Forecast for Wednesday, October 21st
Capricorn Crescent Moon

ॐOracular Mantra—a very sobering Saturnian-feeling day, indeed…

Please allow me to share with you what Bill Bryson writes, in his book “The Body”, through the following paragraphs»

»The greatest choking authority of all time was almost certainly a scholar American doctor with the luxuriant name of Chevalier Quixote Jackson, who lived from 1865 to 1958. Jackson has been called the father of American bronchoesophagoscopy, and he was most assuredly that, though it must also be said there were not a lot of other contenders. His specialty—his obsession—was with foreign objects that had been swallowed or inhaled.

»Over a career that lasted almost 75 years, Jackson specialized in designing instruments and refining methods for retrieving such objects, and in the process build up an extraordinary collection of 2,374 imprudently ingested items. Each object is fastidiously cataloged by age and sex of the swallower; type of object; whether it lodged in the trachea, larnyx, esophagus, bronchus, stomach, pleural cavity or elsewhere; whether it proved fatal or not; and by what means it was removed. It is presumed to be the world’s largest assemblage of the extraordinary things people have put down their throats, whether by accident or bizarre design.

»Among the objects Jackson retrieved from the gullets of the living or dead were a wristwatch, a crucifix with rosary beads, miniature binoculars, a small padlock, a toy tumpet, a full-sized meat skewer, a radiator key, several spoons, a poker chip, and a medallion that said (perhaps just a touch ironically) “carry me for good luck”.

»Jackson was a cold and friendless man by all accounts, but there seems to have been some kindness buried within him. In his autobiography he recorded how on one occasion he removed from a child’s throat “a grayish matter—perhaps food, perhaps dead tissue” which had kept her from swallowing for some days, then had his assistant give her a glass of water. The girl took a cautious sip and it went down, then took a larger sip… “then she gently moved aside the glass of water and the nurse’s hand, took hold of my hand and kissed it”, Jackson recorded of the sole incident in his life that seems to have touched him.

»In the seven and a half decades he was active, Jackson saved hundreds of lives and provided the training that allowed others to save countless more. Had he been a touch more charming with patients and colleagues, he would doubtless be better known today.

Today’s moon squares the squish of Chiron and applies conjunctions to the harsher heavyweights in Capricorn, to be exact tomorrow, suggesting that this building weight being experienced—or endured—could feel as though it’s swallowing you whole.

How could you better navigate these predicaments?

How can you refine what you’re experiencing or enduring in a way that offers you a better understanding of the capacity for passing through these transitions more effectively?

Because Chiron is involved, by square, some of the details you come into contact with could hurt, or trigger pain, or discomfort, and overall be more complicated to identify, or retrieve so easily, or to process… though it may also be simply trying to trigger a deeply hidden ability or reservoir of private treasure—to be given a bit more freely.

Or, to simply be appreciated for what it is. Like with an x-ray, the light illuminates the matter—not to inflict pain, but to better identify its source.

Maybe when it hurts, or it’s uncomfortable, or it’s simply odd or dark or complicated—it’s better to open to it rather than closing yourself down from it.

Even the most touching of gestures can be conveyed with warmth, despite a stoic wall… but wouldn’t it be better with a smile?

It’s also a detail to note, that the obtuse and obdurate Mars/Saturn square is waning, finally, and this should offer you a bit of reprieve from feeling completely and entirely swallowed—breathing will help, as will asking for help… or asking for what you need.

Despite experiencing any insecurities or suffering from vulnerabilities feeling exposed, your dignity will not be swallowed, but God willing—your prideful ego may need to be.

❝The problem with introspection is that it has no end.❞
——Philip K. Dick

Bryson, B. “The Body.” Doubleday Publishing; ©2019.

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