Forecast for Thursday, October 1st
Aries Full Moon

Oracular Overview—narrowing down the Isness of it all…

To begin the month a full moon in Aries at 9˚08’ connects to Chiron by conjunction at 7˚04’ Aries, at 2:04pm PDT* while a retrograded Mars, which governs this lunar event, triggers a confrontational square connection to the ongoing Capricorn stellium between Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter.

The Capricorn stellium of heavyweights is now collectively moving forward, or stationing to do just that, as Mars has been connecting by square since September, and will continue this squared connection until later this month—and then again through December once Mars has stationed to move directly again. This said, October may offer the height of these evolving and transforming tensions, especially as the sun is now moving through Libra, further activating three of the four cardinal points.

Always, a square represents the need for adjustment, or the necessity for change, and as Mars is currently retrograde, this change, or adjustment, could be more appropriately navigated through inner motivations, such as re-examining the motivations behind what it is you’re working toward… thusly, you may feel somewhat halted in your efforts through these transitions, though externally, circumstances may begin manifesting, or feel a bit renewed, or at least no longer on pause.

Further, as Mars is retrograde, this too suggests an inherent reexamination be addressed toward the motivations behind absolutely everything you do, though most specifically, through the sector of your nativity where Mars is moving, but also—why you’re doing what you’re doing–what is in it for you?

What are you motivated by in your pursuit of this goal?

How are you focusing toward what it is you really want?

What is your strategic plan?—and how are you navigating the obstacles?

And further, how are you envisioning the overall process unfolding?

It is at this point, quite likely, that you have a very clear idea of what the future looks like for you, and what it holds… whether this clarity is coming from premonition, or probability–your bluer than blue horizons are so close and so clear and so, so very, very coherently cohesive… it is truly only a matter of doing what needs to be done now—and this might be the source of frustration—potential attempts to move forward are either being thwarted by demands to practice patience and proceed slowly, if not in pause… or it simply isn’t occurring quickly enough for your liking.

Mars in Aries is strengthened, and has the ‘right of way’, if you will; however, Mars in Aries demands what is needed and wanted three days ago—endlessly baffled by the time it takes for anything… and Mars in Aries isn’t too keen on asking an/Other for assistance–which is precisely the essence of this lunar event.

Mars in Aries is something of a lone warrior, venturing forth, with nothing but a vision in mind, if that… or, an angry embittered soldier with PTSD—the choice is endlessly yours.

It is important that you have a clear vision in mind at this point.

What is your unconscious mind trying to trigger for you?

Mars in Aries in retrograde is ever more frustrated, warrior or soldier, much like a toddler having an explosive meltdown for no apparent reason in a public place.

Practicing patience now is likely largely easier said than done, I realize… still, it is this much more imperative for you to cooperate within these energies, as the more volatile the energies you’re experiencing are, the more consequential they are likely to become—for better or worse—as Mars energies are so easily quite instantaneous, impulsive, and irrevocable.

Simply put, Mars is the action planet and needs to do, to act, to move… and when in retrograde, Mars is temporarily rendered impotent, and cannot easily do, or naturally act, or directly move, and it is typical to experience frustration, tension, and agitation as a result—especially when trying to work within and in between ongoing squares to Saturn or Pluto.

Your visions, then, may experience a need to become narrowed down a bit more—more specifically—as they may be simply too vast to fully effect your most concentrated efforts upon, and thereby becoming somewhat hindered in its efficaciousness—through both your efforts and the Isness of it all.

Furthermore, the moon is in Aries with Mars, and Chiron, and this somewhat intensifies these issues and matters, as the moon in Aries is naturally more combative than a typical lunar placement, triggering more so the irrationality of emotions and motivations while Chiron in Aries complicates issues and matters through a subtle undermining of confidence, such as feelings of inadequacy, or feeling undeserving of the best of the best of all things… as Chiron is so close to the moon through this event, it would suggest that in going-it alone toward your goals and pursuits, consequently, you may not be receiving everything that you need, especially in regard to what your goals and pursuits are requiring.

It will also be quite clear at this point what it is you are actually willing to fight for, and at what cost, as these lunarly triggers have the potential to trigger much more than one could possibly prepare for.

Simply put—an opportunity to ask an/Other for assistance, guidance, or reference may come to you… for as you seek out your own inner guidance—again—your visions may be too demanding, too complicated… too ‘much’ in some regard—or, contrarily, offer so much potential or opportunity that it feels like too much, too much to process, for better or worse.

Could this be the source of your frustrations?

Sometimes frustration is delicious and oh, so savory…

And naturally, this pause would look and feel quite differently.

As the cardinal points are currently not present in Cancer—this could describe a need, a vulnerability, and a plea to ask aloud for what you’re needing—unconditional nurturing and attunement in ways beyond what you can do for yourself… if only you’re willing to be courageous in all ways emotional—your visions will move forward with much more context, and through much more feeling.

*9°08′ at 2:04pm PDT; 3:04pm MDT; 4:04pm CDT; 5:04pm EDT

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