Forecast for Sunday, August 16th
Cancer Balsamic Moon; Part 2

★Oracular Overview—ouch!–it’s as though everything is a sore spot…

Perhaps yesterday’s memory muscle or longing-reflection became more consuming than one could be prepared for… or maybe it’s the touchy Cancer moon feeling bullied by oppositional demands or fears (Pluto), or possibly through orders or personal accountability (Saturn)… either of which are arm-wrestling the aggressions of inner anger and/or outward confrontations (Mars)… these potential manifestations would provoke anyone to feel the need to be a little defensive.

❝I know my mind is made of matter
But I need to know exactly
What is the matter at it’s core?
Because my heart is just a muscle
And simply put, it’s sore…❞
——Ani DiFranco; “Rain Check” lyrics

Realistic fears feel irrational, or maybe rational fears are quite realistic—either way, this reality can be a heavy weight to carry, inspiring an invasive sense of insecurity, vulnerabilities bombardingly exposed… it may be inappropriate for me to remind you that fears of this magnitude are actually ripe with opportunity, like a force field lying directly in your favor—but it’s true; try to allow yourself the time and space to be paused and present with yourself.

Again—it may be one of those details you’ll just have to trust… though, this is tricky, isn’t it. Wonderfully magical things can be found through chaos and mundanity alike—magical wonders in trust occur all the time.

Obviously, if something is causing you pain—to trust that this is ‘for the best’ and continue enduring is not at all what I’m implying.

What I am trying to suggest—from yesterday’s post differentiating physical pain from emotional/psychic pain—that today’s energies may be illuminating some of the squishy spots within this ongoing ‘messy middle’ we’re all enduring and experiencing—that your reality toward this phase of these transitions is part of the process of your healing and your overall wholeheartedness… and there’s a firm and empowering difference between these.

Or maybe you’re simply taking a pause from such sentiment or squish shared through unexpected twists or shifts or sparks or turns… it’s possible that yesterday’s energies introduced an inner need to truly acknowledge something heavy.

Today is a time to forgive and let go, and/or to surrender to the reality of What Was for What Is, toward What Could Be—regardless of how rawly that might read, or how fresh the wounds may still be… or how safe it may seem to be to try and remain or maintain—and trust…

To trust that it will all fall into place, within your favor, eventually—or maybe, just maybe, it’s falling into place in these moments.

❝None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, yet still we go forward. Because we trust. Because we have faith.❞
——Paulo Coelho

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