Forecast for Sunday, November 22nd
Pisces Gibbous Moon

ॐOracular Mantra—envisioning and visualizing…

Everything is different—can you feel it!?

An entirely fresh and revived energy permeates the ether…

A momentary presence of pause within the Now.

The dreamy Piscean moon connects with rule-breaking Uranus by collaborative sextile and then applies a conjunction to Neptune all day, to be exact overnight—visualization techniques could be really powerful today; use appropriately.

❝Accept the possibility that there is a limitless range of awareness for which we now have no words; that awareness can expand beyond range of your ego, your self, your familiar identity, beyond everything you have learned, beyond your notions of space and time, beyond the differences which usually separate people from each other and from the world around them.❞
——Walter Evans-Wentz

When the need to rigidly define whatever it is you’re feeling fades… like magic, the most fitting word, or way to explain or describe how you’re feeling will come.

Further, when the need to control your own illusioned sense of security or secured sense of illusioned need begins to wane… you’ll be offered more than you could ever envision.

So when I suggest visualization techniques, please understand that I mean to recommend the visualizing of feeling-states, vibration, and energy—not rigidly defined ‘things’, as this will only perpetuate limitation, and likely disappointment.

In offering an openness to receive, All That Is overfills…

To tell All That Is ‘when’ would be silliness.

★These current energies we’re all navigating will continue to circulate and circumvent throughout the rest of the year, into next—for better or worse—how can you best plan and prepare?—and in what ways can you strategize your personal ideals? Let’s talk about it—message me directly to book your reading—I look forward to being an asset on your journey.

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❝If you’re betwixt and between, trust the one with red hair.❞
——O.R. Melling

Image credit— @howiewonder on Instagram

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