Forecast for Sunday, June 28th
Libra 1st Quarter Moon

Bitterness and resentment may begin to set in these days, which is just as destructive as when the torment of rainfall causes the tenderness of cherries to rot… there is an underlying “need to face the antagonism of “powers of darkness” as one attempts to feed the mind…”¹

As sweet and delicious as Libran energies can be—people pleasing and endlessly balancing out others’ inconsistencies and defaults—these dualistically defining energies can be equally harsh, somewhat aloof, and even intentionally gauche <oh my!> when under duress… which is never ideal, and is a sure sign of something being ‘wrong’… something needing balanced.

However. It can be really beneficial to learn both sides of an issue. Not to be swayed… but to be informed, to understand.

❝It’s well known there’s always two sides, if no more.❞
——George Eliot

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera says of this moon, that “we argue and debate… if it isn’t something that you want to get into, read intelligent opposing views on an issue about which you are undecided, and let your own internal scales have the debate…”²

As this is a first quarter moon, it is likely you’re struggling within over something, likely between you, yourself, and your ego—or an/Others ego energies… and possibly, if you’re beginning to understand something from the perspective of an/Other—it may be forcing you to recognize something similar within yourself… something ugly, less than, or worse—something gauche.

❝Wisdom is the thin conduit between two opposing viewpoints.❞
——Val Uchendu

You are seeking emotionally detached centeredness and discernment—if not seeking, then possibly needing to—and cosmic realignment through the illuminating strength of the Libra moon, though the Cancerian energies being highlighted from the sun could be continuing to seek emotional validation through personal attachments… and this creates a dismantling imbalance, much to the disapproval of a Libra moon.

And this is all before the day’s morning coffee here in the states…*

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar would say of this degree connecting today’s first quartered aspect, that “the most basic law of our universe is that every release of new potentialities brings about a polarization of effects—that is, the new potentiality will be used both for construction and destruction. It will arouse individuals (or groups and nations) to take a series of steps which will lead some to greater success, others to deeper failure—whoever makes possible this new release has to accept the karma of both the success and the failure…” and this is truly most inherently dismantling.

In other words—personal accountability of actions means business today.

Continued, we will see “the contrast between the ideal situation envisioned clearly by the creative consciousness and what it will be in actual operation; thus the forever-present struggle involved in making it possible for the future-oriented actualizers of an ideal to survive the attacks of tradition-worshiping minds that can only follow the lines of automatic response.”

Automatic responses, as in ‘autopilot’, typically involve reflexive reactions, though, with a Libra moon—reflexivity involves needing to center, realign, and balance… this can be an awkward autopilot setting to achieve when emotions are driving and guiding one’s motivations.

❝Get in the driving seat of your thoughts. You control them and they absolutely control your life.❞
——Sam Owen

Libran energies demand equality—politely, of course.

Actual equality, down to the very mundanely freeing definition of the word, in action… not the romance of it, not the ideal—the «action» of being equal, balanced, centered, and in alignment.

❝Equality is not a concept. It’s not something we should be striving for. It’s a necessity. Equality is like gravity. We need it to stand on this earth as men and women, and the misogyny that is in every culture is not a true part of the human condition. It is life out of balance, and that imbalance is sucking something out of the soul of every man and woman who’s confronted with it. We need equality. Kinda now.❞
——Joss Whedon

And not only equality—reciprocation is demanded, it only makes sense. Libran energies need reciprocation through love, through presence, through patience, and—through both listening and being heard. Further, beyond actually ‹feeling› heard and then <gasp> «being» heard <oh my!> these energies inspire something of an automatic response involving a naturally resulting effort of understanding, and further still—acceptance. As Jim Morrison once said, what real love amounts to is letting a person be what they really are… we need more of that, whatever it is.

Any personal matters or disrupted circumstances you’re experiencing now could be demanding as much, as well as both psychic and emotional healing, as the centering moon opposes the wounds of Chiron—a centering within your focus, a realigning within your reality, a balance between one and the other—between your perspective of focus and your actuality in reality, or, simply something needing more of an equal stance of emphasis, or quantity, or presence. As you continue to ‘free your mind’ to allow for more, you’ll be able to better pinpoint the how from the what, through an honest exploration of the why… because the when is Now.

Further, these misunderstandings and misdirected imbalances may be feeling and feeding something much larger entirely… “there are possibly dangers that no one else seems to be taking seriously… a need for recognition the fine line between protection and overprotection [needs to be acknowledged]—there is always more to responsibility than meets the eye… or, it can indicate keeping people in the dark and not letting them know what’s really going on—‘for their own good’… taking responsibility for things that are not normally yours” could be a result in balance.

Ultimately, next month’s first quarter moon at 4°56′ Scorpio on July 27th will finalize whatever decision you make—whichever automatic response you choose to use to balance all imbalances—further balancing out whatever remaining or continuing matters need centered or realigned… and this will stick quite rigidly, so do be mindful of what you wish for.

❝Starting is not most people’s problem—staying, continuing, and finishing is.❞
——Darren Hardy

In other words—whatever opposing issues, matters, circumstances, or truths you are struggling to understand—from now through late July you will be given opportunities to remain with these oppositional imbalances, to be present and open-minded, and to further explore both your rational and irrational understanding of it before ultimately shutting down, closing off, or disregarding whatever it is, rendering it ‘wrong’ or ‘right’… remaining centered, here—or neutral—is the essence of its issue.

❝The less he understands something, the more firmly he believes in it.❞
——Wilhelm Reich

Venus, which governs today’s first quarter phase, is now moving directly at 5° Gemini, sharing an informative message of sorts, but also influencing, according to Rudhyar, the “explosive tendency of repressed feelings and root emotions…” and through both open-mindedness and open-heartedness, “the avidity for that knowledge… which ensures wealth and power” can be more freely available.

Wisdoms will be shared, and understood, and relevant emotional terrain can be more appropriately navigated—if open-mindedness and open-heartedness can be embraced, actually practiced, and honored for the energetic connectivity it associates itself with.

This fifth degree of Gemini associates itself to “the insatiable drive of modern man for power and wealth, his readiness to accept the risk of failure—but it has a deeper meaning… to penetrate to the deep layers of the collective Unconscious and to reawaken the powers of the archaic psyche which once flourished—for instance in the true ceremonial magic of the tribal world, perhaps among the adepts of the fabled Atlantis, or even among the shamans and witch doctors of more recent times… the zodiacal sign Gemini has basically the meaning of insatiable curiosity and avidity for knowledge; one of the Twins tends to seek power and knowledge from the ancient past, the other to discover a living source of strength and wisdom which is forever being replenished by the celestial downpour of Spiritual Consciousness and love… and ambition.”¹

So we have a dual presence of duality necessitating itself here between Libran and Geminian energies… aye aye aye, indeed.

❝We, all who live, have a life that is lived and another life that is thought, and the only life we have—it’s the one that is divided in right or wrong.❞
——Fernando Pessoa

And this, most certainly, will be the essence of this dichotomy, this inherent imbalance, this battle between the balance… Venus emerging and now moving directly, quite slowly and presently, through Geminian energies as the moon illuminates the cardinality of inner struggle toward the Cancer sun through the energies of Libra—factual truths, and Truths, and inconspicuous fictions will all likely bully and befuddle and beguile you until you willfully acquiesce to an/Others version of these in an honest effort to simply understand a perspective other than your own, and to honor the similarities within the differences.

That is all.

You need not be swayed… simply informed from a place of open-mindedness—even if your questions come to the qualm of an/Other <oh my>

The more rigid you are in these efforts, the harsher this lesson in wisdom will be for you… and, likewise, any honest effort to embrace the understanding of a new perspective, or a perspective you do not share, will be rewarded in time… possibly by late July, if you’ve remained neutral upon this issue, matter, or circumstance.

❝By being rigid, you become temporary; by being flexible, you become permanent!❞
——Mehmet Murat

¹Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.
²Kaldera, R. “Moon Phase Astrology.” Destiny Books; ©2011.

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