Forecast for Saturday, August 22nd
Libra Crescent Moon; Part 2

★Oracular Overview—opportunities and growing pangs…

Again, the lunarly Libran emphasis upon equality, fairness, justice, and balance in harmony may be frustrated or be approached to feel seemingly impossible as the moon moves through the later degrees of cardinality, squaring the heavyweights in Capricorn, one by one…

Are you working against your own best interests?

What exactly is the obstacle or impediment standing between you and your end goal?—between you and your ideals?—or, simply, between you and an/Other?

Suspicions could be high, or obvious—toward others, or toward yourself from another’s perspective, and this likely stems directly from an overall lack of trust… criticisms or an examining, probing observation could very easily give one reason to feel defensive or offended.

Are you struggling with fully embracing trust?

❝Don’t worry—you don’t know enough to worry… Who do you think you are that you should worry, for cryin’ out loud. It’s a total waste of time. It presupposes such a knowledge of the situation that it is, in fact, a form of hubris.❞
——Terrence McKenna

Further, “in your situation, you may feel that you have been wronged or something has been taken from you… check if you are exposing yourself to being taken advantage of or attacked in some way—be careful not to get confused between reality and paranoia… whatever happens in this situation, things will most probably come to light at a later time.”

It might be best to think rationally about your circumstances, rather than emotionally—then again, this might be easier said than done today.

Either way, whether it’s you who feels ‘under investigation’ in some way—or under some type of heat, or within the sphere of the spotlight, for better or worse—then again, maybe it’s you who’s putting these onto another… it may not feel as though this will easily resolve itself—severe adjustments will likely need to be made.

❝A consequence may be the very thing that saves us because it was the only thing loud enough to get our attention.❞
——Craig D. Lounsbrough

First up: trust needs to be honestly established.

In fact, it may feel as though you or the others “are the driving force behind what’s happening… rightly or wrongly, there’s often a claiming of responsibility for things.”

To further complicate matters—you or an/Other may “feel that they are somehow ‘above’ or beyond the situation… somebody is probably avoiding the reality of what is going on, or they may be the avoiding of having close, intimate interactions with people… we all need to come down to earth after some incredible or gravity-defying experience, even if we don’t want to, or don’t feel ready to… there is probably a need for calm objective observation.”

Simultaneously, throughout the squaring toward the Capricorn heavyweights, one by one, the desperately pleasing Libran moon will directly oppose the abrasiveness of Mars in Aries, urging reasons for an initiative to act toward “the will and the strength to love and to do so with energetic conviction… it is the ideals of being strong, but not aggressive; firm without being overly assertive; and confident without being oppressive that creates a sense of peace…”

In other words—between a gentleness of being in tandem with an/Other—through an honest reciprocation of trust with All That Is.

However, this effort could largely become blocked, stymied, or countered—if there was ever a day one might feel so utterly helpless, it might be today… then again, depending upon the circumstances—a simple adjustment in your perception of the situation could be enough to salvage a feeling of security, however small of seemingly insignificant.

Please do not allow yourself to feel absolutely defeated, especially after such efforts in progress toward your potentials have been made, not to mention that there is likely a greater takeaway within all of this—one which is in your favor. Today’s energies, however they may be manifesting for you—there is opportunity for growth and/or something positive… there is opportunity for you to pause and consider an alternative strategy.

❝Is the world a dangerous, chaotic place with no inherent purpose, running on automatic like a malfunctioning machine and fundamentally inimical to your drive to find meaning? Or are you surrounded by helpers in a friendly, enchanted universe that gives you challenges in order to make you smarter and wilder and kinder and trickier?❞
——Rob Brezny

Sometimes it’s easier to believe we’re not enough, not doing it right, or not worth the effort, or just simply wrong… it allows the ego the spotlight, and a reason of relevance.

Then again—it’s absolute bullshit. It’s coming from a place of fear. And it’s a direct reflection of one working against oneself.

Why do we do this!?

Sometimes the day simply hands us terrible or incompatible cards and we’re forced to play the hand—these are the days the points don’t so much matter as the cards you’re able to rid yourself of, and the strategy you’re willing and able to revise, to effectively and determinedly work through to finish the hand as unscathed as possible… and trust that the next hand will serve you smoothly, without doubt or injury.

Then again—the universe might have something delicious in mind for you, and simply has to encourage some adjustments along the way to prepare you… adjustments you might not have been so willing to make otherwise.

Opportunities don’t always look inviting, but are nevertheless opportunity.

❝Life may deal you a bad hand or take away a good hand you were already dealt. The way you play the hand is how your life is defined. Just like in poker you can end up winning no matter how bad the cards are you have.❞
——Benjamin Bayani

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Hill, L. “360 Degrees of Wisdom.” A Plume Book; ©2004.

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♎︎☾□♇♑︎• 22°54′ at 3:33pm PDT; 4:33pm MDT; 5:33pm CDT; 6:33pm EDT
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