Forecast for Sunday, June 21st
Cancer Crescent Moon

Yesterday’s eclipse energies have you thinking and feeling—but more likely, feeling—you’re feeling alllllllll the feelings these days.

The only thing I can tell you in an effort to soothe you of your reality—you’re precisely on time, celestially speaking… the only way to move through the pain and palpable premonitions you’re inevitably experiencing and enduring, unfortunately, is by truly feeling it—with an entirely open mind and a most vulnerably open heart.

Truth is—today, particularly—this may really, really, really be freshly squishy.

Keep in mind, too, that yesterday’s eclipse at 0° Cancer, symbolically, is resembling a first quartered moon from 0° Aries at the equinox… which would suggest something of an internal confrontation with self and soul regarding matters and issues of both direction and motivation. This might suggest that you are struggling with yourself, within yourself, over something you’ve always considered ‘right’, safe, secure, or ‘true’.

❝Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.❞
——Franz Kafka

Inner battles of the heart and much needed emotional releases from the past will likely both have heart strings attached, which could potentially prolong the process, complicate it, or deter necessary growth altogether when challenged from possible pathways of conditioning.

Cancerian energies are nurturing energies, resembling those one would expect from an archetypal mothering… and ‘to expect’ might be the key phrasing here; Cancerian energies «anticipate» an/Others every need, every delight, every struggle, every woe—to provide, to celebrate, to tend, to soothe—though these energies also tend to expect that these anticipations will be reciprocated… much of the time, to be disappointed.

The inner squish is vulnerable, and needs to be healed first, before anything thereafter can independently thrive.

With Cancerian energies, too, come shame, guilt, and further repression—typically stemming or sourced from the disappointment of overlooking the anticipation of nurturing not being reciprocated—none of which is helpful or healthy at this time, or ever… the bonds of familial, societal, institutional, and religious conditioning are powerful, and programmed to keep individuals confined within the context of predetermined agenda—though this is not freedom… and these truths, being acknowledged, again, will be a painful process of your awakening.

Like the hermit crab, finally coming out of its shell to cross the terrarium in search for a larger, more appropriate shell—the hermit crab must cross the harsh terrain exposed, vulnerable, anticipating the worst fates… sacrificing all previously known comforts which no longer serve.

The squishy Cancer moon is connecting to the collective wounds of Chiron by a compromising square while a conjunction with a currently emotionally thoughtful retrograded Mercury in Cancer might provoke you to take it all in personally, rather than through a cosmic consciousness—that, despite how it may feel or look or read on paper, we truly are all in this together.

❝We are each other’s harvest; we are each other’s business; we are each other’s magnitude and bond.❞
——Gwendolyn Brooks

Allow me to concentrate more heavily for a moment on the lunarly Chironic influencing—when Chiron is involved it is necessary to be vulnerable, honest, and to practice empathy and understanding—you’ve guessed it—with open-mindedness and open-heartedness. These current efforts of concentrated unconditionality will bring clarity and truth, and will prove effective, and will encompass a larger universal circumstance of wholeness.

Today may demand of you some much needed alone time, time to reflect; possibly recuperate, or recover. However, time spent with others should be with those you trust, those who are willing to nurture, and anticipate—and not so eager to disappoint. Still, as painful as it may be—feeling through new truths and harsh realities, empathizing and seeking to understand another’s plight more intimately… these are all a part of the process at this time… these energies need to move, to flow, to come full circle.

Today could also illuminate a more personally harsh truth to you, that the disappointments that you feel toward others could be eliminated should you voice your feelings on the matter. And, should you be vulnerable and voice your tender feelings aloud and they’re rejected—this potential for change upon your own lap may be the very healing that you need.

❝Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world would do this, it would change the earth.❞
——William Faulkner

Moving beyond the Chironic influencing, the Mercurial influencing, through Cancerian energies, too, will require more much needed nourishment, especially in regard to how you’re thinking about things.

A higher road of compassionate consciousness could be taken now, and traveled—however clumsily, through the means of Mercury retrograding through Cancer; these energies, then, will receive, retrieve, recall, or remember both new information and actual truths toward the reality of how we create these realities, both individually and collectively. In order to «feel» differently about this reality of ours we’ll need to «think» differently about it—thoughts are things and all things begin with thought.

Again. The force of the source of all things—is the spark of thought.

Through Source, and soul, regarding the source of all pain—current and ancestral—it must be remembered, reviewed, and re-examined: that any individual or group promoting exclusivity or agenda of any kind, especially those who do so in the name of God, are dangerous, controlling through conditions, and typically fear-based… these are not agendas for love, nor are they «in the business» of serving everyone, much more anyone, and therefore these do not make sense on any universal realm, and are thereby a memory from No Longer, as they will slowly cease to further support or campaign their ‘truth’…

Sadly, this will be an excruciatingly slow process…

❝Sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go but rather learning to start over.❞
——Nicole Sobon

All of these harsh awakenings are surfacing all around you, either through an/Other, within your family, or in more personal ways… take your time, allow yourself to feel through to your personal truths, and remember to love yourself through the process.

You may want to mark your calendar—this Mercury retrograde will offer something of a preview glimpse into the future as Mercury will be traveling back through Cancer, through which Mercury will square Chiron on June 30th in retrograde, and on July 20/21st when moving directly again; June 30th also marks the inferior conjunction to the sun at 10° Cancer… Mercury will also oppose Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn before the superior conjunction on August 17th at 25° Leo.

These Mercurial squares to Chiron may bring voice or new information to pain, wounds, or toward the process of healing you’re enduring. By August, not to imply that all will be bright—however, the ‘bright side’ may be more openly acknowledged, renewed, or returned, or understood more clearly, reconnected… the highlighting of your inner illuminations, reunited.

Finally, I would like to bring your attention once again to Mars connecting to the currently applying second Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, due to be exact, also, on June 30th—June 30th will likely be a day heavy with new and repressed feelings, thoughts, awakenings, and possibilities… some will embrace this, others will resist. Still, either way, these building energies, from now until then, are inspiring and thought-provoking indeed—things are shifting and swirling, and changing…

The concepts of No Longer and Not Yet are becoming brutally obvious by the day, and those unfolding ‘bluer than blue’ horizons of ideals—those horizons of ideal can only be accomplished through occasional states of blue from necessary breakdown.

❝Girls, you’ve gotta know when it’s time to turn the page.❞
——Tori Amos

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