Forecast for Thursday, July 23rd
Virgo Crescent Moon

★Oracular Overview—do what makes most sense…

It is my humbled opinion that high school and college guidance counselors be practiced astrologers so that they may appropriately encourage the more overwhelmed students seeking guidance regarding best-suited avenues of success and highest potentials to their personal best life practices—it only makes sense.

❝Tell me what you pay attention to and I will tell you who you are.❞
——José Ortega y Gasset

For instance, Mercury was is in Pisces when I was born, and fell upon my IC, which would both suggest and, in my personal experience, validate that I am logically lackadaisical, a dreamer, something of a mental mystic of metaphor, considering all thoughts to be feelings and entire experiences of their own… and, let’s be honest, quite slow—but really, honestly, uninterested—to respond to the demands of exactness, of speedy impersonal quick-witted recoveries, or demanding deadlines in regard to the thought processes of how one message of numerical input is received by another and so on—it will come when it comes, yes?—and if it doesn’t, it might «mean» something… oh, the symbolism! <squee>

❝It is hard work and great art to make life not so serious.❞
——John Irving

So I would have likely experienced much frustration had I tried to become a tax auditor, a UPS driver or any postal messenger, or an office administrator in any capacity… ugh, I become a bit anxious and shudder to even imagine these pressures.

Which is what today is all about—common sense, efficiency, and the cosmic duty of embracing one’s highest potentials in actual practice… or feeling the pressures thereof should these be ignored or, simply, disregarded.

This is also a Virgoan irritation of the highest offense—failing to do what makes sense… failing to willfully reach for those higher ideals, to make the necessary improvements, and to be the most authentic version of yourself every day.

When one does what one loves, what one knows in one’s bones how to do or was divinely meant to do—with training or without—life overall becomes easier and much more enjoyable, everything falls into place—not for only oneself, but for everyone in an immediate circumference… work is no longer work—work becomes a saving grace.

Knowing oneself thoroughly and honestly effectively aids this process of dutiful efficiency and lifelong practices of potential.

As Raven Kaldera says of Virgo, “Virgo stands alone… when push comes to shove, Virgo is often as much about aloneness as Libra is about togetherness and Pisces is about oneness—the experience of being aware of yourself, yet keeping that self apart from others so that it can be seen more clearly and improved…”

Today might be a bit busier and busied, and in an effort to keep up or be left behind these obvious realities may appear more rigidly than they ever have or have in awhile… center yourself.

❝By judging others we blind ourselves to our own evil and to the grace which others are just as entitled to as we are.❞
——Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Instead of allowing this to feel crushing or discouraging, or indulging in Virgoan shadow inclinations of nitpicking or judgments of failed perfection, try keeping up through delegation—which is simply appreciation in action toward those who can effortlessly do better what is stressful for you. This shouldn’t be frustrating, but freeing… thank goodness for us all and our talents!

One should become rather anxious and shudder to the idea of needing to needlessly struggle through it oneself…

It just doesn’t make any sense.

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Kaldera, R. “Myth Astrology.” Llewellyn Publications; ©2005.

Image credit— @ponse.lakiva on Instagram

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