Forecast for Sunday, November 29th
Taurus/Gemini Gibbous Moon

ॐOracular Mantra—what’s the best way to get your point across?

David Sedaris has said that “if you’re looking for sympathy you’ll find it between shit and syphilis in the dictionary…”

❝It’s not enough to be nice in life. You’ve got to have nerve.❞
——Georgia O’Keeffe

I’m not sure what he was referencing, specifically, but that’s one way to express whatever it was.

What’s the best, most creative way you can think to express yourself?—to express a thought or feeling within the vibrations of today?

❝The preparation is like making a soup. You start throwing ingredients in…you move it around and just start to put in all of this information and the day you start shooting, you drink it. And then forget about it…you don’t have to be thinking about it, it’s just going to be in you and hopefully something real will come out of there. I believe in that. That preparation is the most important part.❞
——Penelope Cruz

It’s likely that the catchier it is—your way of expression, or whatever it is you’re expressing—the more impact you’ll have upon your Now, and this is ideal… in fact, your thinking could be much more streamlined today than it typically is, serving you not only in this moment—but into the near future, as well, simultaneously, if you’re able to think more prosaically about it first, before allowing all the following details to overwhelm the imagination.

Any loquaciousness could feel more productive, or informative, over the more likely inclination toward chattiness—expressing yourself simply to hear yourself—however it might be all too easy to begin telling others how they feel or what they think… try to resist this temptation.

❝Your thoughts construct patterns like scaffolding in your mind. You are really etching chemical patterns. In most cases, people get stuck in those patterns, just like grooves in a record, and they never get out of them. If you want to live your life in a creative way, as an artist, you have to not look back too much. You have to be willing to take whatever you’ve done and whoever you were and throw them away. The more the outside world tries to reinforce an image of you, the harder it is to continue to be an artist, which is why a lot of times, artists have to say, ‘Bye. I have to go. I’m going crazy and I’m getting out of here. And they go and hibernate somewhere. Maybe later they re-emerge a little differently.❞
——Steve Jobs

Instead, it would behoove you to use your words and ideas and expressiveness to do good, to inspire, to heal, and to inform without bias, ill intent—or, more lazily, to speak within an agenda to gossip or, egoically, to hear the sound of your own voice.

❝I had broken myself of the habit of thinking in short song cycles and began reading longer and longer poems to see if I could remember anything I read about in the beginning. I trained my mind to do this, had cast off gloomy habits and learned to settle myself down… I began cramming my brain with all kinds of deep poems. It seemed like I’d been pulling an empty wagon for a long time and now I was beginning to fill it up and would have to pull harder. I felt like I was coming out of the back pasture. I was changing in other ways, too. Things that used to affect me, didn’t affect me anymore. I wasn’t too concerned about people, their motives. I didn’t feel the need to examine every stranger that approached.❞
——Bob Dylan

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❝If you’re betwixt and between, trust the one with red hair.❞
——O.R. Melling

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