Forecast for Wednesday, August 19th
Virgo Crescent Moon

★Oracular Overview—prepare for anything, because anything happens all the time…

So we’ve been plunging through all the feelings, feeling ourselves into the squishy, pulpy thick of our feelings through our heart and centeredness of self—what now?

We’re preparing now to «do» something useful with all of these feelings, if anything—in an effort to better understand.

Taking something much more seriously, too, would prove to benefit you as Mars is only a degree away from exacting its square to a retrograded Saturn in Capricorn, exact the 24th from 26°19′ Aries—your preparedness toward What Could Be and What Might Be, and especially toward Not Yet, could prove invaluable to you… in fact, from a very lunarly and virginally Virgoan stance, any and all Saturnian responses to your reality, in general, will prove to be effective and appropriate, such as: patience, perserverance, and preparedness, determination, caution, and strategic planning—you know, the foundational stuff that really gets something accomplished.

The mentally mercurial emphasis of Virgoan inclinations to begin with the basics and advance to understand in an effort to improve upon something, or perfect something, to strengthen a discipline, or simply further educate best practices… will be even more enhanced as Mercury is now in Virgo, and anything initiated today should advance itself quite naturally with the appropriate efforts applied, as the sun will follow suit by Saturday.

Beginning what you could do today is one of Virgo’s best practices—and tomorrow, you get to improve upon it *wink*

❝How you do the little things is how you do everything.❞
——Sharon Pearson

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Image credit— @brucehatoo on Instagram… I have no idea what a few of these items are, but the photograph seems, for me, as a whole, to speak to and represent preparedness *wink*

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