Forecast for Thursday, September 17th
Virgo New Moon

★Oracular Overview—all change begins within, and all change silently demands balance…

On what shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera¹ titles the Maiden’s Moon, a moon when we “go alone to a beautiful place and work on being at ease without the presence of our fellow humans… finding solace in solitude rather than desperately trying to fill the room with other auras… [in other words—when we make time to] sit with time…” there is much to think over.

With virginality still very much abound, throughout the ethers and through the air… self-doubt has also running rampant, as well as the doubts we hold to what we consider to be truth, and what we are told is true.

Yesterday’s rambling regarding the importance of being but an observer of the mind remains quite quotidian today, but please allow me to add a strengthening, but perpendicular point upon that point, as this is where we’re at these days—to be appropriately informed upon ‹all› sides in order to conclude a proper opinion.

Well-rounded and fully-informed balance.

Otherwise, we’re allowing the ego to guide us and call our shots through emotion, rather than logic… intuition is one thing—though intuition is rarely ever guided by emotion.

❝Be what you would seem to be—or, if you’d like it put more simply—never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise.❞
——Lewis Carroll

It’s all a waltz of balance: too much ego is unruly; too little is equally as devastating, to the opposite extreme. This extreme, as points out, runs the risk of tuning out, ignoring or avoiding “the entirety of what it means to be a human being… in other words, it can be very easy for us to ignore the darker elements of who we are, and instead focus on emphasizing our lighter, more comfortable elements.”²

Further, “while it is noble for us to want to search for the good within everything, and while it is virtuous for us to want to use “love” to solve all of humanity’s problems, we often fail to acknowledge that we must first overcome the series of erroneous beliefs, psychological traumas, and parts of ourselves that we’ve neglected before “love” and “light” can serve as our guiding forces.…”²

Further still, “a very big obstacle on our journey of personal growth and self-understanding is our tendency to become enamored by the promise of “peace” and “love”, and in the process, shy away from experiencing the more difficult and darker elements of self-exploration… it’s not that love and light don’t have their places in our journey—they most certainly do—but if these brighter, more appealing qualities are emphasized to a degree that involves the repression of darkness, and a resistance to the harder aspects of inner exploration, then we are creating an imbalance within ourselves.”²

❝If I had my life to live over, I would perhaps have more actual problems, but I’d have fewer imaginary ones.❞
——Nadine Stair at age 85

Suggested is an imagery exercise—to “imagine the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly… the caterpillar does not transform into a cocoon and go beyond being a caterpillar–the caterpillar is still a caterpillar inside the cocoon, and it is still a caterpillar once it evolves into a butterfly–only, apart from being a fully actualized caterpillar, it has now grown wings… the nature of transformation is not to ignore aspects of our nature and fool ourselves into thinking that we have overcome these elements—transformation is a process of transcending what was before by integrating it, or combining all parts within us to make a whole, completely… in doing so, something new within us can blossom.”²

And shadow work integration is exactly that: illuminating the shadow in a way that enhances its essence in combination with one’s strengths… not forsaking its existence.

Same with ego—learning to manage its extremes and its vulnerabilities to better enhance the souls vision and purpose.

The article lists the common mistakes we are likely to make upon our ‘journey of self-transportation’…

• trying to lose the ego/self; it is “necessary to realize that transcending your “self” firstly implies developing a healthy and functional ego that operates in the world harmoniously… to create a harmonious ego, we first need to develop inner wholeness by healing our core wounds and shadows, establishing strong self-esteem, forgiving others, and coming to terms with what has happened to us in the past—our ego will always be there, but the difference is that when they are healthy and when we are aware of their existence, we stop listening to them and blindly allowing them to influence our decisions or actions.”²

• always be “positive”; “…when we stop judging the world as black and white, when we stop labeling things that happen to us as ‘good’ and ‘bad’, we stop resisting life—we also become less stressed and there is no necessity for forcefully imposing a positive outlook on everything.”²

• become like a child; “the unity with life experienced by a child is not the same as the unity experienced by an adult—the child experiences a state of fusion with life as they haven’t yet developed a separate identity and consequently have never tasted anything else… however, the adult who has developed, integrated, and transcended their sense of self, acquires a completely different experience of unity and deep connection with life—this unity experienced by the adult is one of responsibility, of awareness of the interconnection between themselves and existence.”²

• logic and rationality is ‘evil’; “our minds are tools, that when not mastered, can lead us astray and can cause us immense amounts of suffering—but the important thing to remember is that the mind itself isn’t at fault, we are at fault for allowing it to control us in such extreme ways… it is our logic and rationality that stops us from jumping in front of oncoming traffic because we feel “one” with the truck—let your passion and intuition be the sails to your ship, but allow reason to be the rudder that guides you when necessary.”²

• focus on the higher chakras; “let me give you an illustration that might explain what I mean better: imagine a very tall building where the first few floors are ignored completely and are rarely maintained, while the top floors are glorified, swept, mended, and polished daily—the reality is that no matter how beautiful the top of the building is, if the lower floors are not given the attention they need, the whole building will crumble to the ground as the lower floors form the very foundation of the entire structure.”²

• listen to your inner ‘God’; “we all create a self-image, or an ego that we present to other people… in doing so, we simultaneously create a “shadow Self” which is essentially composed of the elements that we want to avoid other people and ourselves from seeing—therefore, we repress many elements of ourselves that we perceive as “bad” or “dirty”… for example, our sexuality, our fears, our vulnerabilities, our secret desires, our “immoral” thoughts and so forth—when we reject these various elements of ourselves, we create a “dual nature” within us… our shadow self often only manifests itself under certain types of pressure that prevent us from containing them anymore… these “disowned” parts of ourselves can influence a lot of our behavior, and drain us of a lot of energy.”²

❝The Universe has hidden a secret in you. It is your job to reveal it.❞
——James O’Dea

So, it’s all a waltz of balance—well-rounded and fully-informed balance.

Otherwise, we’re allowing the ego to guide us and call our shots through emotion, rather than logic… intuition is one thing—though intuition is rarely ever guided by emotion.

My point in sharing this perspective with you, after sharing what I shared yesterday, is all in an effort to inspire you that change is possible, despite all the ruin and crumbling occurring in all directions—and change begins within ourselves, through our own inner efforts and follow through, through illuminating our darkness and integrating that darkness into our conscious well-being in our everyday…

Enlightened potential is a daily event that demands daily effort.

Enlightened potential is a daily event that demands change—and conscious consideration in regard to looking regularly through multiple perspectives over the preference of just one, and perspectives that might not necessarily support your vision… as well as conscious consideration toward an evolving ideal, over the settling of a single, albeit rigid, ideal…

And tomorrow is an ideal time to incorporate new habits of self-care.

Astrologer Diana Collis writes in TMA that “anxious, nervous energy may abound during this lunation… at an individual level, the moon trining Saturn means that firm resolve and structure help us find the confidence to try to launch plans and attempt new things—goals benefit from being broken down into small segments, so we merely need to take the next step to make progress—we truly can trust life and ourselves, even if we can tend to be cynical!”³

Furthermore, Collis asks the reader “does [y]our situation fling [you] out of control, causing [you] to scream “stop!” and hold on tighter, or do [you] swing in harmony?—[you] can identify where to go further, or when to realise [you] are overdoing things, or haven’t thought a plan through well enough yet… this attention to balance matters under the new moon insofar as [you] are trying to lay the groundwork for new plans—if [you] hesitate, [you] may miss the chance to do something definite and positive.”³


It’s all a waltz of balance—well-rounded and fully-informed balance.

Finally, Collis supports these energies, offering that “the new moon, in tight trine to [the] Saturn–Pluto [aspecting], means there is every chance of concrete answers arising, providing [you] with the clarity to take definitive action that feels important.”³

Change isn’t coming—it’s happening; take advantage of it—you’re worth it.

❝If you become aware that you are not your thoughts, the life of these thoughts will begin to grow weaker, they will begin to become more and more lifeless—the power of your thoughts lies in the fact that you think they are yours… when you are arguing with someone you say, “My thought is”… no thought is yours—all thoughts are different from you, separate from you. You must just be a witness to them.❞

☾☌☉♍︎• 25°01′ at 4am PDT; 5am MDT; 6am CDT; 7am EDT

¹Kaldera, R. “Moon Phase Astrology.” Destiny Books; ©2011.
²Sol, M. “Why You Need to Forget Positivity, Keep Your Ego and Embrace Your Darkness.”; ©2015.
³Collis, D. TMA; ©2020.

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❝The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.❞
——Christopher McCandless

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