North Node in Gemini/South Node in Sagittarius
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The word ‘nuance’ is French for ‘shade’, literally derived from Latin, ‘to cloud’, and although the Nodes are not actual planetary forces but rather mathematical points, the Nodes are much like shades, in the background, forcing the light in specific directions… directing the collective’s consciousness toward specific issues—and these shades have shifted, from Cancer/Capricorn to Gemini/Sagittarius.

Talk about ‘throwin shade’ around…

Since November 6th of 2018 the Nodes have moved through Cancer and Capricorn, directing our attentions, both individually on the personal level and collectively from the sociological perspective, toward personal confrontations with institutional protocols and conditioning and corporate mentalities, and both acknowledging and owning the authenticity of our vulnerabilities, and sharing our squish with an/Other…  understanding the striking differences between achieving the securities necessary to properly care for and sustain that which we truly value, and realizing what it actually worth our time and energy—to pinpoint exactly what it is that truly nourishes our soul and joy.

From now until January of 2022 the focus moves toward the growth and fulfillment that is possible through exploring our personal choices and philosophies on personal and social levels, and assigning new found meaning to personal experiences… meaning that is more personally authentic, and authentically personal.

The important thing is to tell yourself a life story in which you, the hero, are primarily a problem solver rather than a helpless victim. This is well within your power, whatever fate might have dealt you.
——Martha Beck

Mercury (through the North Node in Gemini) and Jupiter (through the South Node in Sagittarius) will govern these insights and choices, philosophies and truths… which will be something of a reprieve from the extremes and harshnesses of lunar (Cancer) and Saturnian (Capricorn) governance, but will still offer plenty of tricky twists and triggering turns.

And for you Gemini’s and Sagittarian’s out there—the next eighteen months will open many new experiences to you particularly—these opportunities will be offered in an effort for you to question yourself and your intentioned motivations, and for you to set an example for others to observe this shift, being able to see through conditioned expectations for what they are and always have been and going against the grain when necessary, exploring new directions and alternative protocols to learn new things of all kinds… actual information could become like a new currency.

All of us, as a collective, will begin striving for real information—true and thoroughly researched information—celebrating curiosity, and questioning pretty much anything regardless of whatever authority figure is advocating it… thinking for ourselves, holding ourselves and one another accountable, using our imaginations, and asking for documentation, further research, and proof of conditional mandates and orders will become much more valuable, and likely, quite necessary.

The last time the North Node moved through Gemini was from October of 2001 to April of 2003… think back to this time in your life—it was likely a time of vast learning, experimentation, and questioning of the status quo.

We are what we imagine, our very existence consists in our imagination of ourselves. Our best destiny is to imagine who and what we are. The greatest tragedy that can befall us is to go unimagined.
——N Scott Momaday

Because Mercury governs Gemini, Mercurial movements may trigger a bit more insight and out-of-the-box thinking through these Nodal transitions,  and periodical phases of retrogradation could potentially become a bit more emphasized, especially through triggered forecasts or your personal placements, while transiting Jupiter’s eventual ingress into Aquarius at the end of the year will also be significantly important, as Jupiter rules Sagittarius. As Mercury moves so quickly, this would suggest that new information will be readily available and being updated much more quickly than we’ve seen in awhile—whether it is true and valid or not will remain the mystery, and Jupiter moving into Aquarius could potentially represent alternatives to creative stagnation, from preferences and complacent comforts that keep us from growing and evolving.

Mercury will retrograde through water signs this year, next year in air; in other words, this year will introduce emotional unknowns and underlying unconscious nuances—the things that aren’t typically talked about or traditionally taught though nevertheless directly influence each of us—these will be challenged… and next year, these same issues will become much edgier and cutting. This detail will be a Nodal effort to inspire, both collectively and personally, to learn to better communicate our emotional and mental health needs as we adapt to new experiences and environments of potential.

Remember. With all the celestial goings-on occurring—we’ve never been exactly here before.

We are beginning at the beginning of an entirely new era, and none of us know the way.

We are all students now, and should be so willing to learn and embrace our lessons.

Let’s normalize saying, “I don’t know enough to have an opinion.”
——Cecil Yongo

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar described the South Node as a point associating itself with “decay or disintegration, but also a seed-like re-channeling into creative expression and spiritual development…” and because the South Node is moving through Sagittarius—and Sagittarian energies are rigidly bent on being right—it will no longer be productive, constructive, or beneficial to need to be right or fanatic, or advocate dogmatic scripture or single-focused belief systems, as these only create exclusivity and division.

Thinking for ourselves will be significantly and seriously advised—be done with ‘but this is how it’s always been done…’

These systems of belief and thought are simply no longer useful.

Pythagoras was said to have been the first philosopher—philosophy being a Sagittarian theme—and it has also been documented that he is accredited to the creation of that term, philosopher; before that time the wise men had called themselves ‘sages’, which was interpreted to mean ‘those who know’… while Pythagoras was more modest—and clearly more evolved—as he coined the word ‘philosopher’ which he defined as ‘one who is attempting to find out,’ which is more of a Geminian pursuit.

Gemini energies pursue information for the sake of being informed… and sometimes become distracted by gossip and trashy tabloids and absolute misinformation.

Sagittarius energies pursue experiences for the sake of experiencing meaning… and sometimes begin to righteously believe that these experiences are the only experiences to be had.

However, the bright side to both of these energies is that they’re both willing to explore new terrain to further understand that which was previously misunderstood or unknown. Gemini wants the facts, Sagittarius prefers the meaning… though it’s crucial to resist ensconcing oneself into a preference and defining it as security—or The Way.

With the North Node in Gemini, actual facts and the scientific research to prove its findings will open new doorways of thought and philosophy… not to believe, or dogmatically be claimed as the only way to do anything, but simply to better understand.

And with the South Node in Sagittarius, our personal beliefs in anything will be challenged, confronted, questioned and clarified, so that we better understand «why» we believe in something, and more appropriately assign meaning to that which actually deserves it, because of personal experience—rather than what we’ve been told, or heard from so-and-so, or what we’ve been given as an option.

Each of us has the capacity to use our minds as a tool for seeking truth. We have the ability to learn, to ponder the validity of the information we receive, to conceive of unique ideas, and to express our thoughts. In life, we are each charged with the tasks of objectively questioning our existence, of exploring a variety of ways to interpret our life experience, and of developing our own unique perspective on reality.
——Pam Younghans

Another detail of this shift—interpersonal exchanges—finally learning to really listen to an/Other, even when, and perhaps especially when, the other person thinks or believes or supports or understands something else. Sharing our personal Truth with others will become more necessary, but so will listening in an effort to learn, as well as forming real and tangible connections with others. Also. Thoroughly researching for ourselves—and not ‘fact-finding’ on Facebook, as this isn’t at all useful, or safe, or factual by any definition—to recover that which hasn’t been fully or honestly expressed, regarded, or advised will become common place.

We can’t possibly actually experience every experience there is to experience—and perhaps, we’re not supposed to—and we can’t all possibly have a legitimate opinion about every experience we’ve never had—it doesn’t even make sense. Hearing about anything from anyone else may no longer validate an opinion, until an actual and personally direct encounter is experienced.

Big ‘isms’ and Isnesses will likely no longer hold so much meaning unless one can actually apply their meanings in one’s personal everyday realities… what one ‘stands’ for then becomes: what is one actually doing about it?

If direct experience toward something—toward anything!—has not occurred—kindly and mindfully be quiet, and see the lack of experience or understanding as an opportunity ‹to learn› from an/Other.

We’re all in this together, and we’re about to find out that we need one another’s experiences, that we need all of our truths, and that we need all of our questions—to come together, to be heard, and to be regarded as a universal truth… not to use to judge or discriminate an/Other, but to learn from an/Other and celebrate differences and experiences.

And from this vantage point—personal experiences will really mean something.

To conclude my translations of Nodal notions, allow me to share with you Pam Younghans’ ‘evolutionary imperative’, a list of changes Younghans hopes to see through the collective through this shift—that both individuals and the collective are motivated “from being self-righteous to being tolerant, from being dogmatic to being impartial, from being gullible to being questioning, from being fanatical to being rational, from being aloof to being curious, from being careless to being observant, from being judgmental to being openminded, from being thoughtless to being thoughtful…”

There are so many amazing and wonderous things we don’t yet know… and there’s much to be broken down, discovered anew, explored, and understood—for all that is shady to be illuminated—and we’ll have plenty of tricky twists and triggering turns to directly and personally experience along the way.

Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity.❞
——Gilda Radner

Image credit— Amanda X Coleman

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