Forecast for Sunday, December 20th
Pisces Crescent Moon; Part 2

ॐOracular Mantra—it’s all happening–and it’s happening Now…

I continue to hear much potential distraction in regard to today’s shift into Aquarius—beautiful, hopeful things, like an overwhelmingly innocent shove of enlightenment and higher states of consciousness, seemingly appearing out of nowhere… peace, love, and understanding—threatening our current state of affairs on all fronts with solution, mindfulness, and compassion…

Oh, to dream.

These, truly, are very lunarly dreamy Piscean longings—offering a refreshing breath of hopeful and compassionate pause within a very optimistically and solarly Sagittarian front…

However, at 2:03am tomorrow morning the sun receives a likely stunting reality check, and moves into Capricorn, marking not only Solstice this year—but also the Great Conjunction, occurring at 9:11am at 0°29′ Aquarius* as well as tomorrow’s first quarter moon in confrontational Aries.

These are very lovely ideals, all of these notions, these notions of peace, love, and understanding… in theory. And it’s through ideas, insights—and theories, too!—that we’ll definitely see a surge of improvements thereby—as well as a fair share of surprising awakenings and ‘out of nowhere’ reality checks, especially if we’ve been taking something substantial within our reality for granted or adamantly insisting upon holding faith in or trusting ‘secured’ institutions.

We will be disappointed.

Remember, we’re still very much clinging to Capricornian notions… it’s been two hundred years—we’ve a long way to go.

How can these vacant and corrupt institutional structures offer things such as salvation, solvency, success, or sanctities?!—as within, so without—if there’s no moral character or living example thereof or any semblance of inner integrity within… how can it possibly provide it outwardly otherwise?

We’re moving into a new phase of personal accountability—there is now only one’s self to rely upon.

However, and ever-hopefully, these shifts from Capricorn to Aquarius will definitely feel liberating—even refreshing—from the rigidities and refuse of Capricorn… but do realize that Pluto remains in Capricorn until 2023 to finish cleaning out the trash, quite literally, while Jupiter and Saturn motivate us to make some major foundational changes through Aquarian improvements, and eventually, years from now, through Piscean compassions.

❝If it’s fixed and unfair, then it needs to be broken.❞
——Pharrell Williams

This current shift into Aquarius—which I’ve been referring to as the Great Confliction with clients—which Jupiter and Saturn will mark through that zero point degree… mind you and all of your hopeful hippie ideas, again, is not an all-encompassing spiritual devotion toward peace, love, and understanding… Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, folks, there’s no compassion with Saturn, ever—and peace, love, and understanding is Piscean, too, not Aquarian—there will, however, most definitely be a devotional demand toward personal accountability through very collectively-inspired motivations of peace, love, and understanding.

Personal accountability will allow for eventual—and actual—peace, love, and understanding.

There’s a huge difference. And a huge gap to fill and bridge over.

If we aren’t making the cut, we simply don’t get to claim the prize.

Jupiter in Aquarius double-dog dares you to be personally accountable, because there is a huge reward, should you put forth your efforts…

Saturn in Aquarius demands what is fair, either way—always, for better or worse.

What’s the reward, exactly—the prize?

Your ideals, fully invested within your everyday reality—and thriving!—and perhaps more importantly—all because of your own efforts of will, authorship, and direct involvement.

This Great Confliction, through the coming together of want-it-all Jupiter and only-so-much Saturn strongly suggests, particularly on a personal level, that less is actually more—that in narrowing down your ideals to a realistically manageable degree you can be, however contrarily, that much more open to receive that much more in a new era of unknowable unknowns.

❝You were never meant to find a permanent home in a temporary world. Other people were never meant to love you into a feeling of safety and security. The truth is that you are here to make a home within your own heart. You are here to learn, not that you don’t need connection, but that without being connected to yourself nothing else is viable. You are here not to burrow yourself into a life someone else built, but to find the courage to create your own. You are your own home. You are the person you were waiting for. You are the love of your life and the hero of this story.❞
——found on Instagram

How is this realistic?

Fairly easily, really.

Mind over matter folks.

If you’re continuing to struggle at this point, it will begin to very rudely occur to you that it’s been your own doing all along, that there’s no one and nothing left to point blame toward… and this is the essence of Aquarius, my friends.

And my apologies for this reading so harshly—but that’s Uranus and Saturn when they come together within the union of Aquarius; there’s no compassion, peace, love, or understanding here—you were warned—in fact, we’ve been under warning for two years now—it was the lesson to be learned through Capricorn: coldly warranted preparedness and holding oneself to one’s personal responsibilities.

Through Capricorn, one’s personal responsibility is to thrive. Ruthlessly.

In Aquarius, the lesson we’re about to learn is one of personal accountability and self-empowered personal character in action… to actually apply what has been learned in real time.

❝Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself and dares to become involved with experimenting with his own life.❞
——Hebert Otto

You’re the author of your story—you get to choose what you believe in, subscribe to, give merit toward, give your away time to, or invest in, and you get to choose what you dare to tolerate…

I would recommend very modest amounts of toleration for anything less than.

What have you been tolerating?—to the point that it’s existing directly against who you are and what you stand for…

When we all begin to take back our personal power over our own realities—and demand more—this is when the reward only begins…

Have you chosen to be a victim?—is this working for you?

Victimhood is too easy, anyone can manage it—Aquarius wants a challenge.

Prometheus stole fire from Zeus, after all—and even after being severely punished on a nightly basis thereafter, never once identified honestly as a victim or woefully moaned, “poor me”.

This is a fine line, I realize, but Prometheus was also associated with Jesus—what did Jesus do?

So it should be no surprise, then, that Aquarian energies aren’t too keen on celebrating victimhood, much less permitting it—nor will Aquarian energies be too supportive of efforts of elitism or exclusivity, mere mediocrity or merciless mundanity, or following rules that either don’t make sense, or those which serve an agenda and not the majority.

Ideas, much less laws or rules, supporting or perpetuating ‘good enough’ or ‘that’s how we’ve always done things’ will no longer be tolerated.

What will we continue to tolerate as a collective?—we, the people, for whom our freedoms are supposed to be supported?

You’re the author of your own story, living in your self-created reality—all limitations or freedoms alike are either your own, or an illusion… and if you’re having a hard time with this, try abandoning the need to tolerate what you think is expected of you, or consider what exactly is compromised in the process—try doing your own thing, flying your freak flag—try taking your life back, every day, until it becomes a life you want to live rather than one you’ll merely tolerate, or feel victimized by each day as you merely move through the motions of an existential woe.

❝Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.❞
——Jean-Paul Sartre

To apply what was learned through Capricorn, we now experience in Aquarius from within… and indirectly, we learn the differences between will (Capricorn) and intention (Aquarius)… and this is the beginning of a newly authored story.

Author Richard Rudd explains this most eloquently, stating that the ego “leads you to believe that you must exert huge willpower to attain your dreams in life… the problem here is that within the lower frequencies you cannot possibly know what your dreams really are—you cannot force that purpose out into the world by sheer force of will…” and will, much like ego, is derived through instinctive Capricornian drive.

Through Aquarius, and applying these differences, “your higher purpose can only manifest when you surrender your individual will to nature as a whole—this process of surrender begins with the understanding that your higher purpose is something you must tune into, rather than impose upon the world…” through this new era of airiness—and with it a new airy consciousness of intentions, thoughts, contemplations, questions, and shifting mental and neural pathways alike—how one thinks is how one behaves, naturally… there is no actual «doing» but rather an indirectly organic and unforced doing, through intention and emotionally intelligent intentioned mindfulness.

Rudd continues, that “when you first come into contact with your higher purpose in life you will most likely experience it inside as a subtle intention… the more you listen inwardly, the more deeply you will realize that this intention lies behind everything you do and say in life—your attitude about this intention determines the success of its manifestation in the world.”

Authenticity. Self-authorship. Empowerment. Rising to the occasion…

Transpersonal responsibility.

We’re all in this together, collectively—each of us, individually.

We’re preparing for the approaching Piscean ideals of peace, love, and understanding.

Again, your Capricornian instincts, if utilized properly, have supported you in the obtainment of inner motivations… if you have claimed these as your own and began the process of nurturing these motivations, you have already initiated your own inner evolution and are now ready and prepared to take your first steps into Aquarian consciousness—tuning inward, back into these motivations, and opening both your mind and your heart to new thoughts, new ideas, new ways of doing things, and quite literally, entirely new ways of living in reality.

❝It’s the end of the world as we know it… and I feel fine…❞
——REM; lyrics to “It’s The End of The World As We Know It”

The last time Jupiter and Saturn met in conjunction in Aquarius was within the thirteenth or fourteenth century, deep in the closing years of the what we now know as the Dark Ages, metaphorically birthing the beginning of what would be forever referred to as the Renaissance—which was the celebration of finding a way, whatever that meant, in whatever way, appropriate for the context of that time, despite the heavy oppression of the Church, from Charlemagne, or the overwhelming influence of Genghis Khan… despite it all.

Jupiter and Saturn have been connecting in conjunction through earth signs since 1801, through the entirety of the Industrial Age and corporate capitalism…

We are upon a new Enlightenment, though we have never quite been exactly here before—this is a cosmically pre-ordained opportunity to do right what we misstepped or missed entirely in the past, through the collective evolutions which have brought us to this place and time, while simultaneously and actively evolving beyond our own means, both individually and collectively, for the current times.

Big, really big, BIG ideas are upon us. It’s a lot. So for now…

Jupiter, now in Aquarius, wishes you the merriest solstice warmth and the most audacious ideals made real by your own discerning efforts, one day at a time… while Saturn in Aquarius will, ever-dutifully and never sentimentally, deliver for you, always-reliably, keenly and precisely what you deserve… true freedoms, particularly through Aquarius, will be found from within, and through how you/we navigate the Now despite what’s been left behind in No Longer… despite what’s been done to us… despite it all.

Peace, love, and understanding will have their day—but there are many things to think about, confront, and thoroughly discuss first. We, the people, need to come together in conversation.

It’s mind over matter, friends—there’s no need to involve feelings… Not Yet.

❝Magic: it was what happened when the mind met the world, and the mind won for a change.❞
——Lev Grossman

☉♑︎ Solstice tomorrow at 2:03am PST; 3:03am MST; 4:03am CST; 5:03am EST
♃♄/0°29’♒︎ tomorrow at 9:11am PST; 10:11am MST; 11:11am CST; 12:11pm EST

★These current energies we’re all navigating will continue to circulate and circumvent throughout the rest of the year, into next—for better or worse—how can you best plan and prepare?—and in what ways can you strategize your personal ideals? Let’s talk about it—message me directly to book your reading—I look forward to being an asset on your journey.

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❝If you’re betwixt and between, trust the one with red hair.❞
——O.R. Melling

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