Forecast for Monday, August 17th
Leo Balsamic Moon

★Oracular Overview—sometimes it’s best to take your grandiose goals one day at a time…

Mercury meets the sun through conjunction in Leo this morning, reminding us of the negative potential for spiritual sunstroke should one look directly at the sun too long, or at all…

The degree through which this combustion occurs associates itself as a reminder to you that “your situation may already feel like an arduous journey, but there is still probably further to go… be confident that you have the reserves to survive and the endurance to succeed.”

❝Hearts are the strongest when they beat in response to noble ideals.❞
——Ralph Bunche

Perhaps remembering that inner spark we all possess within, that spark that never goes out—no matter what—perhaps it’s a clumsy reminder after such recent watery and emotionally draining days… a need to soak in the sun and dry out is essential—soak up these rays mindfully, and then seek out some shade of salvation to sit in reflection, in gratitude.

The Light will always illuminate the darkness.

This combustive degree, however overreaching, also represents “provisions that nurture and satisfy…” but also, “crossing to the other side.” Trust will be rewarded, and hope is shining all around you if you’re able to appreciate it peripherally… things are likely feeling overwhelming and very confusing—trust that it will all fall in your favor will serve you.

❝It’s the little things, I expect. Little treasures we find without knowing their origin. And they come when we least expect them. It’s beautiful, when you think about it.❞
——T.J. Klune

One of the thoughts I’ve been pondering as I write these posts, unraveling the celestial translations through each day, I wonder if a firm and secured sense of trust should be more structurally instilled, much like how we trust in gravity… whereas, if this feeling or belief in trust is merely whimsical, or hopeful—it’s immediately tainted and strained. Devotion to a trust in one’s inner author, one’s inner light, should never be compromised, doubted, or rejected… there is a knowingness involved.

Just the same, when we whimsically wish upon stars… do we really believe?

On this note, wishing for something ungrounded or unrealistic is, indeed, rather silly, not to mention the definition of impossible—it invites and perpetuates a severe disservice to whimsy and magical thinking alike.

However. When we honor the essence of magic—which is to say—when we honor both intention and action in tandem within the frameworks of possibility and universal law… well, honestly—anything can happen. But this demands much participation on our part… magic was never about simply snapping fingers or wiggling noses to manifest a pound cake.

Trust is the spirit of Life itself—this is a little secret they don’t tell you.

❝We devote a lot of energy to wishing and hoping about the meaningful joys we’d love to bring into our lives. And yet few of us have been trained in the best strategies for manifesting our wishes and hopes… formulate a precise statement describing your heart’s yearning, and then work hard to make yourself ready for its fulfillment.❞
——Rob Brezny

Today your ability to think thoroughly could be somewhat scorched, overly confident, or overestimated by pride or vanity or excessivity otherwise, even with good intentions… try to be humble, try to feel around your periphery, to pause in this place for a pace—try to tune into your inner essence, before or without the circumstances and realities.

Try to feel with your heart. To trust—completely, entirely, and absolutely.


To feel with an open heart and an open mind.

To trust in your own potential, ideal, and self as unapologetically as you trust in gravity, the gravitas of reality, and the faithful likelihood that the sun will shine again… and then embody this trust throughout your every thought, every daydream, and every action—and see what happens.

It seems dangerously simple, somewhat risky—indescribably thrilling if it proves itself and terribly disappointing should it not—but that’s the joie de vivre of Leo for you.

❝Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.❞
——Maya Angelou

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Hill, L. “360 Degrees of Wisdom.” A Plume Book; ©2004.

Image credit— @ponse.lakiva on Instagram

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