Forecast for Friday, October 16th
Libra New Moon at 23˚53’

ॐOracular Mantra—a sort of magic will unfurl…

According to a French proverb, “what is well conceived can easily be formulated…”

Astrologer Raven Kaldera suggests that on today’s moon, the Libra new moon, that “we re-examine our ideals… are they still serviceable and proven? Do we have them as keepsakes of a more naïve time, but don’t really believe them? Do we actually hold to them? Have we been disillusioned, and how did that happen? Are we willing to fight for what we believe in, even if no one else believes it?”

Today is an ideal day to contemplate your answers to these questions, and, in true Libran fashion—deliberate both the questions and your answers—as well, of course, as all possible answers infinitum—thoroughly process every last one of these, weigh them justly, and balance it all against it all… balance both your thoughts and feelings toward and against all oppositional possibilities, and further—balance your thoughts «with» your feelings about it all, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, into infinity.


As the heavens would support you in my suggestion today…

Instead of going back and forth, back and forth, and back and forth again, and looking elsewhere for this, that, and the other thing in that one insight through which you seek—and surrender.

Just know… trust your inner knowingness.

Feel it—really feel it—all your abundance of answers and abundance of ‘lack’ are already within—pre-balanced, if you will—toward which side do you typically lean?

The wisdom for anything is already yours, always—trust this.

Boldly, bravely, and brilliantly.

❝What’s good or bad doesn’t matter to me; what does matter is feeling and not feeling.❞
——Jimi Hendrix

Libran energies are a(n) (im)balanced motley mix of both logical reasoning and illogical emotions, rational feelings and irrational thoughts, through the likes of both airy and Venusian influencing—preferring, however, to keep these as ideas, thoughts: seeds, if you will, to be germinated and empowered in Scorpio, associated with purpose in Sagittarius, and striving for accomplishment in Capricorn, the ideal in Aquarius, and an entire immersion of Beingness in Pisces, and so on…

Regardless of your circumstances—know that you are at a pivotal and incredibly empowering phase within your unfolding right now…

Trust it.

Libra needs the facts, based in reality, in real time, as well as all the potential hiccups and hubbubs possible—typically of an emotional nature—and trust is often rarely factual.

Libra energy is represented by the Scales—a thing, an object, an object without a heartbeat, a thing without a consciousness… but it’s still energy, yes?

And energy moves, and evolves, and sparks.

In Libra, Venus possesses what is often referred to as a “cool heart”, being something of a detached emotionality, safe from irrational regard in nearly every circumstance… and one could argue—a lack of cross over… but Venus is still quite powerfully governing.

And Venus feels—Venus is all feeling, never needing to make sense of it.

This makes matters now… difficult.

❝Cling to what is difficult.❞
——Rainer Marie Rilke

Venus, through this very protective “material” shield (unlike the more organic and deeply rooted material in Taurus…) and unbiased perspective upon anything and absolutely everything—Venus is able to offer love and her charms through balanced, almost time-released capsules of context, seeds of tenderness in a most “solid, and illuminatingly truthful, manner.”

This motley mixture of both blessing and burden is to be nurtured, rather than avoided, resisted, denied, or resented.

A particular need for a celestial pause is indicated…

Truly, depending upon your current or recent blessings, burdens or personal circumstances otherwise, I realize that the notion of nurturing and taking pause—much more, the nurturing of a pause—might truly be easier said than done… though, it must be done—there is no other option at this point.

Through pause—a sort of magic will unfurl…

Should you circumstances be offering you a burden, this ‘burden’ could manifest for you as an unhealthy habit or conditioned behavior, either needing to be acknowledged and broken; or this burden could be an actual obstacle in your way—either circumstance is an opportunity to be effective, to begin anew, to take accountability for your actions, whether these were born in the past or are as current as yesterday.

How you become effective will require a firm commitment on your part, and the adjustments that will need to be made now—as this lunar event will loosely square the ongoing Capricorn stellium between Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto—will likely feel somewhat heavy or burdensome in its own way, much more the actuality of this burden and how it’s manifesting for you in your reality.

The more open you are to your burden the more advantageously blessed it will become for you…

❝Why does life keep teaching me lessons I have no desire to learn?❞
——Ashleigh Brilliant

These adjustments needing to be made will likely resemble boundaries—as boundaries are both a blessing and a burden—boundaries will serve you in further clarifying your circumstances as they truly are, as well as defining your reality as it truly is, as well as toward how you’re envisioning it to become.

Should you be trusting a blessing, it’s only just the beginning.

This week’s dedication to further clarifying and reconnecting both ideal with bluer than blue horizon, and thoughts and perceptions with underlying feelings and emotions—all occurring and manifesting through this slow but steadied process of becoming—approached the probability of losing all sense of illusioned control that comes with these much needed clarifications.

Something of a confliction or disruption could be experienced directly or observed indirectly through an/Other.

Surrender to your inner knowingness—do not surrender your power.

Integration is the goal, as well as the opportunity to be found within the burden or blessing alike; all sensations of conflict or disruption will, in their own time, be confronted, clarified, and more appropriately understood, in an effort to find harmony throughout and within all directions of participants involved and participations thereof.

Ultimately, despite reason, despite logical bearing, despite intellectual residuals or proper conception, despite it all—it is through the honesty of your heart, and your ideals, the spark within and throughout, and your willingness to share your squishy squishy vulnerabilities toward your ideals, which will begin to reflect into your current realities, “real” or not—these will find balance and love, but will require the surrender of allowance… boldly, bravely, and brilliantly.

❝Freedom lies in being bold.❞
——Robert Frost

*23°53′ at 12:30pm PDT; 1:30pm MDT; 2:30pm CDT; 3:30pm EDT

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❝If you’re betwixt and between, trust the one with red hair.❞
——O.R. Melling

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