Forecast for Monday, July 20th
Cancer New Moon

★Oracular Overview—we’re all in this together; let’s treat one another as though this is not only acknowledged, but understood, and honored…

“Mercy is not a rational quality,” notes shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera, describing the Cancer moon, “if the human race were entirely rational, thinking people, no one would ever get any mercy, nor would they expect or hope for any… when we beg for mercy, we are in effect saying, ‘please overlook anything I might have done to get into this terrible place, and rescue me from this fate that I may or may not richly deserve.’”¹

Through recent or current breaking points, breakdowns or breakthroughs—either way—tender loving care is necessary… the irrational and open-hearted act of mercy is necessary before moving on, as moving on may no longer be a suggestion. Rather, it may be more like an intervention.

Further, Kaldera probes, “mercy has nothing to do with justice—justice is cold and impartial; mercy is based on the feeling rather than the thinking function and is intensely partial… mercy, whether from human or divine sources, requires the undammed flow of emotion that Cancer represents—I feel for you, says the lunar principle doubly personified by this placement, and therefore I will help you.”¹

❝Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious. If a human disagrees with you, let him live. In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not find another.❞
——Carl Sagan

There may indeed be feelings and sensations of relief and/or release, though it may be more likely that underlying emotional overtones render any relief or release experienced to still be paid in full.

Despite any emotional payments being due, the act of mercy could still make something of a karmic cameo within your circumstances, even if you have to squint a little to see it clearly… karmic cameos keep the universe running in a most just and merciful order.

Also, please understand that the breakdowns and breakthroughs will look differently to everyone and be experienced differently through everyone—though, what is a breaking point but a point by which your body responds or reacts as a warning?—a direction?—a request?—an order?

—A mind/body/spirit responsibility.

These physical warnings and intuitions should be listened for, and really truly listened to, as today’s new moon applies an opposition to Saturn—exact tomorrow morning—which will likely feel exhaustively heavy, obscenely weighted, traditional or conditional, sobering, restrictive, limiting, (un)necessarily punishing, or altogether finalizing…

We all have our breaking points.

❝If you’re going through hell, keep going…❞
——Winston Churchill

Some of the motivations in the air these days include “insistent attempts to get through to others; powers of the heart to bridge human differences; seeking understanding and acceptance of viewpoints; speaking from the heart; penetrating to the heart of matters; seeing the turning point of issues; argumentative and intellectual sparring; quick retorts; pressing one’s advantage; and seeing the larger pattern in cultural conflicts…”²

However, particular breakthroughs could emerge through the manifestations of “seizing one’s destiny by acting with courage and decisiveness at life’s crossroads, or through weighing and comparing the value of two positions…”² in which case an opposition to Saturn could offer a reward, or the benefit of time, or patience, or resilience.

There still may be evidence of an open-mindedness—but with a new guideline, which happens to be a bit restrictive; or open-heartedness—but with conditions; or new beginnings or opportunities—but only if these (new) rules are abided by… introducing or revising rules and regulations in some way, large or small—enough to make an impact that cannot be ignored.

Because with Saturn—whatever circumstances you’re dealing or wrestling with, these need to be dealt with—Saturn is never to be ignored.

The divisions in the air, however, are beginning to feel… conflicting.

❝A mind that questions everything, unless strong enough to bear the weight of its ignorance, risks questioning itself and being engulfed in doubt.❞
——Emilie Durkheim

Current circumstances are likely motivated and “the motivation for this change, or challenge, to the status quo is love and the willingness to accept things that are normally foreign to us… in the situation facing you, you may be pressed into making judgments and decisions in a creative or intuitive way—or perhaps you need to wait for more information for the solutions to become more clear cut… either way it is by consulting universal wisdom that you can focus on the best answer.”³

As Rudhyar understood it, the degree through which this new moon occurs associates itself to “the intuitive weighing of alternatives… the repolarization of consciousness and life activities implied by that symbol may be more a dream or ideal than a practical reality—in any case, at this stage in the process of individualization two ways are open—the individual person may hesitate before making his decision… the inner presentation of alternatives.”⁴

Further, through the waves, the ebb and flow, and the emotional currencies, “you may be open to the ability, or the need, for seeing meaning through the catalyst of the simplest of everyday events… it seems clear that you will receive messages about your situation if you are open to seeing the signs.”³

❝Choice—it is always your next move.❞
——Napoleon Hill

Within this precious place of pause you are being given opportunities—through decision, through a need to hold space in patience, and through a potential need for action, any of which should be taken only after serious and patient weighing and balancing and acknowledgement of all sides…

Also worth mentioning is a square occurring today and tomorrow between Mercury and a retrograded Chiron through the ninth degree, a square which last occurred through the last day of June and the first day of July, and before that on June 4th and 5th… meaning that today and tomorrow will be the last of this transit—think back and reflect on these dates and see if maybe a theme doesn’t emerge… is there something you’ve been meaning to say or share or silence?

Otherwise, it’s a final opportunity for transformative healing through words, and, perhaps more importantly, and more significantly—through the opening of your mind.

❝Spend time every day listening to what your muse is trying to tell you…❞
——Saint Bartholomew

Nothing is personal unless you choose to take it as such. Most of the time we’re all so consumed with ourselves, within ourselves, by ourselves, to be consumed by anything other than—ourselves.

And perhaps this is why opening up, to both give and receive, being vulnerable, opening the mind and opening the heart, and being vulnerable still by being merciful toward an/Other is so imperative—and listening—listening to an/Other perspective, another’s plight, another’s pleasures…

We are all in this together—we’d be nurtured to nurture this.

❝It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.❞
——Anthony Robbins

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Image credit— @morysetta on Instagram

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