Forecast for Tuesday, December 29th
Cancer Full Moon at 8°53′

ॐOracular Mantra—Life consists of a collection of collateral beauty–and with all of its avoidably sentimental sadness, subtlety, and solace, and all of its varying ups and downs, its meaning is yours to honor, and enjoy…

The moon is powerful now and feelings are inclined to feel heightened, almost hypersensitive, and will likely feel provoked in one way or another, attuned—seemingly—to the very tides of the ocean and the heartbeat of the universe itself.

With this feeling of cosmic attunement is something of a personal responsibility—if even only through an honest acknowledgement of it and its vulnerabilities—this attunement of alignment both highlights and illuminates an inner longing, emerging from deep, deep, deep within the psyche…

❝My friend, care for your psyche… know thyself, for once we know ourselves, we may learn how to care for ourselves.❞

A full moon in Cancer is squishy, squishy territory.

And this full moon in Cancer is also in connection to Chiron…

Happiness isn’t a state toward which to strive to eliminate longing… happiness happens—it ebbs and flows.

The squishiest source of all your inner contentment can be found and secured through your own inner creative spirit.

When one ignores the inner creative spirit, many illusions upon others’ dreams and ideals are pursued, ultimately in futility, lending one, naturally, toward the craving and desiring further toward that which isn’t meant to be. Longing, typically, in a spiritual, cosmic, energetic or etheric sense, is experienced toward that which cannot be seen, or touched, or ever, ever captured… and this is what is overwhelmingly known as pain, or sadness, or dis-ease.

Are you clinging to No Longer? Are you trying to control your fate through the resistance of What Is?

If something is provoking pain, sadness, endless difficulty, or dis-ease—it, quite simply, is not for you, and forcing whatever it is will only perpetuate the hollowness, vacancy, and unfulfilling longing being experienced unnecessarily.

It is understood that one’s inner longing is one’s consciousness longing for itself, for it’s own authenticity and creative spirit spark to be recognized, acknowledged, and honored through living in action, truly, and honestly… and this is what is often so easily misunderstood, by both an individual and collective level—this longing, when finally expressed, is what enlightened fulfillment is… and it is cosmic fulfillment which is enhancing and expanding, all-encompassing and embodies, fully, one’s entire Beingness.

❝The bounty of nature is also one of the deep needs of man.❞
——Lady Bird Johnson

Like the vastness of the ocean—one’s true soul potential is without bounds «when actively and honestly expressed by one’s inner light through honoring and living one’s personal truth» and absolutely only this is all it is.

There are so many ways through which we avoid, deny, resist, repress, or project our true needs and authentic desires… because we are conditioned to doubt abundance and fear or avoid our creative strength, and reject our inner voice, deny our spark, and resist our Truth—and today’s moon is inspiring you, by illuminating your longing so that it may no longer remain silent, or be invisible, or feel unfamiliar or lacking, as though without.

Today’s moon is asking you to honestly and fearlessly feel through whatever your circumstances are, to feel the feelings of everyone within your reality… to really feel through it all, beyond yourself, and to do what is necessary to wholly understand the real meaning behind your longing, and your personal obligation to both your reality and your longing.

Please understand, this moon isn’t about feeling your own feelings—you’re always doing that, it’s all we ever do.

This moon is begging you to acknowledge a deeper understanding of what «is» and «is not» possible to reach… life itself is beckoning you to live it, despite it all.

❝I dwell in possibility…❞
——Emily Dickinson

*8°53′ at 7:27pm PST; 8:27pm MST; 9:27pm CST; 10:27pm EST

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❝If you’re betwixt and between, trust the one with red hair.❞
——O.R. Melling

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