Jupiter ☌ Pluto in Capricorn; Part 2—June 30th

When Jupiter and Pluto come together, there is a ruthless restlessness that surfaces, quite obviously, and one is unable to ignore its powers, but also its retributions and repercussions…

This inward faith, and may it be faith and not fear, being felt is surging, and erupting, and forcing its potency into something—an intention, a motivation… into actual action, and this faith will move mountains—if it is believed… truly believed.

What is underneath all of this?

To see the world, things dangerous to come to; to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.
——The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

What tools of understanding can be collected through the destruction of our mistakes and misjudgments and misguidance—particularly since April, but even as far back as January—to renew and revive what remains?

This is an integral part of why it is so essential to be vulnerable, and to embrace your authenticity—it is typically through what we have protectively buried or repressed so deeply within that offers us the most substantial rewards, after they’ve been so painfully brought to the light.

When Jupiter and Pluto come together—through the strivings of strategy in Capricorn—it is imperative to have a plan, a strategy, and an alternative, because again, the magnitude through which both Jupiter and Pluto, individually demand—it is exponentially more so when they collide in conjunction… to be prepared for ‘come what may’ is both obvious, and an understatement. Should you be embracing your authenticity—and now, through recent events and unfoldings, practicing open-mindedness and open-heartedness—you have a cosmically blessed ability to rise above it all, despite it all… and directly connect to your own power, by yourself, and for yourself… but toward the benefit of all.

I feel in this time… it is a necessity to have a plan, a manifesto, an alternative. It’s a question of life and death for our species… after tragedies one has to invent a new world, knit it or embroider, make it up. It’s not gonna be given to you because you deserve it, it doesn’t work that way. You have to imagine something that doesn’t exist and dig a cave into the future and demand space. It’s a territorial hope affair… in the future it will become your reality.❞

Wanting to expand, or broaden, or grow, or embrace an open-mindedness—even needing to, and desiring to do so—is a good thing, a natural thing, and a courageous thing, indeed… but still, the No Longer is so recent, and still so very raw—and the recent Now is overwhelming, uncertain and unknowable… at its best, this heavy conjunction will provide further guidance toward new ways of living, and new avenues of ideal, and at its worst it will “deceive and beguile and maneuver so smoothly that nobody will know… where all this comes from after all.”¹

Much of this time, as it’s the second conjunction of three, should be focused upon the tending of your seed-ideas initiated in April—though conjured as far back as last November, and reassessing these initial moves toward that which you wished to see flourish in abundance at that time… now these ideals are beginning to sprout, metaphorically, and then in November, God-willing, may they bloom.

Competition is natural to the ignorant; cooperation is natural to the wise.❞
——Manly P Hall

Right now, however, here in the Now—your full-focused concentration is needed.

Your original ideals, as you’ve noticed, have changed—they’ve been altered, transformed, and molded into somewhat new ideals yet again. This process is by no means close to complete, either, and your determined patience will only be an asset to the overall potential you’re working toward underneath it all… this process is unraveling and unfolding more strongly than ever now—truths, Truths, and factual fictions all emerging in dramatic ways—especially if you are honoring both the process and your overall goals with your trust—your goals and ideals, like you, are striving to not only survive, but to thrive in reality through a life force beyond your own… space must be made for this process.

The moment one definitely commits oneself, providence moves too. All sorts of things then begin to occur that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance which no one could have dreamed would come this way. Whatever you can do or dream, you can begin. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.❞
——Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The degree through which this second conjunction occurs in Capricorn associates itself—and thereby, toward this stage of realizing the process—with the “total commitment to a transcendent goal… through an openness to the influx of spiritual energies… until the focalization of complex inner potentialities in both harmonic and concrete relationships are becoming integrated in living interdependently… to develop, for inner strengthening, new modes of response to basic life situations… for future fulfillment and connection to/with the revivifying Life Force.”¹

Another perspective is “the individualist carving out unique karmic arrangements to bear across a difficult passage; a journey undertaken under peril, a secret assignment, withheld even from your conscious self—the thoroughly veiled soul, the enigma of destiny, the secret instructions writ upon your innermost being and you know them implicitly—silent, circumspect, withheld, superdisciplined, guarded and private, sworn to secrecy…”²

There are endless underlying truths within this process that you’ll discover as they continue to unravel and unfold, if you allow, which are closely protected—many already known—embedded deeply within your innermost psyche…

The man who has begun to live more seriously within begins to live more simply without.❞
——Ernest Hemingway

Furthermore, through this degree, “truth seekers” are illuminated, as well as “making sense of one’s worldly experiences from a higher, more mature perspective; the seeking of spiritually rich, uncomplicated relationships and intrigues; finding answers to life’s big questions; putting one’s finger on arcane truths; challenging false pictures of reality; finding one’s true calling; calmly and diligently carrying out one’s life work; working out the ramifications of one’s beliefs; and serving mankind by cultivating a garden of inner truths.”³

The new, and newer still, ‘normal’ will never be the same again.

Here are some questions⁴ to ask yourself as you navigate through these current and upcoming transitions…

What are you seeking?

How might you explore new experiences?

How might you remain in touch with your gut experience?

How might you expand beyond old boundaries without overextending yourself?

What will help you to give yourself the space you need to experience more freedom of action?

How might you become more truly aware of what is essential to you now?

How might you better enjoy your responsibilities?

How might you cope with the destruction of the old, if such destruction is necessary?—while facilitating the creation of the new.

How might you increase your positive energy and enthusiasm? 

What could you do “in a big way”?

How might you grow and expand your own resources?

How might you plunge beneath the surface and deepen your experiences?

How might you increase your understanding here and assimilate your experiences?

How might you use your perceptiveness for your own and others benefit?

What do you seek to learn in this realm of your life? 

How might you better live by and apply your understanding?

How might you constructively release the poisons that may be accumulating within yourself in regard to these transitions?

How might you make your experiences through these transitions more meaningful?

How might you regenerate yourself through these transitions?—renewing our remaking yourself in accordance with these transitions…

How might you express and fulfill your life purpose through this realm of your life?

How might you experience your personal power now, rather than welding power over others or feeling powerless?

How might you use your own power to transform, heal, or regenerate yourself and others?

How might you contribute to society through these transitions?

Who do I wish to become through these transitions?

On September 18th Jupiter will station direct at 17° Capricorn, while Pluto continues to move retrograde until October 4th. You’ll likely know by then what actions you need to take, and what perspective you would need to be embracing, from whatever redirection or adjustment opportunities you’ve been considering since the beginning of the year, and now, through recent eclipse activity.

In November, Jupiter catches back up to Pluto, both moving directly, again at the twenty-second degree of Capricorn, exact for the third and final time at 22°52′ on November 12th—this conjunction will most assuredly reverberate January’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction, which occurred through this degree… this duo squares Venus several days later from 23° Capricorn; this, too, should stand out to you in terms of something to keep in mind, to notice through the year how this twenty-second degree of Capricorn manifests for you personally, and how it influences you and your energies, and your structures of reality as you perceive them.

The new, and newer still, ‘normal’ will never be the same again.

A world emerging, daily, out of nothing, a world that we trust to resemble what we’ve seen previously. We should know better.
——Gregory Maguire

December 5-9th ends the retrograde shadow period at 27° Capricorn, and through mid-month, Jupiter catches up to Saturn in conjunction loosely through the twenty-ninth degree, and moves into Aquarius on the 19th, but connects exactly to Saturn in conjunction at 0°29′ Aquarius on December 21st, Solstice—these movements should likely challenge, disrupt, confront, and defy established foundations and institutions of security and tradition, both personally and collectively, and thereby offer limitless personal authority upon one’s own story and unique journey.

The goings-on here, and aftermath thereof, will offer new foundations with which to work with Self, and Other, with All That Is, and with energy itself… but that’s another chapter, and there’s work to be done.

Ultimately, this dual retrograde phase between Jupiter and Pluto, much less this retrogradation occurring in loose unison, could dramatically demand you to deeply and inwardly re-examine what you’re working for, and toward, and why, and to, instead, begin associating gains and potentials toward your Soul’s purpose, and to your own personal joy… in very big, and vulnerable, and deeply personal ways.

♃☌♇ 24°53’♑︎—April 5th; Part 1
★♃Rx☌♇Rx 24°06’♑︎—June 30th; Part 2
♃☌♇ 22°52’♑︎—November 12th; Part 3

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Image credit— @mitz_patil on Instagram

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