Forecast for Sunday, July 26th
Libra Crescent Moon; Part 2

★Oracular Overview—anything you’re looking for is both within yourself and all around…

The word ‘enthusiasm’ is “truly a divine word because it means ‘to be filled with God’ (en-theo-ism)… thus to be visited by an enthusiasm is legitimately to be filled with God—the soul is enhanced where the self is activated—a beautiful experience… joy is a part of this.”¹

“God dwells within me, as me,” author Elizabeth Gilbert’s character as herself discovers, finally, while overseeing a meditative retreat in the ashram in India, in the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’; her voice in the background transcribing what she had written at the time, commenting, more or less, that God has no interest in watching us masquerade around in assumed holiness, as this is only a cryptic way of refusing to actually live…

In other words: when we are ourselves, our authentic selves, living in our own authenticity—we are as holy as we can be; this delights God.

❝It’s faith in something and enthusiasm for something that makes a life worth living.❞
——Oliver Wendell Holmes

It’s a true act in balance… not only simply in and of itself, but beyond—in our current societal modernity, just trying to keep up is often enough to throw one absolutely off balance.

The Libra moon moves to square each of the reunited Capricorn stellium—through Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn—one planet at a time through the day, which would suggest that the stability and security you’re striving and struggling for should at least be in balance by what it’s providing you… what are you actually benefiting through this dance?

Today may be one of those days when you pause to consider just what you’re up against—currently and long-term with your goals and ideals.

This pause could look like meditation, of course, but it could also simply be done precious quiet time with yourself—time to think and dream and ponder… to ponder the reality of your circumstances, and to think about how to maintain a sense of reality within and throughout your ideals. Further, should the pondering shift into wondering—it would behoove you to wonder about the actions you’ll need to take in these endeavors… as Libran energies endlessly need to be in balance with Other—what actions and reactions with and without an/Other are necessary?

Remember, too, that love, as well as joy and enthusiasm, when an action, is far more effective than when it is a feeling—as an action, these humbling happenings are able to perpetuate the feeling.

❝All sorts of yayness floods my brain. Love is such a drug…❞
——John Green

Reading again from a book titled ‘Celebration of Ecstacy’, the author writes “one of the Hindu saints said, ‘the best way possible to worship God is simply to be happy…’ and we’ve lost that—we have looked only at Jesus’ suffering and taken it to ourselves… we feel that if we do not suffer as he did, we are not good people, and we certainly will not go to heaven; I don’t think it was the nature of Christ to be so repressive as Christianity has become.”¹

In other words—either—what’s within your actual control?, (which is everything you do or don’t do…) or what’s largely beyond your control?, (which is mostly everything…) and, of course, discuss within yourself…

Again, “enthusiasm annuls the distance between the pairs of opposites, and this brings ecstatic joy—a visitation from God, which enthusiasm gives, transcends the duality of one’s life—the either/or—and brings them into synthesis… this is an experience beyond price… when we transcend the cross of opposites, we will find ecstatic joy.”¹

❝All adventures, especially into new territory, are scary.❞
——Sally Ride

Ultimately, the question which might need to be pondered most—how can you best use your unique authenticity, through your soul’s duty to strive for your highest potentials while delighting All That Is?—and furthermore—how can you do this while operating within the universal laws, using these laws to your advantage?

Enthusiastically, of course.

❝Enthusiasm is a supernatural serenity.❞
——Henry David Thoreau

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*’Eat, Pray Love’. Columbia Pictures; ©2010.
¹Johnson, R. “Celebration of Ecstacy: Understanding the Psychology of Joy.” HarperSanFrancisco; ©1987.

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