Forecast for Thursday, July 30th
Sagittarius Gibbous Moon; Part 2

★Oracular Overview—anything worthy of anything worth anything is always always ‘easier said than done’…

Jungian analyst and author Robert A Johnson wrote that “Carl Jung was convinced… that the shadows which continue to be ignored within oneself—which is to say one’s various archetypes, the mythologies of the collective—will eventually free themselves in repulsive ways upon society at large, within the collective consciousness… which is one of the reasons that bad things happen to good people.”¹

Continuing this point further, Johnson elaborates that “the consumerist agenda, for example, delightfully takes on dionysian archetypal energies of joy—and turns these against us, just as the Catholic Church did so many centuries ago… these two evils are one in the same in this regard, as they banish, punish and purge the beauty and divinity, truth, and personal power we all hold «within» ourselves «by birthright» so that we «are forced to look for it elsewhere» as though it can be purchased or redeemed, and wonder why so much misery is the only result.”¹ («» mine)

❝I was not born to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion. Let us see who is the strongest.❞
——Henry David Thoreau

Being forced to do anything is never fun, or recommended, though it is always influenced through the likes of Mars—and the next five months of Mars in Aries, its upcoming retrograde and all, will definitely ‘force’ us all to look at our circumstances, both immediate and long-term, elsewhere, as in from entirely new or revised perspectives… one’s which are very highly likely well beyond and outside of our preferred comfort zones or parameters of illusioned or presumed security.

Similarly, also—wherever Mars in moving within your chart and whatever your personal circumstances are—it is realistic to prepare for overwhelm, be it feeling bombarded, exhausted, overworked, or personally confronted by something which ‘forces’ you, or is, in its efforts, trying to ‘force’ you to ‘directly take on’ that which you have been avoiding, denying, ignoring or repressing… rather than reacting defensively to this—responding as if motivated by a challenge would serve you through this process, these transitions, and all the unfolding of new narrative it invites and suggests.

However, this is largely easier said than done.

This sort of recommended response would suggest an inner realignment. A re-centering. A reconnection to that which fuels you from within—your self-made blazing authenticity—as motivation is simply anger used constructively, and joy is but organized and effectively connective motivation.

Though, again, this is easier said than done, indeed.

❝Everybody is equally weak on the inside, just that some present their ruins as new castles and become kings.❞
——Simona Panova

It was Epicurus who said that “not only can human beings manage to be virtuous in this chaotic, unsupervised world, they can actually be happy…” which I found endearing to the inner motivations of these current and upcoming Mars transitions, and as Jennifer Michael Hecht furthers this point, explaining the history of Epicurean rationality to understand that “the three chief obstacles to being happy are fear of death, fear of pain, and fear of the gods.”²

This, intriguingly, is also suggesting Mars undertones…

These fears, which would naturally be avoided, denied, ignored, or repressed when possible—these fears are definitely influenced through Mars simply through the connectively associated degree of ego involved —and this is what we’re all trying to protect so desperately, yes?… all the more reason to participate willfully, rather than forcefully.

❝Whether I fail or succeed shall be no man’s doing but my own. I am the force.❞
——Elaine Maxwell

Epicureans believed that “life was full of sweetness, [that] we might as well enjoy it… [and] tended to stay away from public life, seeing it as concerned with false ideals, and likely to trick people into spending their one lifetime running a race no one can win… but [instead were] geared toward helping people achieve peace of mind (and pleasure) in the full recognition of our peculiar predicament.”²

Unfortunately, we can’t always choose, or be given the choice, to stay away from public life… still, we can actively participate in our own self-empowering alternatives to reactionary inclinations of response—and your own (and everyone else’s) inner motivations play a huge role in this. From this perspective, it is especially important to remember that within these ‘new normals’, in an every-changing and foreign reality, that many are clinging so tightly to a false version of security, struggling with the changes and trying to maintain composure and sanity—nerves are frayed and tempers are flared… practicing patience with both yourself as well as all others cannot be suggested, recommended, or emphasized enough.

Continued,  and on a brighter note, “for an Epicurean, somewhere there are beings that are truly at peace, are happy, and are eternal… the mere idea of this gentle bliss is, itself, a kind of uplifting dream—after all, we human beings know a strange thing: happiness responds to circumstances, but, basically, it is internal; we can experience it when it happens to come upon us—but we cannot just be happy…”²

Risk. Inner motivations, force, and risk are all Mars inspired.

❝The only way to find true happiness is to risk being completely cut open❞
——Chuck Palahniuk

Taking a risk upon yourself, a risk for meaning, for truth—a risk in the name of what ‘Could Be’… if your goals, ideals, and inner motivations are securely based in reality, are realistically-minded, and are striving toward a new realism of reality as we know it—inevitably there will be a tremendous amount of risk involved… and this is precisely why the trust and reciprocation factors are imperative (which is also why the patience piece is pricelessly essential… and so on).

When fears are either faced or befriended—anger will be more appropriately used to thrive for better, to strive for ideals, to risk what sparks the soul.

When anger is appropriately and constructively navigated and processed—the repulsive shadows of fear will no longer bombard the collective or haunt the individual.

❝So we shall let the reader answer this question for himself: who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?❞
——Hunter S. Thompson

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¹Robert Johnson. “He: Understanding the Masculine Psychology.” Harper Perennial; ©1989.
²Hecht, J. “Doubt: A History.” HarperOne; ©2003.

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