Forecast for Monday, August 10th
Taurus Disseminating Moon

★Oracular Overview—open minds and open hearts will reward you, as well as open you to inspiring new experiences you wouldn’t have otherwise…

Today the moon illuminates the now separating Mercury/Uranus square through a conjunction to Uranus while Mars continues to apply its square to Pluto as the sun begins applying a yod with Jupiter and Neptune…

I can’t help but imagine that today may offer some weirdly brilliant insights or extraordinary windfalls of awareness or awakening, or unexpectedly re-directional shifts in motivation… we are in the thick of much Uranian energy, and these influences will either animate or linger through much of this month—to pass any opportunities would be a shame, even the seemingly ‘smallest’ idea could unravel itself for you, to something quite significant in very precious predicaments… and it is highly likely that anything worth pursuing will require even the ‘smallest’ shift in perspective, action, or envisioning.

❝We become what we believe.❞
——Lolly Daskal

Keeping yourself grounded, truly, may be the frustration this month over last month’s aggravation.

Today’s Taurus moon, indeed, could remind us of this detail.

From now through the rest of the year it will likely resemble a collective reality of hare mentality—impatience, distraction, cunning and thoughtlessness… it will be important «and» imperative to meditatively activate the tortoise mentality—maybe not so much slow and steady—but deliberate and paced; determined and strategic will intimately win whatever race you’re participating in.

However. As much as a Taurean moon might not be too keen on shifting stance, however subtly, this too will be a major component throughout the rest of the year into the next.

I continue to tell clients—this month, specifically, is ridiculously ripe with lightbulbs of insight coming from out of nowhere and all around alike, and abundant with a hell of a lot of heart… and it wouldn’t be surprising if these brilliant insights were sparked directly from your heart-center.

❝The difference between impossible and possible is a willing heart.❞
——Lolly Daskal

With the Leo sun at the apex of this aspectually forming yod arrangement, which is also referred to as the ‘finger of God’, invoking both Jupiter and Neptune, this aspectual connection suggests that the core essence of something’s higher meaning or authentic purpose—such as the symbolism of current circumstances, or the truth of a relevant matter—is emerging, however brightly—so brightly it forces one to squint and not see directly… this metaphorical squinting could be contributing, or become a result thereof, to the lack of clarity currently being experienced… the sun and Mercury will meet once again in conjunction on August 17 at 25° Leo, introducing, by then, vividly vibrant truths of authentic meaning.

Clarifications, meaning, vibrancy, and truth—these will likely emerge in front of you, all around you—for you—throughout the day, especially so as these magical vibrations are mingling and mixing with realism and practicality.

Also worth noting—Venus, Taurus’ ruler, is now in Cancer, and so we’re attempting to embrace relations with that which comforts, secures, and protects… it’s definitely securing and comforting to clarify that which may not make sense entirely; an open heart and an open mind will reward you… in fact, the less familiar something is may be that much more valuable to you—a Taurus moon, truly, understand the value within the invaluable.

❝There is no limitation, except those we create for ourselves.❞
——Lolly Daskal

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