Forecast for June 14th
Aries Balsamic Moon

Once again, continued or perpetuated, a ‘concentrated attention’ is being focused on that which has been building, surfacing, or perturbing the societal status quo ‘norm’… the moon is now in Aries, and so this focused attention will likely feel quite aggressive, possibly exclusively, and undoubtedly somewhat personal.

In fact, in many ways, it may feel as though matters and issues, details and data are becoming or unfolding—it may fall upon perspective, of course—though either way, full circle. Emphases toward ‘full circle’, indeed—but further, spherical wholeness, operations of oneness, and ‘bigger picture’ mentality may all feel somewhat appropriate, especially through what Rudhyar explained as the ‘development of an inner realization.’

❝Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.❞

Truly, for some, this outlook—and the clinging so blindly to an invisibly vague component of trust, of faith—can feel nerve-racking, directly horrifying, or be simply off-putting or nonsensical…

But there’s something to it.

Some things need not make sense in a traditional manner—but they’re still worth acknowledging, considering, or pondering.

There really is no telling what’s in store, what’s waiting around the corner—every individual act of freewill naturally adjusts and alters the options of fated choices being offered at every turn…

❝Have you ever stopped to consider the number of choices you make daily Paradoxically speaking, every time you have a choice to make and you don’t make it, by default, you are making a choice not to make a choice, which is, of course, a choice. You have no choice in the matter. This is an important question because the more conscious you are about your choices, the more likely it is you will end up where you want to be at the end of your stay on this planet.❞
—— Dennis Merritt Jones

An Aries moon holds a lot of faith—that everything will fall into place, even when the idea of faith seems bombastically unrealistic… as with Aries energies—there’s a reason for such audacity, unknowingly and inexplicably—it always falls in to place. Perhaps its a primal instinct of sheer survival one can understand through Aries energies that allows such determination to provide? Aries energies, generally speaking, rarely have a plan, or a factual expectation, or even a guarantee… regardless, if there is something to discover—especially within oneself—there is unquestioning trust and absolute blind faith, and inevitable fulfillment.

❝Faith is not about giving up; it is about surrendering to being guided at each step, rather than knowing where each step will land, or where the path will ultimately lead.❞
——Pam Younghans

Still, there seems to be something to it, and as Bill Maher is wont to say—I don’t know it for a fact… I just know it’s true.

An Aries moon typically need not seek to understand it—the energies inspired through an Aries moon seek to experience it, however vaguely and blindly, with faith that it will all fall into place.

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