Forecast for Tuesday, November 10th
Virgo Balsamic Moon; Part 2

ॐOracular Mantra—breathing in and out…

Oh, to be in reverie… to possess the time, the energy, and the spacing within both heart and mind to do so.

To experience the souls whispers and longings—to allow that space within your everyday, in every little way…

Meditative mindfulness and daydreamy dallying are both likely today as yesterday’s energies remain quite palpable today, and the shrinking and dutiful moon prepares for Saturday’s Scorpio new moon—psychic healing or renewal is crucial.

A large component of your psychic healing involves the (re)connection of mind and heart… of knowing and trusting, despite it all.

Allow me to share with you a meditation* to support you in this reconnection.

•Prepare for meditation by finding a comfortable place to sit.

•Sitting with your spine, relatively erect, but with no strain or tension, find a gently rhythm to your breathing—slow and steady.

•Allow the breath to relax the body and quiet the mind.
•Settle the emotional body until it becomes still and quiet.

•In your mind’s eye imagine the light of the Soul streaming forth from the area right above your head.
•See it pour downward, down into the very center of your body, touching each chakra and settling into the center of the earth.
•Feel the alignment of heaven and earth in your body and sense a feeling of wholeness, aliveness and peace as this light irradiates your bodies.

•Begin to visualize the color royal blue—the color of the Virgo energy—imagine yourself bathed in that color.  
•See the mist of blue descend into your room and penetrating your body.
•Breath it in and permit it to flow comfortably through your entire being.

•State, inwardly, your intention to be open and receptive to the energies of Virgo and hold yourself in that place of openness.

•Imagine the purifying energies of Virgo filling your being and as it does so it cleanses all obstacles and hindrances.

•From this place of purity, imagine the world you wish to manifest. 

•See in your mind’s eye a world free of struggle, free of war and poverty.
•See humanity acknowledging the Divinity within each other.
•See right action through human relationships played out all over our globe.
•See the distribution of resources spread to every corner of the world. 
•See a world of beauty, harmony and peace. 

•Hold that vision vividly in your imagination.

•Imbue that vision with the love and compassion that a world like that would demonstrate.

•Now use your creative imaginations again to visualize all of us—all of the light workers in the world joining hands to encircle our planet.

•Imagine that we link, soul to soul, until we see a radiant, powerful circle of light surrounding the earth.
•Imagine that light irradiating the entire planet, lighting up the earth. 
•See the earth as a beacon of light in the cosmos manifesting its spiritual destiny.

•Hold this vision in your awareness for the next few minutes imbuing it with all of your focus and attention.

•••Ring the bell. 

•Now bring yourself back to your room and take a few deep breaths.
•Wiggle your hands and feet and imagine that roots are growing out of the bottom of your feet into the center of the earth, bringing you fully back into your body. 
•Let us give thanks for the opportunity to assist in the healing of our earth. 

Blessed be.


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❝If you’re betwixt and between, trust the one with red hair.❞
——O.R. Melling

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