Forecast for Thursday, July 9th
Pisces Disseminating Moon; Part 2

★Oracular Overview—are you living your ideals and leading by example the changes and clarifications you wish to see reflected in your reality?

One of my favorite astrologers, Rob Brezny, wrote an oracle for another time entirely, though again, its essence resonates today—he wrote that “most people who belong to the Church of Satan neither believe in nor worship Satan—they’re atheists, and don’t believe in the supernatural… I think a comparable principle is true for many rightwing fundamentalist Christians—their actions and words are replete with bigotry, hard-heartedness, materialism, and selfishness: so contrary to what the real Jesus Christ taught that they in effect don’t believe in or worship Jesus Christ…”

Brezny is pointing out insidiously underlying realisms that manipulate many and both complicate and destroy the sacred—all in an effort to gain, maintain, or sustain control… the one thing any religious context will advocate is, simply, to love one another—and yet no one, seemingly, through any claimed belief or otherwise, can manage to wholeheartedly pull it off… an institutionalized condition or fear-based agenda seems to always cloud over any actual best efforts like a fog in a swamp.

Likewise within a personal level—we are all vulnerable to succumbing to our own fears, self-doubts, and egoic issues of control from time to time.

❝Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.❞
——Louisa May Alcott

My point here is to gently remind you of your ideals, and to protect them.

Are you living your ideals in your reality?

Are you leading by example—the change you wish to see?

Are your ideals becoming corrupted by underlying sources?

Are you allowing your ideals to guide you, or are you creating conditioning through which you are thereby rendered unable to truly connect with something—anything—larger than yourself?

The energies today could feel foggy or tainted, manipulative or manipulated… the Piscean moon applies Neptune all day, connecting to both the sun and to the separating Jupiter/Pluto conjunction on the way; Jupiter rules today’s moon, by tradition, and thereby influences the illuminations that are to be inspired…

Jupiter has the inherent tendency to inflate or expand anything it connects to or coalesces with, and with the additional influence of Pluto, this becomes profoundly more powerful—and there’s also a high likelihood, with these two together, for all-knowing and all-powerful stances of authority, either personally or within the collective, whether these qualifications are to be trusted or not (and there’s a very high celestial probability that they’re not to be trusted whatsoever)… which leads me to wondering about messiah complexes and such.

Especially through this invisible, underlying electrical current that’s been building now… this static charge which will inevitably snap and spark, though, through these snaps and sparks—clarifying revelations will be offered, divine intuitions and re-centering insights…

❝It’s life that matters, nothing but life—the process of discovering, the everlasting and perpetual process, not the discovery itself, at all.❞
——Fyodor Dostoyevsky

It is an understandable-though-disturbing component of the human condition to cling to our theories and beliefs, even if or when these are not correct, right, moral, informed, or reasonable—in an effort to feel a sense of control and security… though, these days, everything is becoming larger-than-life without much effort—for better or worse—it is a rare and unenviable responsibility for one to claim to know the needs and desires of others, especially so much so that one begin to proclaim, well, anything—especially especially so if one is unable to lead by example in one’s own life when no one is watching.

Through today’s thickening fog, there may be a real need for clarification, and truth, and possibly, manifesting through a shadowy frequency, an inclination to cling to old habits or conditioning and claim random inaccurate, unfactual truths to feel a sense of comfort.

One of the foggy factors of frustration is that through the clinging and insecurity, desires can be mistaken for needs, and needs as desires—resulting in deficiencies in self-care for entirely manageable and avoidable means…

Try, instead, to find comfort within the uncomfortable and unknowable, and vision, through that which is unforeseeable or unknown.

❝Life is very strange. Here we miss the very thing that we crave for and cling to, and we find what we don’t seek. If one does not seek anything, it means he does not lack it—he already has it.❞

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