Forecast for June 10th
Aquarius Disseminating Moon; Part 2

Other than a very early lunarly trine to the sun—which should highlight new truths and strengthen new revisions, the moon moves void of course through the entirety of the day, in Aquarius, stirring even more such recent revelations and awkward awakenings…

Many things may still be confusing, manifesting strangely, or strangely making new sense to you—for reasons which may remain mystifying…

Further, the sun exacts a square to Neptune through the twentieth degree as Mars continues applying a conjunction to Neptune—adding to any previously building confusions between fact and fiction… an openness to reality and its very real details is more than necessary now, however cumbersome.

A void of course Aquarian moon, too, realize, can inspire feelings of alienation and isolation, loneliness and estrangement… give yourself a break and feel things out tomorrow—tomorrow is a new day.

❝Oh no, a human feeling awkward. How terrible.❞
——T. Kingfisher

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