Forecast for Thursday, August 3rd
Pisces/Aries Disseminating Moon

★Oracular Overview—you can go your own way…

Kenneth Rexroth is considered the Father of the Beat Generation of the 1950s, and followers quickly became known as beatniks; this movement, essentially, was a nonviolent activist rebellion against a materialistic society, and many of their voices were heard through folk music, such as Bob Dylan or Joan Baez, through essays, such as William S. Burroughs or Neal Cassady, and poetry, such as Jack Keroac or Allen Ginsburg.

❝Desperation is the raw material of drastic change. Only those who can leave behind everything they have ever believed in can hope to escape.❞
——William S. Burroughs

Rexroth once said that “maturity is having the ability to escape categorization, which is the opposite of the conventional wisdom…” as for many people, in many cultures, the process of ‘growing up’ and becoming a ‘successful and functioning’ adult means trying to blend in, to conform, to find a place to rigidly flourish within an uninviting and inhospitable reality, to become straightened, steadied, and stabled… “when you fully ripen into your potentials, you transcend standard definitions; you don’t adhere to others’ expectations; you are uniquely yourself, outside and beyond all pigeonholes and classifications.”

❝My prose has no individual style as such, but is rather an unspoken and still unexpressed groping toward the personal. There is something there that wants to come out; something of my own that must be said. Yet, perhaps, words are not the way for me.❞
——Neal Cassady

Today’s energies emphasize where Rexroth, and possibly the entire beatnik society, was coming from, through a lunarly mutable grand cross with Mercury in Virgo and the Nodes through the twenty-sixth degrees of Pisces and Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius, which speak to the advocacy of one going one’s own way, in one’s own way, toward one’s own authentic ideals—and thriving, in one’s own poetic way of what it means to thrive.

❝Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.❞
——Allen Ginsberg

These degrees, when combined and collaborative, associate themselves to a “keen appreciation of the value of individualized responses to any challenge of life… stress[ing] the essential nature of the cyclic process of actualization of human potential, i.e. the emergence of the individual… this should lead to a realization of the fallacy of totalitarianism: at times we can all act like despots, demanding that others react to any situation exactly as we do…”¹ and the mutability through which these degrees are manifesting suggests the innate ability to willfully change and adapt to new modes of living, and through new behaviors of being, connecting to potentials available beyond totality or despotism.

❝I don’t think there is any truth. There are only points of view.❞
——Allen Ginsberg

Further, it is “through a process of removal of all superficialities of existence” that this can be approached and eventually accomplished… “cyclically, nature helps us to reach this state of bare reality—it is not that we experience the Buddhist’s void (sunya), but rather that we reach the essence of our individual being, the form of pure selfhood which is the structuring power underneath all external features…”¹

❝A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what’s going on. A psychotic is a guy who’s just found out what’s going on.❞
——William S. Burroughs

This degree through its lunarly and Piscean perspective speaks to “diversifying, applying talents in different directions, new opportunities and potentials, and the beginning of a new age…”² while through the Mercurial and Virgoan view, “youthful attitudes, doing what’s simple—with silence and devotion, passing down wisdom and knowledge, and feelings of awe and respect.”²

❝Action is the antidote to despair.❞
——Joan Baez

Through the North Nodal notion of Gemini, this degree communicates “the calm before the storm, surviving cold conditions, being lost in the wilderness, and the inevitability of change…”² while we’re emerging from the South Node of Sagittarius, which reminds us to “have courage of conviction, to stand up for ideals, advocacy, and representation of one’s collective toward a worthy cause.”²

❝I was surprised, as always, by how easy the act of leaving was, and how good it felt. The world was suddenly rich with possibility…❞
——Jack Kerouac

Today’s energies may present to you a new, adapted, or more inspiring way to connect with your ideals, offer you a more connective or communal way to connect your adulted dots in a most mature and magically practical way, and as the moon eventually moves into Aries later in the day—this etheric spark of whimsy and pull may flicker a bit more brightly and even refuel your motivations in taking the first or next step toward those bluer than blue, and absolutely rebellious and authentic, horizons of ideal.

❝People seldom do what they believe in. They do what is convenient, then repent.❞
——Bob Dylan

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❝The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.❞
——Christopher McCandless

¹Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.
²Hill, L. “360 Degrees of Wisdom.” A Plume Book; ©2004.

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