Forecast for Monday, December 14th
Sagittarius Total Solar Eclipse at 23°08′

ॐOracular Mantra—to state the Latin phrase ‘status quo ante’ is to refer to “the way things were before” and things will never again be as they were before…

It’s a total solar eclipse, folks: total—in Sagittarius—ruled by Jupiter, god of the gods: this eclipse is offering you and your journey an abundance of new experiences and an overwhelming opportunity for expansions, the potential for exceeding previous limitations, and the embracing of more:


New ways of life.


Promise through new ventures and initiatives.

Adjustments, necessary for new growth.

Alternatives, demanded by the breaking through of boundaries.

Calls to action and personal accountability.

Reorientations toward individuality and authenticity.

Letting go of No Longer to make space for Not Yet, or for what’s actually happening Now.

There’s always more—especially with Jupiter.

These are but a few of the themes you’ll be encountering indirectly or experiencing directly through this all-encompassing total eclipse… an eclipse which happens to symbolize something of a doorway to an upcoming Aquarian shift into a new era. Just as Zeus—Jupiter himself—was never able to take much lightly—these current energies we’re navigating blindly—it should be inconceivable to take much lightly now.

❝Whether we like it not, the world has changed: it looks completely different from how it did a few months ago and it will probably not look the same again and we are going to have to choose a new way forward.❞
——Greta Thunberg

We are at the dawning of a new age, at a threshold—or precipice, and there is no going back—you’re either transitioning with it as it unfolds, entranced… or you’re struggling to keep up because you’re clinging to the past, and therefore going backward—going nowhere.

These are your choices.

Jupiter, the ruler of this eclipse, is currently holding hands with Saturn, preparing to simultaneously move through that zero point degree of Aquarius on the Solstice, and thereby announcing, however symbolically—but really, quite literally—the end of an era…

Letting go of your past, once and for all—with gratitude—will feel rewarding; please open your heart and mind to trust that absolutely everything—all of it—happened for a reason, that it happened for you and not to you, and with the combination of destiny and your free will, and through both your reactions and responses, or resistances—all of it has brought you to exactly where you are now… some things, still, will need to be changed in an effort to provide a brand new reality, and it is possible the the energies of the eclipse itself will see to this for you, especially if you’re prone to resist.

It is your choice to trust.

❝To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead you relax, and float.❞
——Alan Wilson Watts

See, Sagittarius loves an adventure, and a good gamble—put these two preferences together and you’re looking at quite the tall tale… wouldn’t the story be that much better if the narrative supported your trust?—and thereby, the limitlessness of potential…

As astrologer Diana McMahon Collis explains, “Sagittarius is key here, emphasising the union of cultures and dreams so that there is a greater alignment and striving for transcendence… it may be higher knowledge, a higher love, more expansion across space, or a simple recognition that it’s important to be exposed to something new… if we are to manage this intense period, we may need to hold on to our own light—our sense of promise, hope, creativity, and continuity, even in the context of experiencing pain, loss, change, or other tests and challenges… our big gest task will be to recognize where we can continue to find or create unity, perhaps on a larger scale than ever before.”

You might as well strive for relaxing, for the ‘happily ever after’, and for the living of your ideals directly into your reality through an ample amount of audaciousness, an adroitly—albeit antsy—aim, and an authenticity all your own…

There is no such thing as a knowable future—there never was, there never will be—but especially now, as we’ve literally never before been here in history, not ever, not ever in any way—here in this precious place of unknowable unknowns… as many similarities as there are if one looks at it all sideways, there are three times as many differences in all directions.

We have never been here before…

Things as they were before, will never be again: quae antea nunquam.

There is no way of no knowing—only inner knowing—and if you’re listening… and trusting—really listening and openly trusting—you will tap into this inner knowing… these are profoundly simple techniques.

Another one of the ways Sagittarian energies prefer to feel alive is through harboring a bombastically blind faith—to trust in All That Is blindly, without proof or guarantee, without instruction or expectation, and to trust bravely and unapologetically in one’s self and inner knowing and divinity.

❝The magic of life hides in the dusty corners of chaos and you must sweep out the cobwebs of confusion before you reach the calm and euphorical moments; your soul believed, existed all along.❞
——Nikki Rowe

Sure, there will be particular placements for specific skills… and one should have at least the basic needs covered, and some of one’s preferences pre-planned as much as is possible—as always, one’s bluer than blue horizons, in reality, will come equipped with necessary qualifications and requirements.

Also, Mercury is nearby, at 20° Sagittarius, which is a degree that associates itself, ever so celestially conveniently, to the notion of future supply by demand, “stress[ing] the value of actively planning for future need, and of foresight based on the knowledge of cyclic processes.”

And again, Jupiter governs this eclipse—despite its current besiegement between Saturn and Pluto—the ability to rise above any natural inclinations of past patterning or lazy thinking, or even somewhat willful bouts of ignorance… the ability to rise above any close-minded perspectives or opinions is still very much possible.

We’ve all learned so much since January… let’s take the morsels of wisdom and actively apply these to our future reality, while we willingly collaborate shifts and turns, ever so slowly but surely, in varying alternative ways of living beyond the traditional status quo.

❝If you were born to rise you will yearn for the stars, even if you have no wings… Rise in your mind and you can rise in your world.❞
——Matshona Dhliwayo

Truly, communicating your needs honestly—and at the same time, realistically—can be tricky, indeed, but crucial… and for many people—it’s difficult even to define what it is we really want.

But this is now your story—and you should begin participating more seriously in your own life as though you truly are the author of it.

Know who you are.

Know what you need.

Know where you’re going.

Know why you will be working so hard for it.

And if your answers to these questions are not adding up—ask yourself if you’re willing, or have been willing, to alter your strategy in any way, or shift a perspective, change an attitude, or eliminate past patterns of behavior or thoughts… these could be points of blockage.

Ask questions—ask so many questions!—ask for what you need, and express yourself through words… to change your mind is to change your life and alter the ways in which you navigate your entire reality!

To conclude, the degree through which this eclipse occurs, overall, describes transition and good fortune… as Rudhyar assures, what is necessary, however, for our transitions to be smooth and good fortune to be experienced, we need to be “consciously accepting the ways of a new stage of experience, in readiness for the opportunities it will present—as we pass any threshold leading to a new realm of existence we have to meet certain requirements and the necessity to adjust to new ways of life—in action, thought and feeling…”

Further, “at times this may seem an ordeal but it is inevitable—everything that will follow depends largely on how we cross this threshold, and on the spirit in which we meet unfamiliar and perhaps shocking experiences… [either way] we find ourselves in a period of transition—we have to imitate [the motions], yet retain our inner integrity…and it suggests that the essential technique for successful living is the development of a consciousness in which peace and happiness dwell…there is also a hint that good fortune is going to bless your life.”

Things as they were before, will never be again: quae antea nunquam.

❝All I ever wanted in life was to make a difference, conquer the universe, travel the world, meet interesting people, find the missing link, fight the good fight, live for the moment, seize each day, make a fortune, know what really matters, end world hunger, vanquish the dragon, be super popular but too cool to care, be master of my own fate, embrace my destiny, feel as much as I can feel, give too much, and love everything.❞
——Tatsuya Ishida

*23°08′ at 8:15am PST; 9:15am MST; 10:15am CST; 11:15am EST
Diana McMahon Collis…
Hill, L. “360 Degrees of Wisdom.” A Plume Book; ©2004.
Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.

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❝If you’re betwixt and between, trust the one with red hair.❞
——O.R. Melling

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