Forecast for Tuesday, July 14th
Taurus Balsamic Moon

★Oracular Overview—how you’ve always done things or thought of things might be due for serious changes or creative alternatives…

The vision which continues to come to me as I write these translations is the planting of a seed, and perhaps more specifically to current climates—what astrologer Dane Rudhyar described as seed-ideas.

And then, in sequence, the nurturing, watering, and tending to the seed.

Are the ideas, ideals, and intentions you’re currently setting—do these have a realistically fair chance of growing into something productive and effective, to become fully thriving within your reality?

Are you responding to circumstances, or reacting?

What is the root source of any reaction you are experiencing?

How are these reactions resolving underlying tensions? Are they?

What are you learning about yourself—through your triggers, your reactions, and your tensions?

What are you learning about how these influences influence others?

❝We try so hard to hide everything we’re really feeling from those who probably need to know our true feelings the most. People try to bottle up their emotions, as if it’s somehow wrong to have natural reactions to life.❞
——Colleen Hoover

As the moon in now moving through Taurus, one can’t help but wonder or ponder over whether these triggers, reactions, and tensions are triggering a physical reaction—and, of course, they are—more effectively, what exactly are these physical reactions communicating?

Are these reactions serving you? Are you being nurtured as needed?

It is likely the very air we’re breathing is having something of a reaction within us all—there’s something in the air—and these reactions are stirring. Lunarly responses mixed with a conjunction to Uranus through the tenth and latest degree of Taurus while, simultaneously, Mars meets Chiron in conjunction through the ninth degree of Aries… much of which is stirring is also, weirdly—and simultaneously—stymied.

And let’s not overlook the sun’s current opposition to Jupiter and Pluto today and tomorrow, following with an opposition to Saturn at the new moon on July 20th; these oppositions could very effortlessly resist many of the lessons we’ve needed to learn since January—or, these oppositions could very soberingly influence vibrational manifestations which could somewhat force the issues of the lesson that much further…

Allow me to delineate these three separate energies—in an effort to seek the similarities within the differences.

•♉︎☾☌♅—the moon conjunct Uranus•••

To begin, the moon meeting Uranus in conjunction in Taurus—this degree associates itself to the nurturing of the physical self… “there may be the need to pay attention to what your body is telling you.”¹

Further, “this might require patience and a determination to work at something—keeping an eye on things that you are responsible for will ensure that they don’t dry out and fade away ahead of, or before, their time… weeding out undesirable factors is often a necessary part of this process.”¹

Still, we must keep in mind that through this Taurean degree defining the nurturing of the physical body and physical sensations is the meeting of the moon and Uranus—which suggests unpredictable emotions or surprising intuitions… perhaps these will manifest through triggers and physical reactions?

❝Your body is your best guide. It constantly tells you, in the form of pain or sensations, what’s working for you and what’s not.❞
——Hina Hashmi

Keeping in mind that this connection, through this degree, points to “the mirror of the heart, which reflects things as they could be if they were properly cared for… nurturing the world as one would a garden; promoting good tendencies in society, and rooting out destructive social usages; planting an idea that catches on in a big way… growing into the future.”²

Rudhyar, upon this degree the moon and Uranus connects in conjunction, explains “the compassionate linking of all men… implies going into the dark to bring life and love to the tormented and the deprived,” and this, in turn, shifts into and beckons the “development of the powers of the mind on which ego-consciousness is based—consciousness attaches itself to this wondrous efflorescence…”³

Ultimately, “as the roots, so the flowers” is an old axiom…

•♈︎♂☌⚷—Mars conjunct Chiron•••

Meanwhile, Mars meets Chiron in conjunction in Aries, inspiring influences of needing to realign, heal, deepen, and learn more about that which truly matters to you—to reconnect your motivations, your choices, your reactions to what actually holds meaning for you.

The degree through which Mars meets Chiron in conjunction, according to Rudhyar, associates itself to “the development of an inner realization of organic wholeness—the situation as a whole—what the intelligence perceives in its concentration is the function of every inner impulse and outer events in the open field of a “personality” still unclouded by egoism… revision of attitude at the beginning of a new cycle of experience—the problem of focusing one’s energies upon emotional drives and cultural values which exclude far more than they include… a new dimension of consciousness is discovered, revealing higher possibilities of experience and mental development.”

Or, in other words, it’s also possibly “time to take charge, and to expand… there may be a need to take control… this is your opportunity to prove that you have the integrity and the necessary energy to get things done…”¹

❝Take charge of your life! The tides do not command the ship. The sailor does.❞
——Ogwo David Emenike

Further, these influences may inspire you to remember who you are, to question who you are or who you are working to become, or to take a good hard look at yourself if you’ve been less than your best self… taking charge, essentially, could simply mean coming back into yourself, especially so if you’ve been resisting, avoiding, or denying crucial details within the processing realms of your personal evolution.

Ultimately, we’re all both broken and completely whole—every detail about you is perfect; work, always, with what you have at any given time.

•♋︎☉☍♃/♇♑︎—the sun opposite Jupiter & Pluto•••

Finally, the solar oppositions to both Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn through the twenty-second/third degrees… in reference to participation with anything—over-expanding ideas of reality or limitations or over-extending one’s self and resources could each be both tempting and accidental, or, in their own ways—possibly necessary.

This could look or feel similar to that of a boiling point—either from within, or quite literally, in all directions—to your advantage, possibly, or maybe not, for better or worse… essentially, what is being highlighted is the actual nurturing taking place toward your ultimate ideals within your reality…

Circumstantial issues of personal will, again, will resonate through these oppositions—pressures, tensions, urgencies, and reactions—all pointing toward decisions regarding ‘will you/won’t you’. These oppositions will also reference a midpoint within a cycle that began back in late December of 2019 and in January earlier this year—cycles which will complete themselves January 23-28 of 2021 in Aquarius… this midpoint symbolism may indeed inspire a sense of urgency within the reality of your ideals and how well you’ve appropriated these, or not.

❝People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them.❞
——George Bernard Shaw

Of these oppositional degrees the sun is moving through on Cancer, Rudhyar describes these through “the longing for transcendent happiness in the soul opened to great dreams—from the unconscious beyond, the concretization of a spiritual image is hoped for and expected… will the great dream become concrete?—will the emotion ready to well up in response have its chance?”³

Further, “an objective and critical approach to the common factors in our culture and to its psychological problems… they mirror society and at the same time influence and guide its development—it is their function to discuss the significance of what is, and to image what might be—they are both barometers and thermostats, reflectors and projectors of as yet mostly unconscious images, making concrete what to most people may be only a subconscious aspiration or urge.”³

Again, this midpoint symbolism could be looked at as a temperature gauge—to measure this from that, but overall, and perhaps most importantly, to measure what is still necessary and a possible revision to the end-goal strategic planning.

Ultimately, the result, according to degree, would be “the focalization of complex inner potentialities in harmonic and concrete relationships… we are introduced here to a specific technique—or at least to a problem of technique—in living… it has to be a concrete type of integration in terms of the emotional and biological drives of human nature—the key to the problem of relationship should be the realization of interdependence.”³

In other words, more directly, you may be feeling as though you are “‘locked in’ to some situation, environment, or relationship—removing yourself from the situation may not be possible… the value of this experience is to attempt to create new understandings and standards in order to turn the imbalance to everyone’s advantage in whatever way possible—it may be impossible, but it is necessary to try…”¹

❝The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.❞

The similarities in between these three separate and entirely seemingly different celestial energies speak to the nurturing of these differences, and the nurturing of the emerging differences and dynamics within your original seed-ideas, and in putting in the efforts necessary to find an advantage within what is not preferred or cooperating… right now.

Everything that has ever emerged in actuality, in reality, within our universe has emerged directly through the emergence of an idea… and after that—everything is fair game, as they say, but also, will reflectively require an/Other for sustenance.

❝Be the one who nurtures and builds. Be the one who has an understanding and a forgiving heart one who looks for the best in people. Leave people better than you found them.❞
——Marvin J. Ashton

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