Jupiter ☌ Pluto at 23° Capricorn; Part 3—November 12

The soils and spoils of the offerings abound these days is rich, and potent with possibility, regardless of your view—though your perspective is everything…

Jupiter and Pluto are coming together in conjunction again on November 12th through the twenty-third degree of Capricorn, one degree beyond the degree through which Saturn connected with Pluto in conjunction back in January, setting the tone, more or less, for the entire year…

Oh my life
Is changing every day
In every possible way
And oh, my dreams
It’s never quite as it seems
Never quite as it seems…
——The Cranberries; lyrics to “Dreams”

Everyone was so surprised by the twists and turns of 2020—astrologers were not.

The twenty-second degree of Capricorn associates itself with “accepting defeat gracefully… through [the utility of] inner strength…”


I’ve been yammering on for roughly a year toward Jupiter moving through Capricorn, that these energies will offer a way if there’s a will… and I have witnessed again and again throughout this year precisely this spirit exuding from the efforts of nearly everyone I have had the honor of sharing space with, exhibiting extreme risings despite it all… and now, Jupiter is preparing to entertain a final catharsis through Plutonian extremes of transformation before moving ahead to connect to Saturn in conjunction, to complete the end of an era—no pressure at all.

No really—no pressure at all…

You’ve got this.

These opportunities have been waiting for you.

I want more…
Impossible to ignore
Impossible to ignore…
——The Cranberries; lyrics to “Dreams”

Your bluer than blue horizons are just up ahead… forward motion, if you dare, or forever hold your peace.

The twenty-third degree of Capricorn, ever so celestially conveniently, associates itself to “reward” for “those who have forged forward” despite it all… one cannot make this up.

Your ideals and bluer than blue horizons are promising “inner fulfillment”… and “creative and joyous responses to life processes… to give voice to what is as yet unmanifested, but is on the way to manifestation… it is the vivid recognition of the as-yet-unknown in the known.”

An auspicious time, indeed.

Keep going…

They’ll come true…
Impossible not to do
Impossible not to do…
——The Cranberries; lyrics to “Dreams”

It will be particularly important for you to maintain a sense of authentic balance within yourself, between your reality and your ideals… connecting these dots will likely demand everything, yet you will be willing to do what’s necessary—because you know, deep down, within every fiber of your being, that this is all in your favor.

And if you don’t… you might be swallowed whole, stuck, or otherwise desperately wanting…

As astrologer Robert Wilkinson shares, “Jupiter now moves back toward its conjunction with Pluto, we again confront ‘the expansion of the Lord of the Underworld’… as Jupiter is the teacher of what is possible and what it not, it’s time to go deeper, and purify all which needs purifying in our lives and affairs—take a new look at the disciplines of self-realization you’ve experienced the past few months with an eye to going to the core of your Being to find the ‘transcendent security’ you seek… just remember to enjoy the ride, and try not to get too freaked out while you’re making the passage through the underworld, since from time to time we all must go to the bottom to make sure of our integrity—if there’s something which needs cleaning up or cleaning out, do your duty diligently and count your blessings, since sometimes the labor is its own reward.”

Additionally, Wilkinson adds, “we’re all being stripped down to the core, and can see things as they truly are.”

Emerging, renewed, to forge forward… toward your bluer than blue horizons, letting go of No Longer forevermore.

I want more…
Impossible to ignore
Impossible to ignore…
They’ll come true…
Impossible not to do
Impossible not to do…
——The Cranberries; lyrics to “Dreams”

Here are some questions* to ask yourself as you navigate through these current and upcoming transitions…

How might you explore new experiences?

★How might you remain in touch with your gut experience?

How might you expand beyond old boundaries without overextending yourself?

What will help you to give yourself the space you need to experience more freedom of action?

How might you become more truly aware of what is essential to you now?

How might you better enjoy your responsibilities?

★How might you cope with the destruction of the old, if such destruction is necessary?—while facilitating the creation of the new.

How might you increase your positive energy and enthusiasm?

How might you grow and expand your own resources?

How might you plunge beneath the surface and deepen your experiences?

How might you increase your understanding here and assimilate your experiences?

How might you use your awareness for your own and others benefit?

What do you seek to learn in this realm of your life?

How might you better live by and apply your understanding?

How might you constructively release the poisons that may be accumulating within yourself in regard to these transitions?

How might you make your experiences through these transitions more meaningful?

★How might you experience your personal power now, rather than welding power over others or feeling powerless?

★How might you use your own power to transform, heal, or regenerate yourself and others?

★How might you contribute to society through these transitions?

★Who do you wish to become through these transitions?

As astrologer Gray Crawford has written so eloquently, “the gift of Jupiter conjoining Pluto in Capricorn is its capacity to guide us beneath the surface of material circumstances, so we may tap into the roots of form and churn visions of what to manifest from subconscious awareness… digging into the roots of circumstances to discover what truly matters—we will be able to regenerate vision for possibility through dealing with difficulties and facing whatever has ruptured… beyond whatever conditioning and societal influences have convinced us was possible or impossible.”

I know I’ve felt like this before
But now I’m feeling it even more
Then I open up and see
The person falling here is me
A different way to be…
——The Cranberries; lyrics to “Dreams”

May you chase your dreams, your ideals, your potentials, and your bluer than blue horizons with gusto, audacity, and trust—and may your revived spirit and manifested abundance inspire everyone you share space with, for the next twenty years and forevermore.

Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.
*Marks, T. “The Astrology of Self-Discovery.” CRCS Publications; ©1985.
Wilkinson, R. http://www.aquariuspapers.com
Crawford, G. http://www.graycrawford.net

Image credit— @articsun_collageartist on Instagram


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