Forecast for Saturday, November 28th
Taurus Gibbous Moon; Part 2

ॐOracular Mantra—big things beginning, through gratitude, and grace, and balance…

Astrologer Rob Brezny accounts a time an interviewer asked singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen “if he needed to feel bothered and agitated in order to stimulate his creativity…” Cohen said no. “”When I get up in the morning,” he testified, “my real concern is to discover whether I’m in a state of grace.””

“Surprised, the interviewer asked, “What do you mean by a state of grace?””

❝Surround yourself with people whose eyes light up when they see you and who have no agenda for your reform.❞
——Jess Lair and Kirsten Lauzon

Brezny explains that “Cohen described it as a knack for balance that he called on to ride the chaos around him… he knew he couldn’t fix or banish the chaos—and it would be arrogant to try—his state of grace was more like skiing skillfully down a hill, gliding along the contours of unpredictable terrain…”

I implore you, dear reader, to welcome grace and invite chaos, and to find a healthy balance between the two.

Today’s grounding Taurean moon makes friendly connections to the reality-checking heavyweights in Capricorn, and so right away one can feel sustained in sensations of gratitude, and gliding…

However, Neptune stations today upon the eighteenth degree of Pisces, a degree which associates itself to “the power of influence… and the transfer of feelings of ecstacy…”

❝Knowledge increases in proportion to its use—that is, the more we teach the more we learn.❞
——HP Blavatsky

To have grace is to possess ‘elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action; a pleasing or attractive quality or endowment; favor or goodwill; a manifestation of favor; mercy’.

The etymology of the word ‘grace’ is Latin, ‘grātia’, meaning “favor, kindness, esteem”, deriving from ‘grātus’, meaning “to please”.

I believe what Cohen was likely experiencing was an inner need to please, to be in a perpetual balance—which is to imply toward being in alignment, with All That Is, to more effectively provide his gifts and skills to the world at large, to inspire, to explore the depths, to be at One with the chaos within and all around…

And he did.

And this is grace.

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❝If you’re betwixt and between, trust the one with red hair.❞
——O.R. Melling

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