Forecast for Friday, September 4th
Aries Disseminating Moon

★Oracular Overview—two sides of the same–and simultaneously sundried–story, colliding…

The soldiering Aries Moon moves on and Venus exacts its square to Mars upon a degree which associates itself with challenging the status quo.

Potentials are expanding, and are worth fighting for… “the motivation for this change, or challenge, to the status quo is love and the willingness to accept things that are normally foreign to us… if there are hurdles or barriers around you, persevere—these can, and will, evaporate with time…”

However. It may need to be pointed out—you might either actually be, or very much feel as though you are the only one standing up or out or forward, toward anything resembling anything with any substance or depth… though you’ll likely notice this current illusion without needing my friendly translation.

❝Never let the audience know how it’s going to come out. Get them on your time. And when that time comes and everything is right, you just let it fly. Hit them. Knock them over with an attitude, with a word, with a look. Be surprising. Figure out a way to do it like it has never been done before. You want to stop that movement from the popcorn to the mouth. Get people to stop chewing. The truth will do that. Damn damn damn damn, when it’s right, it’s right. You can feel it in your bones. Then you feel whole and you feel good.❞
——Marlon Brando

Further, there may be—emerging within and throughout the sidelines or periphery—a current truth needing to be acknowledged and communicated, or a flaming falsity in need of eliminating, or proving wrong… either way—inspiring others to see and feel.

Or, perhaps it’s a simple miscommunication that desperately needs correcting or clarifying—this can sometimes involve a confrontation that you might not otherwise have any interest in participating…

Either of these scenarios could be exhaustive and distracting, confronting or offensive.

The abrasiveness of Aries energies, especially through a shrinking moon, can be and feel quite exhaustive, as though you’re needing to hold the world—or really, your version of reality—upon your shoulders, alone… if you have an actual cause you’re fighting for, you have support—if you’re fighting for your own version of reality… this may truly feel exhaustive.

❝I can’t belong to groups. I’ve tried. I behave normally, but people don’t look at me normally… they expect everyone to be like them.❞
——Jeanne Moreau

With Venus in Cancer and Mars in Aries, essentially—please recall…

Back in January, the 27th, Venus in Pisces mutably squared Mars in Sagittarius through the sixteenth degree, which was resemblant of a first-quartered square from an original conjunction on August 24th, 2019 through the fourth degree of mutable Virgo… then Venus stationed retrograde, which brought us to June 2nd, which offered the celestially quotidian second square, much more–through a still-mutable inferior conjunction with the sun, through the mid-degrees of Gemini while Mars moved through Pisces…

And so now, a third and final first-quartered square is occurring—what have we learned within ourselves through these shifts?

Is it, possibly, that the lackadaisical, user-friendly and adaptable mutability is no longer, and the initiative confrontationality of demands through instinctual cardinality are now emerging to be heard?

❝Hustlers of the world, there is one mark you cannot beat: the mark inside.❞
——William S. Burroughs

You are likely experiencing some aspect within your own, individual reality that is standing up or out or forward to be heard—shamelessly and without apology… what is this force field saying or demanding?—listen.

It will likely not rub everyone the ‘right’ way… it may be best to listen anyway—everything is all within so many varied matters of perspective.

If it’s instinctual—you’re likely on to something; if it’s egoic, then yeah, probably not.

Finally, the moon connects to Chiron in conjunction tonight through the eighth degree of Aries… a degree that associates itself with “seeing in the future what you have seen in the past at the next point in the spiral, yet in the center of all this lies as fresh a perception and way of being… inside new worlds, trumpeting outside your disengagement from old worlds—you walk an edge, sharply and dangerously, between your impatient dismissal of the past and all worlds linked with the past, with a hunger and yearning for a different world altogether that burns and aches and will not go away… along that razor’s edge lies destiny—these two sides war and collide in a rivalry for who will decide the outcome.”

These ‘two sides’ are colliding, alright—this hunger for something… something which involves vulnerability.

Vulnerability is the only way through. 

❝Everyone should see how complicated, how deeply troubled, and yet at the same time, beautiful and awesome the world can be. Everyone should experience, even as the clouds gather, what’s at stake, what could be lost, what’s still here.❞
——Anthony Bourdain

Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.

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❝The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.❞
——Christopher McCandless

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