Forecast for Tuesday, August 4th
Aquarius/Pisces Disseminating Moon

★Oracular Overview—on this precipice of awareness the truth is emerging; the truth will set you free, as they say–but first it will likely piss you off…

Just as the Buddha had suggested, “really knowing that ordinary knowledge is useless for seeing the truth is the condition that can allow prajna [intuitive knowledge]; the mind naturally understands everything in divisive categories, defining night by differentiating it from day… the objective is to free the mind from its attachment to concepts—one has to somehow jostle the grip of the thinking mind until it lets go and you can begin to see the boundary-less, unified being… it is in this state that an awakening can happen.”¹

Awareness is both extremely eye-opening and intensely imperative.

❝Consciousness was upon him before he could get out of the way.❞
——Kingsley Amis

True awareness of reality as it «really» is at any given moment is possibly so much more harsh and stunning and awakening than many, on any average day, are willing to fully take on regularly… however, all of this current Uranian energy and the cardinality of the Mars/Jupiter square, which exacts this morning, both suggest and somewhat dictate a ‘rising to the occasion’, an awakening—an authentic honesty in intuitive knowledge.

Today’s Aquarian moon is ideally prepared to take on this type of thinking, this awakening manner of honesty, and even “small efforts will bring reward, especially doing things without thought of reward”²… and when the moon moves into Pisces this awakened honesty could become inspired even further in wonderously unexpected ways.

Another detail of today’s energies suggests an ambitious impulsivity as a consequence of these influences—impulsivity can be a really good and really refreshing component of change, as impulsivity is sometimes the driving force behind necessary change if it’s driven thus far… however, impulsivity can work against one’s best intentions or most ambitious motivations if one is unprepared or unaware of all consequences or repercussions.

Forethought, preparations, and strategic planning will reward you in time.

❝People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.❞
——Carl Jung

To eliminate the likelihood for the shadowy sides of impulsivity—do the necessary work required within both your current circumstances and those which will be demanded of you through your goals and ideals, as well as willfully making any necessary shifts toward your overall potential.  Recognizing, adjusting, or delegating priorities and obligations will also assist you in the simplification of your responsibilities—which you will/should want to do as much as you’re realistically able to in regard to the simplifying of your overall objectives.

It is important to also remember that Saturn has moved back into Capricorn and will remain moving through the late degrees of Capricorn through December… this means that we’re all being tested and/or challenged by exactly that which we’re striving for; that lessons remaining unlearned will be learned, one way or another; that we are being given an opportunity to explore what we’re really capable of, and what exactly we’re willing to endure to earn the ideal. Saturn retrograde in Capricorn asks each of us, depending upon where Saturn moves in our individual charts: just how badly do you want this?; just how important is this to you?; how willing are you to navigate the obstacles that stand between you and your ideal?

That which provokes you this week likely has so much more to do with your own inner motivations than with anything else, much less the details of the provocation.

❝You don’t need a provocateur, if demon’s been there within you.❞
——Toba Beta

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¹Hecht, J. “Doubt: A History.” HarperOne; ©2003.
²Hill, L. “360 Degrees of Wisdom.” A Plume Book; ©2004.

Image credit— @the__sign on Instagram

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