Forecast for Wednesday, July 29th
Sagittarius Gibbous Moon

★Oracular Overview—happiness, inner radiance, and centeredness of self–it happens…

I recently stumbled upon, quite literally, almost simultaneously—because I time-travel, don’t’cha know *wink*—several excerpts about happiness, as I had requested some gentle guidance in pursuit to the ideas and ideals alike surrounding various concepts of happiness in rhythmic consequence with today’s energies…

In turn, for instance, I learned that Hinduism teaches, quite rudimentarily, that the highest form of worship is simply to be happy… to this, however, I learned that Thomas Merton, a Trappist monk, remarked that “a monk may often be happy but he never has a good time…”

❝Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.❞
——Guillaume Apollinaire

Further, I was educated that a Frenchman, Alexis de Tocqueville, “came to America more than a century ago and made some astute observations about the American way—he said that we have a misleading idea at the very head of our Constitution: the pursuit of happiness… one cannot «pursue» happiness; if he does he obscures it… if he will proceed with the human task of life, the relocation of the center of gravity of the personality to something greater outside itself, happiness will be the outcome…”¹ («» mine)

Furthermore, I continued to unravel that “modern Western man has some basic misconceptions about the nature of happiness… the origin of the word is instructive: happiness stems from the root verb ‘to happen’, which implies that our happiness is what happens…”¹

Supportive context continues, that “simple people in less complicated parts of the world function in this manner [mentioned above, that it is a happening] and exhibit a happiness and tranquility that is a puzzle to us… knowing the art of happiness—contentment with what is—their happiness is what happens; if you cannot be happy at the prospect of lunch it is not likely you will be happy over anything.”¹


Happiness—true happiness—is an inside job; it always has been.

As well as happiness, also truth and a sense of freedom—these are all quite fleeting sensations; these are fancy-free and fluctuate by the day… ultimately, these describe a state of mind—these are found forever within.

❝Some are born in their place, some find it, some realize after long searching that the place they left is the one they have been searching for.❞
——Wallace Stegner

The search for honest happiness, or joy, discovering truths versus personal Truths, and experiencing honest freedom are all Sagittarian energies, Sagittarian pursuits… though, as is the downside of pursuits—as a pursuit refers to one pursuing in action, which implies simply following or practicing and never quite mastering—the pursuit of experiencing these is often mistaken for the real thing, becoming too tightly interwoven into the overall experience that the horizon or overview is no longer identifiable, misaligning one and one’s experience from the real and actual happening—tis the essence of complicating the simplicities.

Today’s energies, however, may offer you a rare and fleeting glimpse of opportunity to truly experience one of these ideas or the ideal of all as the Leo sun highlights a jovial seeking Sagittarius moon illuminating the inner struggles of Chiron in Aries—sometimes we unknowingly or unintentionally complicate the simplicities in life…

And sometimes, like today, we get to simplify the seemingly complicated, with simply a shift in perspective.

We naturally seek when the moon is in Sagittarius—we seek out that which we do not naturally understand or experience routinely… and through this open-mindedness we learn what we need to and are, in turn, reminded, in real time, of what we already know to be true from within.

Happiness is simply the happening of a conscious acknowledgement of one’s own inner radiance, and the happening of accomplished allowance of inner radiance, or eventual potential, within everything beyond oneself.

❝To search for God is to insult God.❞
——Christian proverb

It may just so happen… that today you might recognize a rudimentary reminder in regard to both your personal experience—and the overall actuality of whatever it is you identify or associate—with the finicky, fleeting, fluctuating happenings of happiness, truth, and maybe even freedom.

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¹Robert Johnson. “He: Understanding the Masculine Psychology.” Harper Perennial; ©1989.

Image credit— @articsun_collageartist on Instagram

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