Forecast for Friday, October 2nd
Aries Disseminating Moon

★Oracular Overview—initiating, impatient, and impulsive energies abound…

To fan the flame implies the dramatizing or intensifying of whatever the source of excitation or agitation is, and through an Aries moon separating from a Libran sun while applying Mars in conjunction later today, simultaneously squaring Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn through the process—I would say that fanning the flame would be the worst of ideas, though it’s likely exactly what is occurring all around you or within.

Further, should this metaphorical fire represent the phases of the moon—a disseminating moon is both distributive and declining in its effectiveness, simultaneously… not unlike a Mars/Saturn square, in that—in Aries no less!—a foot is applied to both the gas and the brake, simultaneously.

Each vibration of ‘go’ is stunted by a very forceful, seemingly fated ‘yield, for the timing being—until more is known or understood’… I know—pretty catchy vibrational signaling, yes!? *wink*

❝It’s the little things, I expect. Little treasures we find without knowing their origin. And they come when we least expect them. It’s beautiful, when you think about it.❞
——T.J. Klune

Today’s moon illuminates these forceful and fated feelings or feignings through connecting to each of the Capricorn heavyweights, one by one, square by square—suggesting the need for an adjustment, or several… and as the moon is in its disseminating phase, it is an ideal time to further enhance the necessary details which are working «for» you—and in Aries, these enhancements could be made through actions which «are» possible, though your motivations could be met with resistance or deterrence.

Today’s moon also applies, and exacts, a conjunction to Mars itself at 24° Aries, further illuminating and heightening any initiating instincts toward impulsivity or impatience.

Take a breath—don’t get upset.

The last time Mars moved through this degree was August 16-19th—the 17th offered a trine to the sun/Mercury superior conjunction at exactly 24° Leo, a degree which associates itself, through Leo, as a reminder to you that “your situation may already feel like an arduous journey, but there is still probably further to go… be confident that you have the reserves to survive and the endurance to succeed.”

❝Hearts are the strongest when they beat in response to noble ideals.❞
——Ralph Bunche

A reminder that the Light will always illuminate the darkness.

Right action will deal into place as it needs to—trust this… if you’re making efforts on your end, it will fall into place.

This combustive degree, however overreaching, also represented “provisions that nurture and satisfy…” but also, “crossing to the other side…” and my translation was conveying that trust would be rewarded, and hope would be shining all around you if you were able to appreciate it peripherally… things were likely feeling overwhelming and very confusing at that time—trusting that it would all fall in your favor would serve you.

Continue to trust.

Further, this degree point in Aries associates itself with an “openness to the influx of spiritual energies… molded by transpersonal forces; the revelation of new potentialities… it announces the possibility of a new step in evolution, but it is still only a possibility, a promise—man can only truly experience what he deeply believes he can experience.”

Granted, August 17th offered a Leo moon while today the moon is in Aries, strengthened (but also, perhaps, exponentially weakened) by Mars, too, moving through Aries, moving retrograde, applying squares to each of the Capricorn heavyweights… and perhaps this may only strengthen the whimsied nod to magical thinking and wishes…

❝Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.❞
——Maya Angelou

One of the thoughts I’ve been pondering as I write these posts, which I also mentioned on August 17th… unraveling the celestial translations through each day, I wonder if a firm and secured sense of trust should be more structurally instilled within personal rituals and intentions, much like how we are conditioned to trust in gravity… whereas, if this feeling or belief in trust is merely whimsical, or hopeful, or flimsy—it’s immediately tainted and strained, disconnected.

Devotion to a trust in one’s inner author, one’s inner light, should never be compromised, doubted, or rejected—or flimsy… there is a knowingness involved.

Just the same, when we whimsically wish upon stars… do we really believe?

Trust and belief need to be real.

On this note, wishing for something ungrounded or unrealistic is, indeed, rather silly, not to mention the definition of impossible—it invites and perpetuates a severe disservice to whimsy and magical thinking alike.

However. When we honor the essence of magic—which is to say—when we honor both intention and action in tandem within the frameworks of possibility, right action, and universal law… well, honestly—anything can happen. But this demands much participation on our part… magic was never about simply snapping fingers or wiggling noses to manifest a pound cake.

Trust is the spirit of Life itself—this is a little secret they don’t tell you.

Trust me on this *wink*

❝We devote a lot of energy to wishing and hoping about the meaningful joys we’d love to bring into our lives. And yet few of us have been trained in the best strategies for manifesting our wishes and hopes… formulate a precise statement describing your heart’s yearning, and then work hard to make yourself ready for its fulfillment.❞
——Rob Brezny

*Post from August 17th—

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❝If you’re betwixt and between, trust the one with red hair.❞
——O.R. Melling

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