Forecast for Saturday, October 31st
Taurus Full Moon at 8˚38’

ॐOracular Mantra—here in this precious place of pause…

Stillness and quiet are vastly underrated in our culture, while immediacy and distraction at any cost is the norm… this lunar event will challenge you greatly if you subscribe to the latter, to seek distraction in an effort to avoid what’s within yourself, what’s in front of you, and with what’s becoming confronting all around you.

It’s as though you are being stopped…

The moon is but arc minutes in application toward a retrograded Uranus, at 8˚41’ Taurus, suggesting that anything can really happen—anything at all… but is anything happening?

❝The worse the state of the world grows, the more intensely I try for inner perfection and power.❞
——Anais Nin

Perhaps this is the concern.

Allowing the unfolding of something, with patience and care—and quiet—would serve you best at this time, especially if you’re experiencing any difficulties or disturbances. Maybe the distractions themselves are the disturbance, camouflaged as normalcy.

Could it be that these difficulties are something of a sign that not enough stillness is being implemented, that too much is being fussed about or rushed… and because you likely know exactly what you want and need, you’re not about to settle for anything less than in any way, nor should you.

Yet nothing at all is happening, or, rather—nothing according to plan.

❝I don’t have any solutions, but I certainly admire the problem.❞
––Ashleigh Brilliant

Stop. Be still. Listen…

Maybe everything is happening, all at once?

Taurean energies are quite physical, Venusian governance preferring the sensations of touch, and intuition, physical pleasures, and comfort—and so listening to your body through these transitions, and your heart center, and through whatever circumstances you’re navigating, would be a healthy choice.

Listening—really listening—to anything would be appropriate… and allowing.

Venusian influences may try to distract you, especially with Uranus upon the exact degree, taking this focus from physicality to emotionality; maybe this, too, is contributing to all efforts in a less than ideal manner? Listening to your instincts, and your intuition—even your stomach!—would assist you in your efforts, whatever they may be… and if you’re needing to take some time, take some time—now is not the time to rush anything. The essence of the process in and of itself, this unfolding process of your circumstances, and the personal growth and strength you are accommodating through these circumstances, and your pursuits, will occur and reveal itself in its own time… if you’re honoring your truth.

Allow All That Is is embrace you now.

Uranian energies typically rebel, resist, or rival against the status quo in some way, and this may add unnecessary frustration for you; patience could be the best rebellion now, as it might feel rebellious on a physical level—within your gut, within your heart—as your body will feel the urgency to make a move now.

❝I don’t try to kill off my fear. I make all that space for it. Heaps of space. I allow my fear to live and breathe and stretch out its legs comfortably. It seems to me the less I fight my fear, the less it fights back.❞
——Elizabeth Gilbert

Stop. Be still. Listen… if you can make your move, move.


Forcing anything now would be unwise, especially forcing something that isn’t happening, and hasn’t been happening—the Scorpion-illumined sun, nor does the lunarly inclination to willful stubbornness, prefer the force of anything… and this will reflect back onto itself from an/Other’s forcing upon self.

Should you feel pressured by anything or anyone—listen to your body, and listen to your heart… even the quietest murmur will hold an impact now.

Should something be breaking… let it break. Let go.

Stop. Be still. Listen…

The power of responsiveness is remarkable…

Through the power of allowing All That Is, feel its pulse—allow All That Is to embrace you… and trust it.

❝Be still, and the world is bound to turn herself inside out to entertain you. Everywhere you look, joyful noise is clanging to drown out quiet desperation.❞
——Barbara Kingsolver

*8°38′ at 7:47am PDT; 8:47am MDT; 9:47am CDT; 10:47am EDT

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❝If you’re betwixt and between, trust the one with red hair.❞
——O.R. Melling

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