Forecast for Wednesday, September 9th
Gemini Last Quarter Moon

★Oracular Overview—it’s not about being right as much as it is about appropriately «understanding» the inner meanings and motivations behind and underneath all things…

Joseph Campbell has offered in his wisdoms that when one realizes “what the real problem is—losing [one’s] self—[one] realizes that this itself is the ultimate trial…”

Today is the last quarter moon, and now that the sun is in Virgo, the last quarter moon falls in Gemini, through the eighteenth degree… a degree distinguishing itself as associated to “enormous potential, akashic records, shamanic knowledge, and the mysteries…”

Answers and solutions are among you… so close.

The moon and the sun are both connecting to Neptune, which is moving through the nineteenth degree of Pisces, thereby creating a t-square of last quartered mutability—which would suggest, at first glance, that amusement and wonder, and an aloof and open-minded curiosity—which are all inherently mutable, Neptunian, Piscean, and Geminian, with a smidge of Virgo for good measure—are all gracious possibilities today, should you allow these energies to share their wisdoms with you.

Anything can happen.


And, quite possibly, some Virgoan energy is coming forward here…

A t-square alignment implies an imbalance through which one must work through, to seek out not only balance—but meaning, and understanding.

❝To be properly expressed a thing must proceed from within, moved by its form…❞
——Meister Eckhart

In this case, a potential overcompensatory element of righteousness (through a Sagittarian void), or otherwise holier-than-thou theme… the imbalance, then, would regard toward what curiosities you choose to focus upon, which wonders you decide to discern between, and how you utilize your aloofness and amusement within and throughout.

We can’t possibly attempt to understand everything, much less, know.

Anything can happen—anything happens all the time… BUT it doesn’t always necessarily imply that it «should»…

Sometimes there is a practical and valid reason as to why a hesitation needs to occur. Allow me to explain…

❝It is only when we realize that life is taking us nowhere that it begins to have meaning.❞
——PD Ouspensky

There is a limitlessness of information abound these days—but much of it is useless, negative, fear-based, irrelevant, already old, or simply untrue…

We can’t possibly attempt to understand everything, much less, know.

What information you choose to follow and how you choose to utilize it—these are magical actions of power and empowerment, and should not be denied or understood with nonchalance.

Nonchalance, indifference, ambivalence… these could all be shadowy manifestations of Sagittarius, as would a zealous belief that you know all there is to know about everything, or anything—either way, these stances would be a misuse of these energies, and oh, such a shame.

Because we are moving within a precious place of touch-and-go, if you will—a place of strategically intuited knowing-trusting—a place of unlearning and learning occurring simultaneously!

❝I’m not really who I said I was, or… who I thought I’d be.❞
——Ani DiFranco

For instance, thep Geminian last quartered moon comes every year around the time when the initiation of returning to school occurs, ever so conveniently, when we delve back into the grind of our work or studies alike, back to seriousness, back to routine, back to ritual—to honor the expansion of our minds, our goals, and our projects… these concepts, in and of themselves, are quite Geminian and Virgoan by nature, though—this year—Neptune is involved, inspiring an additionally influential vibration… the magic of possibilities and awe.

This year, specifically, as the traditional school year may not look or feel like any other you’ve ever known in any way—as blurry, foggy, confusing and clumsily thrown together as it all may feel, or actually be… there are possibilities to be acknowledged despite the details, and awe to be experienced for what it is and isn’t alike.

A Gemini moon prefers to know the details of directions, and knowing how to do something, and a Virgoan sun most definitely needs to bolster upon these notions and add the flair of understanding and improvement, not to mention consistency… but Neptune’s influence reminds us that we are largely not in control of any of it anyway, as much as we would like to feel that we are, and that there may even be some benefit to this fog of controllessness… that we’ll figure it out as we go—that not knowing ‘the way’ is sometimes the Way.

❝Let everything be allowed to do what it naturally does, so that its nature will be satisfied.❞
——Chuang Tzu

There are likely going to be countless ‘wrong turns’, illusions, and inarticulated misunderstandings, disputes, debates, and arguments about what ‘should be’ versus what ‘would be, if…’, and individual expectations being disappointed, delayed, confused, navigated, and eventually awed at the illusion of every turn… the word ‘illusion’ originates from ‘illudere’, meaning, literally, “to play on”.

Perhaps this is a period of unlearning, in order to learn, quite simply—to lose yourself in this process—to un/learn how to appropriately discern the important from the unimportant.

As Mars goes retrograde today* astrologer Pam Younghans writes, in preparation for Mars direct stationing in November, “according to astrological wisdom, we can best use these next two months to consider our plan of action, but not to implement it as yet—if we run into frustrations and roadblocks, it is in indication that our energy is not yet aligned with our higher intentions… delays that occur give us the opportunity to finish up old business that would otherwise interfere with our ability to manifest our desires…”

❝Is not life a thousand times too short for us to bore ourselves?❞
——Friedrich Nietzsche

Hill, L. “360 Degrees of Wisdom.” A Plume Book; ©2004.

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❝The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.❞
——Christopher McCandless

★Mars stations retrograde at 28°08′ Aries/July 25th last at this degree
*3:22pm PDT; 4:22pm MDT; 5:22pm CDT; 6:22pm EDT

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