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Libra Balsamic Moon

ॐOracular Mantra—awareness and perspective are everything…

Bill Bryson writes in his thoroughly captivating and uber informative book “The Body” that “we pass our existence within this warm wobble of flesh and yet take it almost entirely for granted.”

Indeed. Such is precisely what we’re in need of reminding ourselves, both spiritually and physically, on such a moon…

He asks the reader somewhat imploringly:

How many among us know even roughly where the spleen is or what it does?

Or the difference between tendons and ligaments?

Or what our lymph nodes are up to?

How many times a day do you suppose you blink? 500? A thousand?

He concludes, rather confidently, that “you’ve no idea, of course.”

❝…And it is surely astounding to reflect that not once in the three billion years since life began has your personal line of descent been broken.❞
——Bill Bryson

Bryson then obliges through the door of eager curiosity he’s opened, that “you blink 14,000 times a day—so many that your eyes are shut for 23 minutes of every waking day, yet you never have to think about it, because every second of every day your body undertakes a literally unquantifiable number of tasks—a quadrillion, a non-nillion, a quinticillion, a vigintillion (these are actual measures); at all events some number of vastly beyond imagining—without requiring an instant of your attention.”

It’s truly incredible, really—what an extraordinary machine our bodies are, and equally as astounding as to how much so many of us take it for granted on a daily basis…

❝The body is often likened to a machine, but it is so much more than that. It works 24 hours a day for decades without (for the most part) needing regular servicing or the installation of spare parts, runs on water and a few organic compounds, is soft and rather lovely, is accommodatingly mobile and pliant, reproduces itself with enthusiasm, makes jokes, feels affection, appreciates a red sunset and a cooling breeze. How many machines do you know that can do any of that? There is no question about it. You are truly a wonder. But then so, it must be said, is an earthworm.❞
——Bill Bryson

Please allow me to share a smidge more of »Bryson’s efforts to inform the average reader of their own capacity for awe…

»In the second or so since you started the sentence, your body has made a million red blood cells. They are already speeding around you, coursing through your veins, keeping you alive. Each of those red blood cells will rattle around you about 150,000 times, repeatedly delivering oxygen to your cells, and then, battered and useless, will present itself to other cells to be quietly killed off for the greater good of you.

»Altogether it takes 7 billion billion billion atoms to make you. No one can say why those 7 billion billion billion atoms have such an urgent desire to be you. They are mindless particles, after all, without a single thought or notion between them. Yet somehow for the length of your existence, they will build and maintain all the countless systems and structures necessary to keep you humming, to make you you, to give you form and shape and let you know the rare and supremely agreeable condition known as life.

»That’s a much bigger job than you realize. Unpacked, you are positively enormous. Your lungs, smoothed out, would cover a tennis court, and the airways within them would stretch from London to Moscow. The length of all your blood vessels would take you two and a half times around the Earth. The most remarkable part of all is your DNA. You have a meter of it packed into every cell, and so many cells that if you formed all the DNA in your body into a single fine strand it would stretch 10 billion miles, to be on Pluto.

❝Think of it: there is enough of you to leave the solar system. You are in the most literal sense: cosmic.❞
——Bill Bryson

»But your atoms are just building blocks, and are not themselves alive. Where life begins precisely is not so easy to say. The basic unit of life is the cell—everyone is agreed on that. The cell is full of busy things—ribosomes and proteins, DNA, RNA, mitochondria and much other microscopic arcana—but none of those are themselves alive. The cell itself is just a compartment—a kind of little room: a cell—to contain them, and it of itself is as nonliving as any other room. Yet somehow when all of these things are brought together, you have life. That is the part that alludes science. I kind of hope it always will.

I think it will.

Now that I’ve (hopefully) caught you in an unexpected moment of awe, within an opened portal of what we refer to as the Mysterious…

As Rudhyar explains it, this opened portal, perhaps, just might be toward “the creative and joyous response to life processes… it is the vivid recognition of the as-yet-unknown in the known.”

Awareness and perspective are everything.

❝You are the product of three billion years of evolutionary tweaks.❞
——Bill Bryson

Bryson, B. “The Body”. Doubleday Publishing; ©2019.
Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.

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