the bulldozing energy (the ego) in a mindfully measured check so as not to absentmindedly destroy some of the enriching resources remaining from No Longer, so that they may be used effectively within Not Yet through lessons eventually learned… not knowing the lessons exactly at this time, here in the Now, will make it intolerably irritating to navigate so carefully around such realities, with the likes of a hot-tempered heavy-handed Mars energy, only strengthened through the impatient energies of Aries.

It will be a natural inclination to simply forge forward aggressively, taking out or down whatever happens to be in the way, despite the valuable resources which inevitably exist within the metaphorical soils and spoils.

Instead of a bulldozer, rather—a slow and steady sifter would be ideal.

It will be an interesting summer—hot and heated, indeed; a busied and potentially bullying autumn, likely without reprieve; all of this preparing for a winter warmed from our own motivations of nerve, gumption, will, and repressed anger—all needing appropriately expressed.

At first, these transitions of demolition and determination might feel somewhat needed. Necessary. Exhilarating. Even constructive. Then these energies, despite all that’s seemingly been ‘done’ or in the works, will become frustrated. Stuck. Possibly even deliberately blocked. Or, perpetually mounting and frustrated. And finally, these issues and obstacles will need to be expressed—loudly, without warning, with brutal force, and determined will despite all resistances…

It is said that the present is pregnant with the future.❞

While Mars is in Aries, Mars will square Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn through the entire month of August, then again beginning September 18th through October 22nd while retrograde, and a final time, once again moving directly, beginning on winter solstice through January of 2021, moving in tandem as Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius… these bulldozing bombardments will inevitably re-trigger January’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 22° Capricorn, and how those transitions have played themselves out since then…

These transitions within a collective actuality would include, so far as I write this, the pandemic surfacing into mainstream news several months after the fact, as well as its consequential financial and economic motivations and still-lingering aftermath, details abound regarding the campaigning and electioneering here in the states, and most recently, the democratic protests as a voice regarding historic and systemic discrimination and the too-many-to-count misuses of unnecessary violence in the name of authority or ‘institutionalized effectiveness’.

Just to name a collective few so that you may interpret these energies into your own personal metaphors and metaphorical meanings of striving to survive, despite it all… structural realities aside—how one allows these and utilizes these is either powerful, or futile… the choices are endlessly yours.

But we must understand that emotions are unreliable and at times, tyrannical. They should never be permitted to dominate us.❞
——James C. Dobson

To empathize further how these energies could manifest by feelings of such ill impassioned force—a building, mounting, and ongoing mess of conflicted inflictions has been made, and all obligated authorities or institutional structures of support are refusing to admit the mess even exists or take any responsibility for its creation, perpetuation, or necessary solution—and so severe actions now need to be taken… not to offend or become untoward by my interpretation, however, from personal experience, I can’t help but envision the circumstance of domestic violence through the potentiality of these energies overcompensating—pitifully, and without apology, it is practiced by authority to render itself irrelevant until the ‘victim’ is actually brutalized, beaten, and broken, with visible evidence before assistance of any kind will be provided… illuminating its darkest capacities of manifestation, these Mars in Aries squares to the authoritative energies of Capricorn may ‘need evidence’ before any action can, or will, be taken in actuality, especially in situations where an assistance is required.

On the other hand, actual evidence could be taken on with passion to actually motivate change, in the most positive and beneficial ways… mountains could actually be moved.

Obviously, this visual need not be so violent, especially in regard to the average personal experience—though you may now more fully understand, and prepare for, just how harsh it may be for an/Other, depending upon what Mars may be activating within the chart—the ordinary personal experience through these transitions will likely require, simply, a courageous degree of open-mindedness, which will need to be continually practiced throughout the remaining weeks of the year, as Mars in Aries is typically quite narrow-minded in its approach, and of course, open-heartedness will help assuage any damage done either way.

For it is in your power to retire into yourself whenever you choose.
——Marcus Aurelius

On a directly personal level, these energies could be quite motivating, productive, and groundbreaking, however exhausting, even depleting, and it could feel as though you are willfully determined to the creating of your own life, your own reality, your own bluer than blue horizons, despite it all, on your own terms—only to be matched with resistance… or, if you are without a plan or strategy, it could feel as though life is railroading your best efforts, pummeling your ponderings, and bullying you all around, unnecessarily, and action will then be necessary to discern, eliminate or more appropriately motivate whatever the source of this happens to be.

For those of you who had planned on creating your own ideals at the beginning of the year, before tragedy and chaos struck—it’ll be an ideal time to begin again, despite it all, come what may. Mars energies, especially in Aries, are those inner motivations fighting to survive, and more specifically, to thrive—especially in the face of all adversity.

When in Aries, we begin, as it’s natural in Nature; with Mars, we do… these next six months will be a widespread opportunity in bombarded urgency  to begin from the beginning, working your way up, strategically and patiently, and absolutely realistically—regardless of how annoying, frustrating, resisting, constraining (or seemingly impossible) it may be.

Ultimately, beyond the collective reality that will inevitably play itself out, however horrifically and sadly, predictably violently or underhandedly—the personal narrative through these determined transitions will likely push toward an egoically perpetuated, and thereby fiercely protected, inner issue of contention that needs to be more carefully understood and more appropriately navigated, honored, resourced, and utilized.

The greater the gap between self perception and reality, the more aggression is unleashed on those who point out the discrepancy.❞
——Stefan Molyneux

Kaldera continues on, as does Mars in Aries, that “Ares is the embodiment of the aggressive forward push, something that we generally want to appear in a blast of competence and fearlessness when we need it and to conveniently disappear afterward, waiting on our command… Ares was called upon with great pleadings when the citadel needed defending, and the rest of the time he was dismissed as an impetuous brute—the problem is that it’s not so easy to put that genie back into the bottle to be ignored until it’s needed next.”

It is also important to recognize that our society does not condition or educate appropriate methods of expressing anger, and I will likely ponder on this in a separate post.

It will be most probable that you are overworked through this time that Mars moves through Aries—by your own goals or agenda or those of an/Other, run ragged by your own motivations, or firmly opposed through your highest ideals, or through the motivations of others… it will be imperative for you to understand how to appropriately push forward for your ideals through this time, through varying structures of resistance, and how to constructively use your energies and resources so that they do not begin to use and metaphorically abuse you. And, of course, it would behoove you to know where these energies will be activated within your nativity in order to properly prepare for these transitions and resistances.

I knew precisely what things I wanted to do—and when and why—and I was deeply resentful of other people’s attempts to enforce structure on my days…
——Sara Baume

What is actually worth your time and efforts?

How much can you actually realistically handle?

When, if at all, is a fight necessary for your ideals?

Where within your ideals is an impetus to fight and defend?

Why, exactly, are your ideals worth fighting for and defending?

What needs to occur, or not occur, for an inner motivation to surge?

Could you create a strategy to better utilize your resources?

I will post separately each of Mars’ movements through its time in Aries, for each of its aspects both directly and through retrograde, especially the squares back toward the Capricornian stellium—to Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter, though I will quickly pinpoint here what each description by degree will decree through July through Mars’ introductory aspectual connections…

★July 8th—Mars square MercuryRx at 6°07′ Aries/Cancer—try not to choose sides just yet, it’s not yet necessary; look for solutions and similarities toward whatever is coming at you rather than adding further complications or differences and inevitable frustration… however, complacency is not at all safe, nor does it describe security; means of actual security and survival should be handled carefully and strategically.

★July 14th—Mars/Chiron conjunction at 9°26′ Aries—you know exactly what the issue will be for you personally at this point, though you may need further, more clarifying, assistance in understanding what it «means» for you specifically, archetypally, and in actuality—how to work with it; what are you doing and how are you focusing toward what you really want?—what is your unconscious mind and psyche trying to tell you?

★July 27th—Mars square Mercury at 16°20′ Aries/Cancer—you may already be overdoing it and need to call in for assistance of some kind, and this help or recovery may be “too late”, though it will all fall into place as it’s supposed to; feelings of puzzlement and/or curiosity could drive you forward now within the realm of whatever needs further unraveling or understanding; concentrated efforts of disciplined focus and patient  preservation should be both routinely and ritually practiced at this point.

Plenty more to come, as the energies come bulldozing toward you without apology… no need to fret, but plenty of need to prepare and self-moderate.

Where there’s a will for your ideals, there’s always a way—as I predicted this year would provide in plenty, both the necessary will and the way—and again, Mars in Aries will bombard you with this same sentiment from all directions, again and again, likely three times, asking quite aggressively and absolutely out of turn—how much exactly do these ideals mean to you, what are they worth, and what are you willing to do for them?

I know myself—but that is all.
——F Scott Fitzgerald

*Kaldera, R. “Myth Astrology.” Llewellyn Publications; ©2005.
Goldsmith, M. “The Zodiac by Degrees.” Weiser Books; ©2004.
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Forecast of Friday, June 26th
Virgo Crescent Moon; Part 2

One of the most intelligent Virgoan attributes is to assess and reassess, especially toward the mental health and livelihood within that which is serving higher ideals… if your mind is overwhelmed, or your heart feels beaten—tend to these needs and allow yourself a respite.

❝No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality.❞
——Shirley Jackson

As the moon is still crescent, this is the ideal time to gain a little rest before reality so quickly picks up and goes beyond any sense of control… should you press yourself to unreasonable standards now, you’re potentially tainting an entire lunar cycle. This is not efficient, nor does it make any sense.

Virgoan energies are practical to a most alchemical degree—eat when you are hungry, sleep when you need rest. Breathe in and out. Come from a place of light and love, with a reverence for learning and self-care.

That is all.

Today Virgoan energies might be overcompensated for, as well—meaning, to be somewhat overwhelmed—as Mars in Pisces is squaring the Nodes (Gemini/Sagittarius) exactly through the twenty-ninth degrees… this mutable t square alignment may naturally try to balance itself through the seeking of a fourth point—a point to be found in Virgo.

All the more reason to be most practical—practical to alchemical degrees.

Today’s moon will only move to the twenty-second degree, while tomorrow’s moon will make it to the twenty-ninth degree and officially achieve the fulfilling of this fourth point… today could be used as a practice round for this effort.

Virgo never rushes.

The ideal, itself, can never—and mustn’t ever—be rushed.

❝To finish the means of acquiring knowledge is the greatest benefit that can be conferred upon mankind. It prolongs life itself and enlarges the sphere of existence.❞
——John Quincy Adams

There’s much to think about, and appropriately, Mercury governs today’s moon; Mercury begins connecting to Uranus today by sextile—a connection which will be complete June 30th through the inferior conjunction while also squaring Chiron: all of these celestial connections occurring through the ninth degrees of the zodiacal signs of Cancer, Taurus, and Aries—spiritual awakenings abound.

Where to begin, and through what means you will choose, will likely begin to consume your thoughts, and again, answers to these questions mustn’t be rushed… and all the more reason to gain your momentum now, if it’s needed.

Associating the specificity of a particular something or other should be deliberate—simply a detail within the process of clarification and connection.

❝I always wanted to be someone, but I should have been more specific.❞
——Lily Tomlin

Something more, if not more practical—if some of the details or reality of your ideals and bluer than blue horizons have been somewhat tarnished by recent awakenings or illuminated actualities… you may need to tend to this mental and emotional mess, as well, before forging forward any further, whatever this may entail—again, before the energies become too strong or more intense or just purely unmanageable.

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar associates the degree through which all of this building of Virgoan overcompensatory energy occurs with cosmic practicality—that “after a crisis one should seek to realign the renewed consciousness with the primordial revelation… any revolutionary movement, once it has succeeded in over-coming the inertia of the past and in toppling obsolete structures, needs to tap the most essential realities of what man represents and signifies in the universal Order; or else it merely re-embodies in a superficially altered manner the very things it has destroyed—this is the crucial moment.”¹

❝All human knowledge takes the form of interpretation.❞
——Walter Benjamin

Another way of looking at today’s energies through “the myths and stories that are the base elements of our humanity… it is, however, the ability to translate knowledge into a practical set of lessons for our day-to-day life that assists our progress as we grow and mature… stories from the past and from mythology are the verbalization of our inner archetypes.”²

Defeating feelings and disorienting thoughts can work you now… but you have the practicality now to render these distractions as just that—you’re much too measured in mindful motivations toward the work of your future… to reassess the wisdoms within your personal ideals, and the overlying motivation within your own authentic truths.

❝True freedom is impossible without a mind made free by discipline.❞
——Mortimer J. Adler

¹Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.
²Hill, L. “360 Degrees of Wisdom.” A Plume Book; ©2004.

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Forecast for Thursday, June 25th
Virgo Crescent Moon

There’s a popular traditional Japanese aesthetic expression, wabi-sabi, which describes the inherent beauty within imperfection, impermanence, and anything that remains incomplete.

Upon a surface level, Virgoan energies, needless to negotiate, arguably and common-sensically, struggle with this… though this, I would encourage, is but a shadowy inclination—Virgoan energies, perhaps, understand better than most that excellence over perfection should always be strived for, that everything is constantly in motion in some way, and that one’s work is never, ever done… and thank goodness for it.

❝Beauty can be coaxed out of ugliness. Wabi-sabi is ambivalent about separating beauty from non-beauty or ugliness. The beauty of wabi-sabi is in one respect, the condition of coming to terms with what you consider ugly. Wabi-sabi suggests that beauty is a dynamic event that occurs between you and something else—beauty can spontaneously occur at any moment given the proper circumstances, context, or point of view; beauty is thus an altered state of consciousness, an extraordinary moment of poetry and grace.❞
——Leonard Koren

And this is the beauty of what Virgo stands for and contributes.


Today may offer you opportunities for excellence, evolution, and the enhancement for improvements… though, do try to be kind to yourself in these efforts.

❝To all I care about, here’s a friendly tip: enlightenment is gaffe upon
error upon blooper.❞

Today’s moon will connect to Venus by square, and Venus has stationed to move directly today by the time you read this, through the fifth degree of Gemini… this Venusian message will impact and resonate through the remaining days of June…

The fifth degree of Gemini announces ‘a revolutionary magazine asking for action’ through use of the “explosive tendency of repressed feelings and root emotions… it is the experience of a world being so far unperceived by the everyday consciousness which starts the process… whether the revolutionary action is violent or peaceful, bitterly resentful or loving, the one desire is to reach beyond established forms.”

Continued, Rudhyar explains that “every movement overstressing one direction calls forth in time an equally extreme movement in the opposite direction—this is particularly true at the level of the dualistic mind symbolized in the zodiac by Gemini; what is rigidly bound in form and convention tends to explode into formlessness… it may do so violently if socially oppressed—through revolution—or at the psychological level in psychosis; or it may withdraw inwardly into the mystical state in which one identifies with an unformulatable Reality.”

❝To banish imperfection is to destroy expression, to check exertion, to paralyze vitality.❞
——John Ruskin

Bringing it back to today’s lunarly Virgoan tendencies—it is important, especially now, to strive for excellence through your actions and motivations—not an unachievable perfection—an excellence that both benefits and can be enjoyed by all. It is imperative to remember that, truly, the past cannot be changed—but the reality of your future can… and this is in your power, both individually and collectively. And finally, this work of creating your reality—it’s never done… and thank goodness for that, because there is much work to do in reflecting light upon all the shadows.

❝Your strength is merely determined by the amount of peace you stream to yourself.❞
——Kangoma Kindembo

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Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.

♀SD at 5°20’♊︎• 11:49pm PDT last night/12:49am MDT; 1:49am CDT; 2:49am EDT
♍︎☽VOC unit 10:04am PDT; 11:04am MDT; 12:04pm CDT; 1:04pm EDT
♍︎☽□♀♊︎•5°21′ at 7:16pm PDT; 8:16pm MDT; 9:16pm CDT; 10:16pm EDT


Forecast for Wednesday, June 24th
Leo Crescent Moon; Part 2

The loving Leo moon is void of course all day… and you know what my astral advice always is when the moon is VOC in Leo—

Love yourself, love one an/Other, send love out in all directions…

Love fiercely, because this all ends.

Be love to receive love—envision love to experience love.

Share love, always always, especially if it involves vulnerability…

❝To love someone fiercely, to believe in something with your whole heart, to celebrate a fleeting moment in time, to fully engage in a life that doesn’t come with guarantees—these are risks that involve vulnerability and often pain. But, I’m learning that recognizing and leaning into the discomfort of vulnerability teaches us how to live with joy, gratitude and grace.❞
——Brené Brown


★Sometimes we get caught up living our lives that we lose sight of our focus—that’s where I come in—book your reading today at only $111 through eclipse season—message me directly

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