Forecast for Monday, June 22nd
Cancer Crescent Moon; Part 2

Today continues to offer a motley mix and mess of responses and reactions, and very very likely perpetuating the continuing of feeling all the feelings, and feeling all the thoughts.

❝The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.❞
——Helen Keller

First of all, the battered and bruised and recently renewed Cancer moon is already a little apprehensive and defensive, having just been confronted and compromised by each and every human emotion known to man—those of you across the Atlantic will experience a conjunction to MercuryRx while those of us in the states likely slumber… should you choose to share, discuss, or complain—choose your listener wisely.

Later in the day, a trine to Neptune could inspire more of the shadowy tendencies of this energy, inspiring escapist preferences over more constructive self-soothing techniques—however, if recent energies and events have not battered you, these energies could also inspire deeper meditative states and motivations.

Either way, all the more reason to established new boundaries.

Also, as a side note to this connection to Neptune—Neptune is stationing to retrograde, exact just after midnight so its immediate vibrational effects will be influential throughout today and tomorrow, and into the beginning of 2021… Neptune will station only arc minutes from the twenty-first degree of Pisces—a degree we have not experienced in our lifetime as Neptune was last moving through it in April of 1857, stirring the American Civil War, and the inauguration of president Buchanan, “a states’ rights advocate who minimized the role of the federal government in the nation’s closing era of slavery, and is therefore consistently ranked by historians as one of the least effective presidents in history for his failure to mitigate the national disunity that led to the American Civil War”¹; this, sadly, is reminiscent of current circumstances… as the country continues to so clearly and desperately need right action, accountability, actual know-how, and open-hearted compassion… this reality is unraveling its truths at every turn in abundance.

The silver lining bright side—this is a degree which associates itself to hope, through a “growth in consciousness in its earliest tactile awareness of the wonders of unsophisticated living…” ‘unsophisticated’ meaning, of course, ‘pure’ or ‘genuine’; meditations of gratitude, compassion, and unconditionality are definitely recommended… we are being offered an opportunity to right past wrongs, to acknowledge past pain, and to finally tend to the ancestral wounds inflicted throughout our history.

❝Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul.❞
——Edward Abbey

Next up, the moon opposes both Jupiter and Pluto—now so close, both moving through the opposite arc minutes of the twenty-fourth degree of Capricorn in preparation for the second eventual conjunction on June 30th… these energies could very well provoke the climax of the day, with a need—if not demand—to reach or accomplish some semblance of integration…

I continue to envision this visual of emergence, too; emerging from water onto land, with eventual motivations to continue walking of necessity.

❝I need to tell you a story, a tale of fate and emergence…❞
——Emma Richler

The moon is illuminating an effort of integration—or, mutual dependability—through the twenty-fourth degree of Cancer, a degree associating itself to “the focalization of complex inner potentialities in harmonic and concrete relationships…” in particular, “the emotional life—facing the possibility, if not the inevitability, of relating itself to both the spiritual and the mental; this confrontation occurs, symbolically, [through] the strong and passionate impulses of human nature—[and] somehow has to develop a harmonious and well-integrated modus vivendi (a specific way of life); if successful, this will release powerful energies and will lead to the next symbolic scene… we are introduced here to a specific technique—or at least to a problem of technique—in living.”

In other words, integrating efforts of mutual dependability will require vulnerability of heart and mind and soul toward a personally authentic life.

Perhaps this is conjuring the essence of recent provocations?—could it be that this is the base foundation, or even the ancient soul lineage, of what you’re being urged to embrace, embark upon, edify, or embody?

The stuff of squish, indeed.

❝Amazing things happen when an individual commits to stretching their limits, rather than questioning the dependability and workability of that idea.❞
——Dr Prem Jagyasi

Emerging from warm waters, now cold and shivering, exposed, needing to acclimate appropriately…

And this is why I wonder, as I’m writing this in advance, how extremely we will be responding or reacting to these energies. Either way, whether responses be constructive and transforming or reactions be potentially destructive and depressive—either way, it’ll be intense, nearly-if-not-all—consuming, and quite dominating indeed.

This current Now, still in between No Longer and Not Yet, is continuing to unfold and unravel, and those continuing to cling to the past in any way—be it sentimentally or acrimoniously—will only become more and more distracting and create further damage… at this point, there is only Now… and Not Yet remains ensconced within those bluer than blue horizons—this ideal reality, quite literally, if not objectively, is within your power and control—it is—and is relying upon you to take it on.

❝Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart… live in the question.❞
——Rainer Maria Rilke

Finally, to conclude, the end of the day may feel somewhat restless, or irritated—triggered in some way… should you have been ‘rubbed wrong’ or directly affronted, these slights and transgressions will not be easily looked beyond or forgiven—these energies are derived from anger and resentment, by the most unfortunate path, or are exhaustive and determined, overworking your better motivations, unable to stop while you’re ahead. Of course, if you’re working on something or needing to begin—such as initiating ecliptic enterprises—this is wonderful mojo… however, if you’re feeling wounded and overlooked—these energies can make for great damage in one direction or another.

May you feel as though you’re ascending your mountain peak, with confidence and gumption rather than feeling as though you’re tumbling down the summit without any control, bruising yourself metaphorically upon each and every crag and cliff.

To continue with this metaphor, emerging from water onto land, with motivations to continue walking, and now even climbing—we are at a point in our journey, collectively and individually, where we need to watch our every move, even if it means being unable to see the horizons of our ideals through these moments—to keep our eyes peeled in awareness all around, upon our inner intentions, as we take each ascending step, to ensure that it is a stable step and secures if but a moment of steadiness and safety.

❝’Cause when I look around—I think this, this is good enough
And I try to laugh—at whatever life brings
When I look down—I just miss all the good stuff
And when I look up—I just trip over things…❞
——Ani DiFranco; “As Is” lyrics

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Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.

Image credit— @ig_hassy on Instagram

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