Forecast for Tuesday, July 28th
Scorpio Gibbous Moon

★Oracular Overview—struggling is a component of the human condition, and we are all within this conditioning together…

Not that it would likely matter to you, or need to—though I’d like to share, as it recently dawned on me as a theme, and I feel that this theme is relevant to today’s energies—some of my favorite films all revolve around the same force of human emotion…

Perhaps one of the only themes these movies have in common is the initial resistance and inner struggle endured through the main character before allowing the absolute surrender to either an/Other, or to something so much larger than oneself… the main character eventually, inevitably, liberates him/herself, illuminating a soul authenticity and finding freedom within.

❝I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.❞
——Oscar Wilde

Another common story plot component of these movies is that the main character is living sternly within the mind-numbing limitations of the status quo and struggling silently until the needless weight of doing so finally breaks through, as it does, as it will—in varying ways considering which movie—and this breaking-through is ultimately wholeheartedly freeing, and joyously liberating… because when there’s absolutely nothing left to lose, one realizes so utterly and clearly that there is only ever absolutely «everything» to gain.

We’re all struggling in ways that are ours, and authentic to us, personally, I realize—especially so these days, yet, these struggled shadows quickly begin to blur into a muddied and muddled point—these struggles are everyone’s struggles, simultaneously.

It is a part of the human condition, I think, to resist being truly seen and heard and understood through our pain until we’ve come to our own personal terms with the harsh reality of this pain, and its source. It is «through» our pain that we are complete—we are beautifully broken… and to finally realize that to «truly» be seen, heard, and understood is really all we ever needed or desired… this is personal freedom, a liberation from ego.

❝We’re not broken, just bent… and we can learn to love again.❞
——Pink; “Just Give Me a Reason” lyrics

But this pain, and bent and broken wholeness, must be acknowledged, owned, and protected—we must see, speak for, and understand ourselves first, thoroughly and honestly, and without apology.

One last thing all of my favorite movie plots have in common is that the main character comes to his/her own terms and acknowledges, owns, and liberates their shadow, their pain, their broken wholeness—which is rather conveniently, and likely presumed, to be what today’s moon is all about—as Kaldera advises, to “go down into your own depths and deal with your monsters… this is a moon of patience and courage…”

George Bernard Shaw once said that “fine art is the only teacher except torture…” from which author Robert A Johnson agrees, adding “that those things which turn up in our lives as symptoms—certainly a form of torture—can be expressed ritually in arts such as paintings, sculpture, poetry, novels, plays, and films…”

❝Greek serenity is intricate and tragic. A balance between fierce, opposing forces which, after a toilsome and prolonged struggle, succeeded in making peace with each other and in reaching the point of mystic effortlessness. In other words, efforts peak.❞
——Nicos Kazantzakis

However you need to go down into your own depths to deal with your monsters—may your efforts peak, with a mystical effortlessness, as the actors in any of your favorite films, or paintings by favorite artists, could inspire.

Also of note—Venus is now moving beyond its own shadow from its recent retrograde… meaning, in other words, these following degrees of Gemini—from the twenty-first degree into the degrees of Cancer, beginning August 7th—will welcome entirely new Geminian inspired experiences, including, perhaps most importantly: learning new ways to understand your shadow… and your most rational irrational motivations.

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