Forecast for Wednesday, August 26th
Sagittarius Gibbous Moon

★Oracular Overview—you know, just in case…

A lunarly square to Neptune inspired by Jupiter, indeed, inspires… though there is suggestion, by degree, to begin envisioning and, much more, miming through the motions of preparedness—just in case.

Through a Sagittarian lens, the words ‘just in case’ tend to be translated more toward ‘in case it rains’, or should one forget one’s car keys, or one’s overall agenda, or one’s direct focus of an immediate environment… you know—Sagittarian energies can become so carried away—Sagittarian energies are not inclined to be planned for, much less are we inclined to prepare or plan when Sagittarian energies are influencing the moon.

Still. This present notion of ‘just in case’ stirs, nevertheless… if anything, under the more natural inclinations of today’s energies—consider, just in case, that which is taking up too much space in your day-to-day, as well as what you’ve been assigning too much attention to and isn’t reciprocating these efforts back to you, or pinpointing that which distracts you endlessly…

Because, after all, Sagittarian energies only want to experience everything—with the possibility of presence, at least in theory… however impatiently.

And maybe, just maybe, just in case… acknowledging that which isn’t exactly realistic or reciprocative—those whimsied, overly-idealistic daydreams you envision and meditate upon that could stand a much better chance of manifesting in reality if only they were slightly shifted just a smidge…

You know—just in case.

❝Believe in everything, just in case.❞
——Camila Cabello

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