Forecast for Thursday, November 12th
Libra Balsamic Moon

ॐOracular Mantra—around and around we go, until we break free…

Balance remains a pivotal component of today’s celestial energies.

The moon follows the recent footpath of Venus’ recent opposition to a retrograded Mars from last weekend, through the same degree, illuminating these lessons of the rhythms of the heart.

This degree, uncannily enough, associates itself with circular paths, cyclic patterning and repetition, as well as “coming to terms with the inevitability of establishing steady rhythms of social activity.”

Balance, manifestations through the recent Venus/Mars opposition, and all the Libran influencing—paths of circulation are definitely being created, if not directly recirculated… it is a delicate balance, indeed, between that which is just, and that which is fair—and it is always best to favor that which is balanced between the two.

In many ways, the balance between creation and destruction—however subtle or extreme—within your personal reality is urgently emerging… “you may feel as though you are back where you started, like you’ve been through this whole thing before… when you are returning to what appears to be where you started, you always have some level of new experience as new skills.”

❝As people are walking all the time, in the same spot, a path appears.❞
——Lu Xun

However, even cyclic patterning incorporates incremental upgrades… you’re never just moving in circles—more like leveled circles… each level with a different feel or view—or lesson.

Further, particularly today, “there can be the need to break the chains that bind you…”

It might feel as though there are options—always choose and/both.

Also moving together somewhat circularly is Jupiter and Pluto, in conjunction, exact today for the third and final time—occurring last in June, and before that in April.. what themes have enhanced for you through these times?—and have you noticed a sequencing, or an upgrade of sorts?

In all ways, the balance between creation and destruction—however subtle or extreme—not only expresses itself through today’s Libran moon, but through the third and final conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto at the twenty-second degree of Capricorn, a degree which associates itself to “the reward offered by society for the fulfillment of individual responsibility…” should be able to recirculate a past perpetuated patterning into a new and upgraded circulation of potential balancing.

❝To realize that everything in the universe is connected is to both accept our insignificance and understand our importance in it.❞
——Jeffrey Fry

Rudhyar continues, that “the fact that “two” awards are emphasized makes us believe that this may refer subtly to the recognition by the community that, whether he succeeded or failed, an individual who discharged his duty nobly under unusual circumstances is entitled to the respect and appreciation of the collectivity he served so well… what is implied here is a constant give-and-take between society and the individual person—a balancing of accounts.”

What does this imply exactly?

Is this the official celestial finale of No Longer?

Libran energies, inevitably, always, especially when lunarly, remind us of our inherent duality in real time, as duality within our very fabric of beingness here in these physical realms is recirculated into our thought programming from early, early childhood patterning… and two of anything—reward or obstacle—should be taken in stride, either way, with an anticipated upgrade of sorts, as well.

The duality between No Longer and Not Yet is, indeed, Now.

Ultimately, the current energies are offering you a personally empowered stance—or opportunity for such influence—and should you be willing to participate, it’s likely that you are experiencing the breaking through of an entirely new circular path… you’ve earned it.

❝There are no wrong turnings. Only paths we had not known we were meant to walk.❞
——Guy Gavriel Kay

Hill, L. “360 Degrees of Wisdom.” A Plume Book; ©2004.
Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.

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