Forecast for Wednesday, August 2nd
Pisces Disseminating Moon

★Oracular Overview—beware of trying to make a point while missing the point entirely…

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera writes upon this moon that “true compassion comes only from realizing that your soul is no better than that of anyone else…” or, as O-Sensei Morihei Ueshiba enlightens, “when you strike a flowing river, no trace remains in the water.”

With these notions in mind, as the Piscean moon moves through the lessons of sacredness and compassion, connecting with Neptune in conjunction, as Venus and Saturn move to oppose the other exactly through the neediness of Cancer and the demands of Capricorn, and as the sun moves through heightened and highlighted notions to improve and explore, through Virgo…

I wonder if today’s energies might become exploited or misinterpreted along the way, or otherwise miss the point altogether…

❝Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul.❞
——Mahatma Gandhi

Today’s theme could involve sacrifice or suffering, or even the initial semblances of surrender—in even the most subtle of ways, or as a result of misunderstanding… or simply a limited perspective… to approach a potential problem in a more meaningful way is more of what today’s energies are trying to communicate.

As I write this weeks in advance, I wonder if today may present an emotional obstacle of sorts which has you sacrificing to balance an imbalance that may not be yours to balance, or, more specifically—straining to fix something that isn’t necessarily broken, something you yourself did not break, and cannot possibly put back together again… or, perhaps something could touch you in a way which influences you to truly see or feel beyond your own perspective about something—something which will be important.

With the energies as they presently are, it would be easy to become carried away in some seemingly selfless way—which would be a manifestation of the extreme opposite—or simply carried away in any direction, and the shadows involved in even the very best of intentions could become quite damaging, or confused.

It’s best to try to balance yourself within the middle-ish of realms.

❝Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward.❞
——Princess Diana

Even if the issue at hand isn’t concerned with the ‘saving of a soul’… it can still present itself elusively, seemingly offering something of a mystical-like mystery unfolding, an inarticulable feeling or vision blurring from the binding like a book whose pages are loosening from the seams…

As Kaldera offers, “being willing to suffer for the good of others, even to your own severe detriment… isn’t what is called for, and unnecessary suffering is a sin against yourself—[however] making sacrifices can promote healing if done with no pride or expectations, but as soon as one takes the least little bit of pride in one’s ability to suffer for a cause or feels superior to others who are unable to do this, it’s the beginning of the end.”

The hubris of today’s potential theme could be the detail of needing to be needed gone terribly terribly wrong… to miss the point entirely… or to misuse information toward unwelcome or burdened communications.

Overall, any expectations of anything in return in any way, today, could be how the true suffering manifests itself. Indeed.

However, later in the day, Uranian influences could potentially lift us out of these binding qualms and beyond ourselves… or potentially dismantling any preconceived, however false, notions of preference… inspirations or questions alike—any effort in seeing current circumstances from a different perspective, beyond your own, would be the most effective medicine for any suffered or sacrificed expectations—however disrupting it may feel at the moment.

❝There is no intensity of love or feeling that does not involve the risk of crippling hurt. It is a duty to take this risk, to love and feel without defense or reserve.❞
——William S. Burroughs

Kaldera, R. “Moon Phase Astrology.” Destiny Books; ©2011.

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❝The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.❞
——Christopher McCandless

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