Forecast for Saturday, October 10th
Cancer/Leo Balsamic Moon

ॐOracular Mantra—despite wanting to run, or wanting to hide, it’s important to examine the totality of the whole through the sum of each of its parts simultaneously…

In a lab setting, prepared for preliminary experimentation, a hermit crabs most uncomfortable point is when it is forced to experience actual vulnerability—because the hermit crab has either been cracked out of its shell or provoked out by administered shock treatments—experiencing what scientists now agree is actually functional pain rather than mere nociception.

It seems like a simple enough task, should a hermit crab voluntarily choose to uproot itself in search for an upgraded talisman of real estate, especially within the context of a staged and protected, and adequately stocked and prepared home aquarium environment… but it is rarely the case that a crab in Nature, much less a lab setting, will volunteer for change, much more, for anything painful or uncomfortable or traumatic, unless forced to because of sizing constraints.

❝When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.❞
——Viktor E. Frankl

Much like Cancerian energies in Nature—today’s energies could feel lingering, or holding, complacent, or possess nostalgic preferences toward expectation or for the past.

In Nature, and in lab settings alike, a hermit crab will not voluntarily leave its shell—especially if the quality of the shell was considered top-notch by crustacean standards. Or not. There is quite a bit of disturbing documentation of crabs in Nature making due with plastic bottle lids and broken necks of beer bottles as shells…

Even when shocked within the lab setting it was found that many of the crabs refused to evacuate if the shell was considered top-notch, i.e. sturdier, thicker, and/or—simply preferred.

Maybe not even preferred—just considered home. Perhaps they identify with their shells as a part of themselves.

Either way, despite the circumstances, the crabs refused to vacate. Even when zapped!

What was learned in this experiment* was that there was a motivational trade-off demonstrated—the crab needed to be «motivated» by that pain to leave a less than ideal shell. And so, naturally, this was case by case, crab by crab, and to a much lesser percentage.

The word ‘Cancer’ not only associates itself to the Latin word for ‘crab’, akin to Greek ‘karkínos’, or Sanskrit ‘karkata’—the slang verbage ‘crabbed’ means to be ‘spoiled’—as from the Latin stem ‘cancr-’, ultimately, canker—which is to describe ‘a non-healing sore’… and when the body endures a non-healing sore, it is typically through one or more of the following reasons: poor circulation, infection, edema—or otherwise excessive swelling, insufficient nutrition, or repetitive trauma to the wound… something is, in other words, spoiling—something is not comfortable.

❝And you’re searching yourself but could not find an answer
Now the feeling grows inside of you like a cancer…
You struggled for words you could never say somehow
But there’s nowhere to run ’cause the secret’s out now…❞
——Airborne Toxic Event; “The Secret”

We associate Cancer with non-healing sores because it is rarely the case that a crab in Nature or otherwise will volunteer for change—sometimes even when necessary—because Cancerian energies are inclined to linger, to hold on, and typically inclined to complacency, much like a non-healing sore, even when incredibly uncomfortable or tortured…

Even nostalgic preferences for memories previous to the pain occurring seem to be where Cancerian energies ensconce themselves.

Even when zapped.

My point today is that the energies may zap you… try to understand this experience in its totality instead of allowing the zap itself to overwhelm you emotionally… and whatever non-healing sore or uncomfortable vulnerability within you—may actually be serving you—symbolically or metaphorically speaking—it might be where the discomfort can connect to something larger… or it may simply be your own raw version of reality to zap you back into a state of mind necessary to care for yourself more appropriately.

In other words—there may be no real or functional reason to leave your shell at this time… but there may be some serious cause for reexamining your inner motivations—or severe lack thereof—regarding whatever discomfort you’re currently experiencing or enduring… as well as a friendly reminder or otherwise that expectations in regard to anything or anyone is never, ever a good idea.

❝I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.❞
——Bruce Lee

*the experiment

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❝If you’re betwixt and between, trust the one with red hair.❞
——O.R. Melling

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