Forecast for Thursday, August 13th
Gemini Balsamic Moon; Part 2

★Oracular Overview—what’s ‘hard’to hear may be exactly what needs to be discussed–so that those inner feelings can finally be processed…

As old school new age astrologer Robert Wilkinson suggests toward the overall tone of the month, “if things get crazy, just go slow and be clear about the choices you’re making… while a lot won’t ‘make sense,’ it doesn’t have to; all we must do is be clear about what we’re doing and why, being balanced, moderate, and caring along the way…”

Crazy, nonsensical, distracted and misleading—as the moon moves through Gemini without making any connections to anything but Neptune much later in the day paves the way for these to manifest themselves in terms as either obstacles or blessings… though, either way, a touch of confusion may be well permeate its influences upon everything.

❝Experiment is the sole source of truth. It alone can teach us something new; it alone can give us certainty.❞
——Henri Poincaré

Let’s remember, for a fleeting moment—before becoming distracted—that the abundance of Leonine energies in the background and throughout the light of the sun praise authenticity, and heart-consciousness… what this means is that thinking (which is definitely a Geminian moon thing) from the mind isn’t what this month is demanding from you—but ‘thinking’, or, rather «feeling» through the likes of your heart.

Are you feeling through your heart?—despite it all?

The mind becomes confused—crazy, nonsensical, distracted, and misled… the heart always knows—but it’s heard to hear… especially when the mind continues to interrupt your higher self with all its bullshit.

Only when you’re able to wholly center within your heart are you able to truly listen—to reeeeeally listen….

❝Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.❞
——Stephen R. Covey

Wilkinson also refers to “adjustments, health, and sacrifice…” in that there will be necessary “expansions through sacrifices… which squeeze us [from wherever the apex falls—in this case, in Leo]… squeezing those squishy points of authentic vulnerability—the good stuff—sacrificing your vulnerabilities though an open heart, with trust, through unconditioned love in reciprocation…

I’ve been telling all of my clients—and, really everyone I converse with—to keep centered, calm, and compassioned through the rest of the year… shift when necessary, and keep an open mind—conjure the tortoise mentality, as it will only prove to secure you through the thick of it, and that the thick—it’s only just beginning…

Those bluer than blue horizons are still waiting, still forming, still manifesting themselves through your efforts, bird by bird… you’ve got this.

❝I dwell in possibilities…❞
——Emily Dickinson

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