Forecast for Saturday, August 29th
Capricorn/Aquarius Gibbous Moon

★Oracular Overview—if wishes and buts were candy and nuts…

An invaluable detail toward indispensability can be found within the depths of discipline… the more one is invested in whatever it is one’s speciality is, the more valuable the product or skill created through the discipline will become; the more valuable something is, the more distinguished it becomes… the more irreplaceable the essence within it will be.

Today’s energies ask you to ask yourself of all the ways you are invaluable to others…

As shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera suggests through this moon, the Smith’s Moon, that “there is something more important than the opinions and respect of others—the self-respect that grows from mastering a craft, becoming competent in some kind of creation, bringing creative power into the world.”

Today’s energies also dare you to think outside of the box toward your potential, and your ideals… as well as your current circumstances within your reality in the Now—how are you adding to your overall success?

What steps are you connecting between the dots of your Now and Not Yet?

Today’s energies are especially opportunistic, in that a particularly strengthened and justifiably validated Mercury in Virgo is connecting to Jupiter in Capricorn by trine, suggesting that—should you actively participate in these potentials—there is a high likelihood of your right intentions and efforts meeting up with the appropriate advantage… if you have a question, you’ll likely find the answer, or, the answer will probably find you—and if you have a reasonable request, it’s presumable that you possess within you already the means of making it happen, or, have a close connection to do so through a spark of innovation and a little bit of can-do.

Again—keeping it real here is key… these energies are earthy, and thereby practical, realistic, and necessary—not silly, hopeful, or leisurely.

Still. And again. There is a realistic difference between realistic optimism and idealistic hopefulness, yes?

Even as the moon moves from security-seeking Capricorn to go-it-alone, law-breaking exception to all rules, Aquarius—despite whatever luxury or lavish ideals we think we may want, today’s energies are focused upon that which we NEED… and we’re not always so focused on this—though we really should be. It may surprise you—but when actual authentic needs are actually acknowledged, owned, and met… wants have a way of finding you, or fall to the wayside altogether.

❝As idiotic as optimism can sometimes seem, it has a weird habit of paying off.❞
——Michael Lewis

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❝The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.❞
——Christopher McCandless

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