Forecast for Wednesday, October 28th
Aries Gibbous Moon

ॐOracular Mantra—seeking toward an inner urge for inward stability…

The archetypal wounded soldier often forgets to take proper care of himself—in fact, the soldier often entirely surrenders himself entirely to the duty of the assignment at hand, only further compromising himself to the potential dangers of these duties.

Sometimes this is necessary, especially with more masculine types of activity or manuveuring…

The archetypal inner warrior seeks to take action toward personal truth.

Today’s lunarly conjunction to Chiron—in tandem with the moon illuminating a quincunx connection between the sun and Chiron—could further illuminate a disconnection occurring between yourself and others, or even within yourself and your own authenticity.

Do you identify more with the archetypal soldier or warrior?

Especially if you’re experiencing an imbalance—either within or all around, in reflection with an/Other… today will feel rather confronting.

❝Somehow, we’ll find it. The balance between whom we wish to be and whom we need to be. But for now, we simply have to be satisfied with who we are.❞
——Brandon Sanderson

It’s important to point out that, firstly, today’s moon is in Aries—which is immediately and naturally imbalanced as the feminine moon struggles to motion through masculine energies to meet her needs, especially through the aggressions of Aries, and with the inclination of complication through Chironic influences in Aries.

Secondly, Aries energies struggle to welcome Chironic gifts as Aries isn’t too keen on admitting failure, wounding, trauma or painful lessons, much less allow any feelings of perceived weakness.

Thirdly, a quincunx is a celestial request upon you to make changes—which is always an ordeal, especially where wounding is occurring.

So. Again, many disconnects are occurring, inherently throughout the energies—and, as above so below—also, very likely, within yourself.

What to do?

Is today one of those days to compromise in an effort to rebalance?

Likely not; neither soldier or warrior are too eager to compromise… you’re seeking a peak.

Finally, it is the archetypal wounded soldier within you, seeking to once again fulfill its balance through warrior vibrancy—this is what is triggering you, not unlike how physical pain acts as an alarm to you to react in assistance and cooperation…

What is it your inner warrior wants to remind you?—what is your inner warrior alerting you to?

Also important to realize—Mars is still moving in retrogradation, until mid-November… and so actions and movements, motivations, and any impetus to do, to act, and to move in some manner may continue to be on pause, quite literally, though pulsing nevertheless… or feel paused, frustrated, lacking, or struggling…

Which of these are most resonating for you?

❝A pause; it endured horribly…❞
——F. Scott Fitzgerald

How do you tend to yourself when your own body, mind, heart, or psyche alert you—painfully or otherwise, though perhaps more significantly: painlessly—how do you react or respond?

Balance is a huge theme right now, otherwise, because Mercury has retrograded back into Libra as Venus is moving into Libra, and these two will coordinate in balance through Libra until November 10th… and so from now until then adjustments, compromises, and adaptations within behaviors, reactions, expectations, and circumstances will all be significantly addressed through this time, in regard to the sweet spot you’re seeking.

While many of your inner urges are on pause through this time, as difficult as this is becoming it is imperative in the name of smooth transition… taking the time to find that sweet spot within yourself, for yourself, when you’re running on empty, will be a crucial lesson in your overall inner warrior authorship toward empowerment.

Still. The warrior stands alone. The soldier stands by orders.

The heavens are beckoning to your inner warrior to stand for what is right and true and necessary… orders are no longer welcome here.

Vulnerabilities will need to forge through… try to enjoy the process.

❝We have the greatest power through love that can be known. It overcomes everything with its fierce and steady truth, if you can continue to stand in it.❞
——Jay Woodman

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❝If you’re betwixt and between, trust the one with red hair.❞
——O.R. Melling

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