Forecast for Sunday, July 12th
Aries Last Quarter Moon

★Oracular Overview—confronting battles of will and self-control in real time…

It is likely that yesterday’s confliction between group think and solo flight has been resolved—what needs to be done now needs to be done, ultimately, alone; all personal circumstances within our personal lives and realities are demanding the actions of individual initiative… though, even alone, we will not be without the interference of an/Other.

Today may offer many vulnerabilities to both endure and experience, and either way, testing you to appropriately navigate… and it is through today’s energies that a lesson in anger may be presented.

❝In a time of destruction, create something. A poem. A parade. A community. A school. A vow. A moral principle. One peaceful moment.❞
——Maxine Hong Kingston

One of the vulnerabilities of an Aries moon, as shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera explains, is that “the Aries Moon is honest and open at heart—there is no subterfuge with them—and they rarely have to sit around digging to figure out what they are feeling… if they are having a feeling, it is usually strong, and usually everyone else notices it too… this means that they are pretty refreshing for people who have had to play too many games of ‘guess what I feel’…”¹

Continued, and possibly more importantly, “their emotional honesty is their greatest gift and their Achilles heel; it can be abused by craftier and less ethical people, but it also makes it easier for someone who is willing to admit their mistakes and ask forgiveness, as an Aries Moon almost always gives gladly and generously… if they are abused and realize it, their anger can create lasting wounds—they need friends and lovers who will be honest with them at all times and stand up to them when necessary; they are usually willing to admit their mistakes when they are pointed out to them… ”¹

Perhaps most essentially, today’s energies emphasize that “the moon in Aries is a warrior fighting for the right not to have their feelings declared unacceptable… this is emotional integrity we as a society desperately need.”¹

Another source of irritation may involve the very realistic need to alter, edit, and/or recreate an ideal that no longer has a practical use or demanding need or appropriate place in a rapidly shifting reality—this can feel disorienting, discouraging, and displacing.

The Aries moon is squaring the Cancer sun through a degree which associates itself toward “abundance made possible by human togetherness and cooperation,” weirdly, and however contrarily, “through the release and glorification of social aggressiveness… any release of power is seen operating at the socio-cultural and emotional level, deeply rooted in feelings that generate overwhelming power… the abundant life is in theory open to all—at least this is the ideal, the great dream…”³

Though, at this time, it simply may not seem so.

❝Learn this from me. Holding anger is a poison. It eats you from inside. We think that hating is a weapon that attacks the person who harmed us. But hatred is a curved blade. And the harm we do, we do to ourselves.❞
——Mitch Albom

Kaldera explains, also, that the waxing quarter moon in Aries, as the Survivor Moon, is a moon which “reaches a crisis, but this time one that is external rather than due to one’s own internal problems… the continual years of war have stressed the Survivor’s courage and nerves to the breaking point, and he can no longer fight… the Survivor’s Moon is a time of anguish and healing of deep wounds—it’s a matter of learning how to summon the courage to do it without hope, without confidence, with a keen gut-understanding of one’s mortality…”⁵

Further, “it’s about facing how broken you are and having the courage to seek healing…”⁵

“On the Survivor’s Moon, we confront our wounds—we confront our helplessness in the face of that pain—however, if we don’t fully feel and inhabit our rage and pain and helplessness, even if only for a moment, we can’t move past them into a healthier stage…”⁵

❝I’ve learned that I must find positive outlets for anger or it will destroy me.❞
——Sidney Poitier

I have mentioned previously in past posts that we, as a society at large, are never given adequate tools or methods in the manner of addressing, processing, or navigating anger—much less rage or helplessness—even to the extent that the very words express something of a hush when uttered or discussed.

Author David Whyte² has offered a new definition…

¶Anger is the deepest form of compassion—for another, for the world, for the self, for a life, for the body, for a family and for all our ideals, all vulnerable and all, possibly about to be hurt… stripped of physical imprisonment and violent reaction, anger is the purest form of care; the internal living flame of anger always illuminates what we belong to, what we wish to protect and what we are willing to hazard ourselves for…

¶What we usually call anger is only what is left of its essence when we are overwhelmed by its accompanying vulnerability, when it reaches the lost surface of our mind or our body’s incapacity to hold it, or when it touches the limits of our understanding…

¶What we name as anger is actually only the incoherent physical incapacity to sustain this deep form of care in our outer daily life; the unwillingness to be large enough and generous enough to hold what we love helplessly in our bodies or our mind with the clarity and breadth of our whole being…

❝Rage… is a powerful energy that, with diligent practice, can be transformed into fierce compassion.❞
——Bonnie Myotai Treace

Also occurring today is Mercury stationing direct upon a degree which associates itself to “the tragic results which are likely to occur when the individual’s will pits itself carelessly against the power of the collective will of society…”³

Further, “the individualized consciousness eager to pursue its own course of action regardless of how it may conflict with the collective consciousness of the community… all such individual and relatively anarchistic or law-defying attempts are bound to fail… lest we consider this phase totally negative, we should realize that most of the time man learns his lessons through relatively destructive experiences—one may consider karmic readjustments…”³ and it is equally as important to understand that this degree today represents a Mercurial motivation, which is to say—how one is learning something new, communicating something important, or understanding something foreign.

In other words, embracing the similarities now despite the differences will reward you less suffering than pointing out everything that is ‘wrong’ or different or simply not working… sharing solutions will be invaluable.

Also, communications and exchanges of all kinds may simply become tangled, muddled, frenzied, exaggerated, or something troublesome… and these potentials, too, could do easily lend a (re-)triggering excuse to one upon the edge of their own self-made mental or emotional disaster.

Astrologer Rob Brezny shares that “some people don’t want to register evidence that contradicts their foregone conclusions…” and, alternatively, “it’s dangerous to do so… because it threatens to make us complacent and fall under delusion… celebrating progress is a foolish indulgence that would sap motivation to keep agitating for even greater justice—focusing on the good stuff tempts us to ignore the continuing bad stuff.”

Perhaps this is the fundamental contradiction… and today might offer you an opportunity to process these contradicting forces. Perhaps it is these types of contradictions that might lead to angered outbursts and aggressive expressions of frustration.

❝Before you can fight you have to know what you are fighting for.❞
——Naomi Klein

Let’s end on an up note, shall we?

Today’s energies, overall, are urging you to confront yourself, ultimately, through the forces of both feeling and action… “it may be time to fight about some issue, but it should be done within the bounds of the ring—heeding the rules and regulations of decency… make sure you possess the skills and have earned the right to defend what you believe”⁴

Further, a readjustment, realignment, and re-centering is likely necessary.

And further still, “if you really need to go into the ring be fully prepared for any consequences; be aware that you may need to back off if you are losing ground—standing up to something or someone can lead to a new level of self-confidence, but are you ready for the punches that might be thrown your way?… however, standing up for yourself and your rights can lead to others taking you more seriously.”⁴

Should something trigger you—follow it to its source from within yourself… this is within your control, entirely.

The sun is applying an opposition to Jupiter, exact tomorrow, which would suggest that, despite having more available access to your better judgement and intuition you may be wrestling, too, with rather overwhelming emotions regarding balance, beliefs, bravado, or broadened opportunity….

The next two days will also prove to be something of a very sobering checkpoint—to better appropriate your goals and ideals and personal ambitions—to see where you’ve been, where you’ve come from, where you are, and where you’re heading.

❝To pretend to ignore the enemy is the best way to seduce the enemy.❞
——Saurav L. Chaudhari

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  1. Your posts are astonishingly accurate! It’s like you were looking over my shoulder today as I wrote a teary goodbye letter to a friend of 49 years who recently broke my heart.

    I don’t know what’s more disrupting – the transiting squares to my natal Venus/Jupiter conjunction (and his Sun), or Uranus’ approach to less than 2° from my natal Sun in Taurus.

    Ugh. I AM tired of fighting, especially since what I’m fighting are my own tendencies.

    Thanks for the clarity.


  2. Thank you so much, and I’m so sorry to hear… If I may?—try not to consider these transitions ‘disrupting’, but rather—as paving the way for more, or paving the way for potentials more appropriate to you and your needs. Thank you so much for commenting, apologies for the late reply.


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