Forecast for Sunday, August 2nd
Aquarius Gibbous Moon

By technicality, though the influence began a day or two ago, it was this morning* the sun officially exacted its square to Uranus through the tenth degree—a degree within Taurus which Uranus has not moved through since May of 1937… this detail is important because upcoming on August 15th Uranus will station retrograde upon this tenth degree of Taurus—emphasizing the symbolism of this Taurean degree… a degree through which we will likely see its symbolisms manifest in myriad ways through September.

And so, of course I had to dig a little deeper…

I found a relevant headline shrouded in shadows, and a positive headline emphasizing hope and determination—allow me to share them with you.

❝In life you need either inspiration or desperation.❞
——Anthony Robbins

The story shrouded in shadow and sadness is that of a police shooting, which was given the infamous title of the Memorial Day Massacre, which I deemed currently relevant, as this seems to be a long-avoided fundamental issue embedded within a fiercely protected institutional construct… this headline informs of a Chicago steelworkers strike, and many of the ten victims were under the age of 30, one was 17.

¶The incident arose after U.S. Steel signed a union contract but smaller steel manufacturers (called ‘Little Steel’), including Republic Steel, refused to do so. In protest, the Steel Workers Organizing Committee (SWOC) of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) called a strike.

¶On Memorial Day, hundreds of sympathizers gathered at Sam’s Place, a former tavern and dance hall at 113th Street and Green Bay Avenue, that served as the headquarters of the SWOC… As the crowd marched across the prairie towards the Republic Steel mill, a line of Chicago policemen blocked their path. The foremost protestors argued their right to continue… The police, “feeling threatened,” fired on the crowd… As the crowd fled, police shot and killed ten people, four dying that day and six others subsequently from their injuries. Nine people were permanently disabled and another 28 had serious head injuries from police clubbing.

¶In the book Selected Writings by Dorothy Day (who was present), the events of the protest are summarized as thus: ‘On Memorial Day, May 30, 1937, police opened fire on a parade of striking steel workers and their families at the gate of the Republic Steel Company, in South Chicago. Fifty people were shot, of whom 10 later died; 100 others were beaten with clubs.’…

This narrative has been perpetuated for far too long.

As for the hopeful headline, it was in May of 1937 that the Golden Gate Bridge opened to pedestrians and vehicular traffic…

¶To truly appreciate the Golden Gate Bridge, one must first have a solid grasp of the history that lies behind it. Conceived in the boom years of the Roaring 1920’s but constructed during the depths of the Great Depression, the Bridge represents American perseverance and determination.

¶The great project was completed in 1937, and the Golden Gate Bridge stood as the longest steel suspension bridge in the world until 1964, when the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge was completed connecting the New York City boroughs of Staten Island and Brooklyn.

¶The Golden Gate Bridge garners wide praise for its aesthetics. The American Society of Civil Engineers declared it to be one of the modern Wonders of the World. According to Frommer’s Travel Guides, it’s “possibly the most beautiful, certainly the most photographed, bridge in the world.”…

How appropriate, as it was ‘born’ with such daring Taurean influence…

I bring these stories to your attention because each of these stories has an underlying commonality—determined will either met with or navigated through considerable resistances…

This degree associates itself to “breaking down the borders between self and others, first aid kits, and having a mission to fulfill, but also always butting in, even when it’s not necessary or wanted, and not caring how others are coping, even when it’s really necessary…”¹

Also, this degree speaks of “moral courage, heroism, enlistment in a cause, sensitivity to human suffering, pacifism and sadistic impulses, dealing with human cruelty, and having the heart to care…”²

Determined will can either destroy, or create.

The sun squaring Uranus through the energies of fixed signs suggests individual rebellions against rules and regulations that no longer work, or are no longer valuable… this square is speaking to the provocation toward that which is stuck, literally fixed, or has become settled, secured, or too stabilized. These planetary connections and its suggested poking and provoking will take time to actually implement or enforce, though the effects being introduced are likely feeling extreme, out of nowhere, or surprising—and not a fun surprise.

❝There is no way to suppress change, the story says, not even in heaven; there is only a choice between a way of living that allows constant, if gradual, alterations and a way of living that combines great control and cataclysmic upheavals… those who panic and bind the trickster choose the latter path. It would be better to learn to play with him, better especially to develop styles (cultural, spiritual, artistic) that allow for some commerce with accident, and some acceptance of the changes contingency will always engender.❞
——Lewis Hyde

Change is being demanded.

Again. Change can destroy—change can create… change typically requires a determined will.

Change is calling on you… and it would be my humbled and honored astrological recommendation to answer, and oblige.

These changes, although very likely feeling ‘out of nowhere’ very likely aren’t exactly new—chances are the circumstances you are being ‘bullied’ by have been lingering in the background for some time, or have even been stabilized in the forefront of your focus and simply avoided, ignored, resisted, or repressed… I’m telling you, those choices will get you every time.

❝There’s always an easy solution to every human problem—neat, plausible, and wrong.❞
——HL Mencken

These changes and provocations may be taken in more constructively today, as well, given as it’s an Aquarian moon… how very Aquarian to consider that “taking a different path produces surprising results… you feel the stress of your life more acutely, especially when limited in what you can and can’t do… the friction between how others perceive you and who you truly are can heat up suddenly; recognize your independence of any classification.”¹

❝Ordinary people with extraordinary vision can redeem the soul of America by getting in what I call good trouble, necessary trouble… I urge you to answer the highest calling of your heart and stand up for what you truly believe.❞
——John Lewis

And, of course, let us keep in mind that today’s lunar energies refer to what shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera has titled the Trickster’s Moon…  “as the crisis if the Rebel Moon passes, the Rebel realizes that the masses are easily swayed—and easily swayed back soon, when the heat is the moment and all the screaming wears off… few have their devotion to principles, and many are suspicious of the violence that rebellion brings—he needs to find a way to teach people about hard truths that doesn’t frighten then away and doesn’t get him ostracized…”³

Continued, “the dark side of this [Trickster] archetype is that sometimes Tricksters are penalized for their words… sometimes denial is so thick that nothing will be heard, and it falls to the Tricksters to speak the truth even when they know that they will not be heard… someone in the future might hear the tale passed down, and understand, and make the changes.”³

❝By cultivating the beautiful we scatter the seeds of heavenly flowers, as by doing good we cultivate those that belong to humanity.❞
——Vernon Howard

This moon is all about “learn[ing] what it means to sacrifice for the future… on the Trickster’s Moon we attack a problem in an unusual way, brainstorming for something that’s never been thought of before.”³

My advice, and my astrological recommendation—try to inspire truly unusual solutions that benefit all involved within the changes your determined will creates… and only destroy that which is no longer working.

❝I shall continue to be an impossible person as long as those who are now possible remain possible.❞
——Mikhail Bakunin

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*♌︎☉□♅♉︎•10°37′ at 4:02am PDT; 5:02am MDT; 6:02am CDT; 7:02am EDT

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Image credit— @morysetta on Instagram

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