Forecast for Friday, July 3rd
Sagittarius Gibbous Moon; Part 2

Astrology found me <ahem> twenty-six some years ago through the poetically affectionate whimsy of Linda Goodman… her enchanting words and delightfully clarifying edifications through the lens of astrological insight swooned me into what I now acknowledge to be my first love: the study and understanding of celestial energies.

One of my favorite truths in this current reality of mine is that, however childlike, simplistic, or naive my beliefs and mantras may be to others, to the status quo—I didn’t make them up—they’ve existed for millennia…

That magic is so real, in fact, the established masses have attempted to deny its power or stigmatize practitioners as evil, wicked, or foolish has never been taken lightly in my soul—that the very power of energy itself is so threatening!—I was beyond intrigued and immediately taken… and, most likely, there is a very real likelihood that in past lives I was a witch burned at the stake for knowing something I shouldn’t have, or a bored and desperate housewife who was given a lobotomy in an asylum for the sin of wanting something else.

I digress… astrology has been something like peeling an onion, layer by later, ever since.

Despite the detail of astrology—anyone who trusts in the power of energy within every pulse of life, and lives through it—we are often ostracized for this choice, ultimately, of honoring a universal Truth, simply as it is… without associating it to the conditioning and conditions of the Church, or another institutional affiliation.

Astrology, for me, isn’t so much about the sun signs, as it’s so much more… astrology is the common vernacular and symbolisms of the seasons, the study and practice of time itself, observations of energy in action, and its patterns and cycles, mythological archetype, sacred symbolisms, and the endless spiritual vortex between the complexities and simplicities of magical phenomenology within everyday reality… for me, astrological metaphor is wildly, unmistakably, and unapologetically transparent in words, actions, trends, and chaos—everyday—and to possess this type of cosmic roadmap… I can see why it was thought to be too powerful for the profane—why struggle to convince those who do not see a reality that exists of its own so profoundly and vividly?

But this is another yarn…

❝Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.❞

An early morning square to Neptune, before moving void of course through the majority of the day*, offers a magical bent to the sentiments of this perspective—of truly understanding something from within, simply as it is, through only energetic validation—something which is impossible to fully explain, much more fully comprehend—and to simply sit with it…

To honor it—simply for being.

Simply, simply, simply… when everything is so complex, simplicity is invaluable.

I think that day, that early summer Saturday within my fourteenth year at the B Waldon bookstore within the mall in the Cedar Valley of eastern Iowa when that one astrology book of maybe five to choose from all but leaped out at me in the aisle I knew in that moment—who I really was and who I would one day learn to fully become—and I’m still learning… but then the irrationality of hormones kicked in and all better judgement and intuition was sort of sucked up by the vacuum that is puberty… and I didn’t know how to fully—or, who am I kidding, at all in any real way—comprehend presence, patience, or pattern yet.

❝One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.❞
——Jack Kerouac

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera has titled this moon the Scholar’s Moon, a moon to “study what has been written in the past—the area of study doesn’t matter so much as the attitude: one does it to absorb what is to be found, not necessarily to find one particular thing—especially if that one thing is intended as a justification of some behavior… let the quest come as it comes; if the road tangents off, take it like a Sagittarian and see where it goes…”

The attitude—this is brilliant; your attitude, now and always, is invaluable.

Allowing an attitude for open-mindedness now is entirely invaluable… now, and always.

And our lives—many of our lives, anyway—are lived through a quest that comes in tangents, and we hold faith and see where they go…

However, demands and obligations may bring you back, as life goes, though also as the moon shifts into Capricorn much later in the evening; a square to Mars in Aries concludes the evening on a possibly irritating note—or, more constructively—upon a note, likely derived from simply sitting with the reality within your reality, and with your realistic ideals…

Responsibilities ultimately always kick in, like eternal internal clockworks, upon a note which inspires you to apply your lessons in action—action that begs you to struggle to see a reality which exists of its own—to see the inner patterning, potentials, and promise within… and beyond, and to actively participate in this thing you call: your Life.

My point is that your life has an energy, and within this powerful pulse of energy—in and of itself, down to the brassy tacks—should be so threatening to the societal consumerist hamster wheel of autopilot status conformity, blah blah blah blah blah—this participation beckons you to be beyond intrigued, and immediately taken, as this pulse is invaluable…

However you choose to experience being alive—living your life by astrology or not—please feel the pulse of your soul, and trust it, and follow it wherever it takes you, layer by layer.

❝What you seek is seeking you.❞

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*♐︎☽VOC 6:05am-9:48pm PDT; 7:05am-10:48pm MDT; 8:05am-11:48pm CDT; 9:05am-12:48am EDT tomorrow

Kaldera, R. “Moon Phase Astrology.” Destiny Books; ©2011.

Image credit— @cult.class on Instagram

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